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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 7 Recap

Sun Guangming and Zhang Zihao discussed compensation. Zhang Zihao lion asked for 5 million spiritual damages. Sun Guangming felt that it was too much, and he couldn’t accept it. Zhang Zihao suddenly saw the stone mill under the big locust tree and ran over to play with enthusiasm. Sun Guangming hurriedly accompany a smiling face and begged Zhang Zihao to open the net.

Zhang Zihao accused Sun Guangming for not giving him face and not coming. Participating in the opening ceremony of Junzilan Hotel, Sun Guangming repeatedly apologized. Zhang Zihao offered to let Sun Guangming cook him a table of dishes, and promised to exempt Houshigou Village from the 5 million spiritual loss fee. Sun Guangming fully agreed.

Sun Guangming went back to prepare the dishes. Li Jianan and others accompanied Zhang Zihao to visit Houshigou Village. Zhang Zihao lingered in the beautiful mountain village. The assistant kept taking pictures of him. Zhang Zihao held the villagers’ little lamb. Can’t put it down, Li Jian’an promised to let him take it back to raise. Sun Guangming quickly prepared a large table of dishes. Zhang Zihao happened to visit him. Sun Guangming greeted him enthusiastically. Yimin, Li Jianping, Liu Haitang, Xu Youyi and Li Jian’an accompanied him.

Zhao Yuxi saw the Li Jian’an brothers drinking with Zhang Zihao from the circle of friends, so he came to Zhao Yushan and Liu Fugui to report. Zhao Yushan was very angry and felt that the old Zhao family had lost face. Zhao Yuxi was angry and wanted to overturn the wine table. Liu Fugui advised him to think twice. Zhang Zihao introduced himself that he and Yue Lan were classmates and wanted to have a drink with Yue Lan. Sun Guangming hurriedly stood up and explained that Yue Lan would not drink. Zhang Zihao asked her to substitute chicken soup for wine, and Yue Lan reluctantly agreed.

Grandpa Zhang Zihao went home and saw a sheep in the yard. He was so angry that he couldn’t laugh or cry. He gave Zhang Zihao a lesson. Zhang Zihao was still complacent. Through this vegetable poisoning incident, the stock of Haoyuan Company rose sharply. Grandpa Instead, he felt that he had fallen into Sun Guangming’s plan. The villagers wept bitterly when the vegetables were destroyed, but Zhang Zihao assumed the posture of a winner. This was detrimental to the image of the company. Grandpa felt that Zhang Zihao was not suitable for managing the company. , Disappointed with him, Zhang Zihao was trained to be speechless.

Sun Guangming convened the village committee members to hold a summary meeting, so that everyone could speak freely. Li Jianan turned around to find out who was responsible for this incident. Zhao Xinlong took the initiative to bear all guilt and resigned from the position of chief technician of the base and village committee on the spot. When Zhao Yushan learned of this, he severely taught Zhao Xinlong. He wanted Zhao Xinlong to fight for the position of the village director, but he was so unbelievable. Feng Jinbao fanned the fire and claimed that Li Jianan had forced him. Zhao Yushan told Zhao Xinlong. Punches and kicks.

Li Qinghe couldn’t stand it, and hurriedly stood up to protect Zhao Xinlong, complaining that Zhao Yushan should not force Zhao Xinlong, Zhao Xinlong didn’t want to be the village director, Zhao Yushan became angry and insisted that Li Qinghe was facing her family everywhere, just wanting Li Jian’an to take the position of village director. Zhao Yushan became more and more angry when he talked about it, and forced Li Qinghe back to the house, and punished Zhao Xinlong to kneel and reflect. Xichun hid aside and saw clearly.

Zhao Yushan came to Sun Guangming overnight and wanted to take back those words of resignation for Zhao Xinlong. Sun Guangming didn’t buy it. He felt that Zhao Xinlong’s current mentality and aspirations were not suitable for being a chief technician, so Zhao Yushan had to leave angrily. Early the next morning, Zhao Yushan announced that he would no longer force Zhao Xinlong to be the chief technician, and let him stay at home to concentrate on passing on the family. He forced Li Qinghe to hand over the keys to the Zhao family’s old house and immediately left Zhao’s family. Li Qinghe didn’t say anything else and put the keys on the table. She disregarded Xichun’s and Zhao Xinlong’s obstruction and walked away.

Li Jian’an and Liu Haitang saw Li Qinghe come back crying and weeping, and they came to Zhao Yushan to inquire about the crime. Zhao Yushan wanted to divorce Li Qinghe and Zhao Xinlong on the grounds that Li Qinghe had been married for three years and had no child. Li Jianan gritted his teeth and shouted Zhao Xinlong out. Zhao Xinlong was too scared to go out, Zhao Yuxi and Liu Fugui came to cheer for Zhao Yushan after hearing the news. Li Jianan asked about Xichun’s origins. Zhao Yushan made it clear that Ming Xichun was his goddaughter. Li Jianan wanted to check Xichun’s ID card in the name of the village director. Xichun had to admit that she did not have an ID card. shocked.

Sun Guangming wanted to modify the barn installation and turn it into a homestay, and asked Xu Youyou to invest 50,000 yuan. He wanted to vigorously promote to the villagers, so that qualified villagers could follow the example of building a homestay. At this moment, Feng Jinbao came to Sun Guangming. Complain.

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