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Use For My Talent 我親愛的小潔癖 Episode 16 Recap

Because drinking for Zhu Yan will inevitably be asked about the relationship between the two, it was Junjie who claimed that the two were in a romantic relationship, but when the friends were gone, the two arrogances asked Junjie what was going on, and it was Junjie who lied quickly. Said that it was to help Zhu Yan escape the siege. In fact, there was no change in the relationship, and Zhu Yan was still regarded as her sister.

Jiang Wenchi didn’t change his heart and kept thinking about Wang Qianqian. In order to get Wang Qianqian, he deliberately posted the news on the Internet to shake out Li Dongxian’s previous convictions. Gu Renqi asked people to investigate the source of the news. Li Dongxian wanted to go to Wang Qianqian to explain. He happened to hear that Wang Qianqian was being reprimanded by the leader. The leader believed that Wang Qianqian’s current achievements were hard-won and were in an ascending stage.

They should not be ruined by the incident with Li Dongxian and claimed that if Wang Qianqian did not pay attention. There are a lot of people who can replace Wang Qianqian in his own behavior. Li Dongxian left silently, only to send a message to Wang Qianqian that she could not pick her up from get off work, Wang Qianqian anxiously called Li Dongxian but was in a state of shutting down.

It was Shuangjiao who went to visit her mother in her mother’s cemetery, but he accidentally saw Lu Xian. Lu Xian was saying to himself that he came here to repay his kindness, but now it is Shuangjiao who already has someone he loves. Lu Xian doesn’t know if he still has it. To continue to stay. It was Shuangjiao who asked and learned that Lu Xian was a small vegetable bun who had been helped by his mother when he was a child. Later, he broke contact with their family as his father went abroad.

Through the investigation, it was found that the person who announced Li Dongxian’s affairs was Mark. Gu Renqi directly reminded Mark that if he takes the benefits of Jiang Wenchi, he should do what he can. If Mark is expelled for this reason, he will also lose the use. The value of Jiang Wenchi will not go to him again.

Wang Qianqian could not contact Li Dongxian, knowing that he was feeling uncomfortable and went to see Li Dongxian. Li Dongxian closed the door to make up. Wang Qianqian shouted Li Dongxian through the door and said that he would not care about Li Dongxian’s past, as long as the two really love each other. Now, work is not necessary for Wang Qianqian. But after yelling for a long time, no one opened the door, and the neighbor was quarreled and drove Wang Qianqian away.

The company established a new labor department, and Gu Renqi let Shuangjiao take charge, but the people underneath were talking about it. They all believed that Shuangjiao got in because of the relationship.

It was Junjie who prepared flowers and music in advance, and wanted to give Zhu Yan a romantic date, but I didn’t expect that Shuangjiao came together. It was Junjie and Zhu Yan that they were afraid that things would be revealed, so they lied that the flowers were given to Shuang. Proud. But when Shuangjiao lowered his head to pick up something, he discovered that Junjie was holding Zhu Yan’s hand.

It was Shuangjiao who deliberately tied Junjie’s shoelaces together and fell down when he came together. This can be considered a small price paid by the deceiver. It was Junjie who faced Shuangjiao’s questioning and had to tell the truth. Shuangjiao didn’t oppose him, but told Junjie to treat Zhu Yan well, otherwise he would not take it lightly. It was Junjie.

Because Shuangjiao was good at talking and had no management experience, he was bullied by some new employees, resulting in not doing a lot of work. It was Shuangjiao who had to complete them instead, which happened to be seen by Gu Renqi. Gu Renqi hopes that Shuangjiao can learn how to manage people, and learns with Shuangjiao first to fill up his stomach. It was Shuangjiao who went to Sister Zhao after receiving Gu Renqi’s guidance, and merged everyone with her help.

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