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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 2 Recap

Zhao Xiaoqian came to Xie Xiaoman and threatened her with a receipt, and she was not allowed to tell him about stealing the test paper. Xie Xiaoman asked Senior Brother Li about the Spring Festival Banquet. Senior Brother Li said that although there is a custom of judging poetry at the Spring Festival Banquet, she didn’t have time to prepare to make her say whatever she wanted. Xie Xiaoman came to Luming Pavilion and found Zhao Xiaoqian’s location.

He wanted to find a receipt, but he turned to Jiansui and recognized that it was the King of Julu County. Zhao Xiaoqian came in from the door and told her to put things down loudly. The two tore Jiansui when they pulled. Zhao Xiaoqian was very angry to find out the receipt and tore it in front of Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman picked up the shredded paper and left.

Xie Xiaoman sat under the tree and smashed pieces of paper. Zhong Ziyan came and told Xie Xiaoman that Jiansui was the relic of Zhao Xiaoqian’s brother. Their brothers were very emotional. After Zhao Xiaoqian’s brother died, he came to Wujiang Mansion to recuperate. It’s heavier than the sky. Zhong Ziyan hopes that she will not care about what happened today. Zhong Ziyan said that if the receipt is important to her, tomorrow the Royal Mansion will find someone to fix it.

Before Ming Gu waited for Xie Xiaoman, she had to walk back by herself and ran into her father on the road. His father took her to eat and gave her all the meat. In the school, Xie Ruying deliberately targeted Xie Xiaoman and asked Xie Xiaoman to go to the room to pick up snacks. Xie Xiaoman went to the room and was splashed with fans and was kept inside.

The Spring Festival Banquet Academy was very lively, and Ming Gu heard Xie Ruying let Xie Xiaoman go to the room. Seeing that she hadn’t come back for so long, she looked around and asked with some worry. Aunt Ming did not find Xie Xiaoman and asked about Xie Ruying. Xie Ruying ignored her. Aunt Ming heard someone say that Xu Jianyuan had taken their grades to tell her parents. It turned out that she had misunderstood Xie Xiaoman.

Xie Xiaoman sat on the floor and remembered what happened in these days. Ming Gu found the room and let her out and gave her a handkerchief to wipe her face. The spring banquet started with her husband’s roll call. Xie Xiaoman was lately reprimanded by her husband. Senior Brother Li stood up to speak for her and took her to clean. Zhao Xiaoqian came to Shan Chang and confessed that he burned the test papers. In fact, Shan Chang knew about it a long time ago but he hadn’t checked it. Shan Chang told Zhao Xiaoqian that his father hoped that he would go to Taixue, and Zhao Xiaoqian said that he knew if Shan Chang wanted to talk about it.

Shan Chang asked Zhao Xiaoqian if he wanted him to say it. The officials in the past invited him to give lectures to Zhao Xiaoqian and Zhao Xiaojie. He remembers that Zhao Xiaoqian could recite the entire “University” even though he was stubborn. The so-called sincere people should not deceive themselves. , And now I have lost my way. Zhao Xiaoqian turned around and smiled at Shan Chang, and left without speaking.

Xie Xiaoman made an identical sword ear from the book and took it to the prefectural palace. She told Liangji that in the future, the Zhiniang in the palace would come and repair it according to this. Xie Xiaoman gave Liangji a booklet, which is what she compiled and put it where she should put it. In the future, Fuzhong will buy new books and tell her that it will be fine. She writes in the blank space, but there are many books that she can’t see. If she knew which category it was, she would write it down to the last column. As soon as Xie Xiaoman left, Zhao Xiaoqian and others came to the study. After being told that it was Jiansui made by the new study maid, he chased it out. He went to find her and happened to see her changing her clothes and went out for a while. .

Bailu Academy and Wujiang Mansion also played a kick game. People from Wujiang Mansion went to Bailu Academy to plant white flags, and Zhao Xiaoqian took people to Wujiang Mansion to learn how to shoot white flags. Zhao Xiaoqian asked Liangji to order Xie Xiaoman to work at his house today, and Yan Boyang asked him if he didn’t know about it. During the Cold Food Festival, there is a Cuju game. Men and Cuju women have to prepare snacks for them, which is helpful to the victory and secretly expresses the meaning of their hearts through the snacks.

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