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Time Flies and You Are Here 雁归西窗月 Episode 1 Recap

The mother took Xie Xiaoman’s sister and brother to Wujiang Mansion by car, and her mother let Xie Xiaoman die and return to Yuyang to scold her for not being able to open her mind. Xie Xiaoman retorted that the four members of their family depended on 30 acres of land in Yuyang, but Xie Jing was cruel to take it, and he was simply a bandit. Xie Xiaoman was dissatisfied that she would sell the land and go to Wujiang Mansion without asking her.

He also said what kind of free school she would go to. Her schoolwork in Yuyang hadn’t been completed yet. My mother said that the land had been sold to her uncle anyway, and Wujiang Mansion had also come, and Wujiang Mansion Xie Xiaoman had to wait until he could not go to school. The father was waiting for them at the gate of the city. The younger brother and mother saw his father happily hugged them and cared for him.

Yan Boyang sent someone to find the cricket Zhao Jinmao. Zhao Xiaoqian lay on the recliner and covered his face with a book and said that he was under the door and asked them to be careful. Zhong Ziyan sat next to him and didn’t speak. The housekeeper Liangji brought the land deed to Zhao Xiaoqian and told Zhao Xiaoqian that he had helped Xie Jing before.

Xie Jing used the 30 acres of land in Yuyang to honor him. No one in the study room has been cleaning the house and there is no girl who can read Ask Zhao Xiaoqian if he wants to hire one. Zhong Ziyan asked Zhao Xiaoqian what he thought about sending out thirteen family letters in a row. When Zhao Xiaoqian didn’t say a word, he listened to Yan Boyang at the door shouting that the female ran out. Zhao Xiaoqian opened his eyes, threw the book and took the cage and chased it out.

Xie Xiaoman’s family was walking on the road, and suddenly a lot of people came in front of him, and Xie Xiaoman and his family were squeezed away. Xie Xiaoman stepped on Zhao Jinchen to death when looking for her family on the street. Zhao Xiaoqian saw her and grabbed her. Xie Xiaoman stepped on the back of his instep. She turned and walked away quickly. The receipt on her body fell to the ground. Zhao Xiaoqian wanted to catch up and was stopped by Zhong Ziyan, and the receipt was picked up by Zhao Xiaoqian.

The next day, Xie Xiaoman’s sister and brother went to the college just to run into the big exam. When the husband came down and saw Xie Xiaoman’s exam paper, she had a bad impression of her. He felt that she was thinking about opportunistic tricks. He knew the purpose of their study. Mr. Xie told Xie. After Xiaoman finished the exam, he went to Liujunzizhai. Zhao Xiaoqian and the three went to Liujunzizhai to burn the test papers.

Unexpectedly, they ran into Xie Xiaoman, who was called Liujunzizhai by his husband. Xie Xiaoman smelled the scorching smell. He went in to see that the test paper was burnt and quickly put out the fire. The husband came back and saw this scene very angry and scolded Xie Xiaoman. Xie Xiaoman wanted to explain but didn’t know the names of the three people.

Xie Xiaoman saw the three people at the gate of Jingnv Pavilion, and she chased them. The two classmates passed by Zhao Xiaoqian and others and talked about Liujunzizhai’s water supply. They learned that most of the burnt papers were from the Jingnv Pavilion, while the Luming Pavilion kept a lot. Xie Xiaoman knew that he set the fire and asked him if his name was Zhao Xiaoqian and asked him for the receipt, but he was very angry when he heard that the receipt was burned by him.

Xie Xiaoman got out of the academy and found that the Su family’s car had gone. She had to walk back by herself. Her family had already arrived at Xie Jing’s house. Her father got up and explained that she might be lost. When Xie Xiaoman arrived, her parents hurriedly reprimanded her for letting her kneel down for the old lady. Xie Xiaoman was definitely unwilling to speak out the fact that the uncle treated them harshly. This series of words made the old lady very unhappy.

Xie Xiaoman was very distressed when she saw her father Lin Yu leaving from the back. She felt that she would apply for a job in the county mansion to make money, so Xie Xiaoman began to work in the county mansion. Xie Xiaoman asked about Xie Jing’s grant of land to the prefectural palace. She told Liangji about it. Liangji understood that it was all suffering people who asked her to smooth out the book and promised to help her keep 30 acres of mulberry field.

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