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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 3 Recap

Nan Nan’s mother frightened everyone in place, and Ye Xiudu asked why Nan Nan lied. Fortunately, Nan Nan played cute and distracted Ye Xiu Duo. Nan Nan said that Yu Qingluo suffered from loss of soul some time ago. Disease, advise Ye Xiu Duo not to take advantage of Yu Qingluo’s danger. Yu Qingluo on the side could not help but feel some good feelings in his heart when he saw Ye Xiu Duo let Nan Nan be subdued. After these few days of events, Yu Qingluo decided to retire. Ye Xiu alone used the responsibility of a healer to persuade Yu Qingluo to cure Xiangling’s disease. In order to protect himself, Ye Xiu was hit with a nine-section whip, Yu Qing.

I had to help Ye Xiudu to sterilize and suture. Ye Xiudu tried to endure the pain, but still yelled out. In order to avenge Ye Xiudu’s aggressive appearance and the “fault” that harmed the girl, Yu Qingluo deliberately fell into the disintegration of the powdered medicine, and this was a small punishment for Ye Xiu. Cultivation of independence. Mo Xian, who was guarding the door, entered the door and found Ye Xiudu’s back written on Young Master Indiscriminately, and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

With the last medicine short of curing Xiangling’s disease, Yu Qingluo and Nan Nan set out to gather the medicine. Yu Shi received the news, and the rest of the contestants were attacked by unknown forces. Yu Shi was concerned about the whereabouts of Yu Qingluo, and Ye Xiudu also received the wind, showing a worried expression.

Yu Qingluo and Nannan’s carriage were attacked. Fortunately, Yu Shi helped. Now, even if Yu Qingluo wants to retire, due to the death of a large number of contestants, the government must participate in the investigation and has to keep Yu Qingluo. Master Yu Shi took the initiative to inquire about Yu Qingluo’s life experience.

Yu Qingluo realized that the man in front of him might be related to his life experience, so he asked, Yu Shi mentioned that he knew an old person named Han Jiangxue, who was from Sangyuan and was famous in the house. A medical family, Yu Qingluo felt that this Han Jiangxue was probably his identity. Yu Shi learned that the place where Yu Qingluo was killed was Chaobai River, and was even more excited. But Nan Nan thought that Yu Qingluo was starting to find her father again, so he urged Ye Xiu to defeat Yu Shi.

Seeing Yu Shi and Yu Qingluo being very close, Nan Nan was even more angry. Ye Xiu Independence couldn’t help laughing. Master Yu Shi naturally recognized that it was Jun Yuyang who pretended to be Ye Pianzhou in front of him. Ye Jia did not hesitate to present the sacred book of medicine to reward the winner. Yu Shi couldn’t understand the way Yuyang Jun and Yu Qingluo were close together. The same was true for Ye Xiudu. The two placed a bet on the spot, if whoever could catch the murderer first, the other party would have to stay away from Yuqing.

The remaining contestants came to the main hall, Yushi Ion Fan came out to announce the results of the investigation, thinking that the murderer must be among the contestants, Ion Sail found another contestant’s items in the fake ghost doctor’s room, and Nan Nan stood up and wanted Exposing the lie, the fake ghost doctor actually wanted to attack Nannan. Mo Xian blocked the fake ghost doctor’s attack and peeled off her veil. Only then did he discover that the true face was the storyteller Ji Sanniang, and his true face was revealed. Ji Sanniang hurryed down and begged for mercy, and confessed himself. I just wanted to make some money, but Ion Sail still ordered someone to drag it down. Ion Fan showed to Ye Xiudu that he had caught the real murderer, but Ye Xiudu dismissed it, thinking that Ion Fan was too simplistic.

Ji Sanniang was tortured and tortured, still only admitting that she was for money. At this time Nan Nan came here with food, pretending to be the food that Yu Qingluo brought to Ion Sail. Ion Sail was overjoyed. Who knew that Yu Qingluo came to push Nan Nan away. The scheming little slipper must have been drugged, Nan Nan just left after aggrieved. Ye Xiudu learned from Mo Xian’s mouth that Ion Fan and Yu Qingluo were in the same room at this time, and couldn’t help being jealous. He broke into Ion Sail’s room and forced Yu Qing to go away.

Ye Xiudu wanted to make Yu Qingluo farther away from Ion Sail, but he never thought that Yu Qingluo always thought that Ion Sail was more like a gentleman than Ye Xiudu. Ye Xiudu once again assumed an indifferent appearance, and ordered Yu Qingluo to concentrate on refining medicine in the room, and he talked with Nan Nan outside the door. Yu Qingluo was busy all night and finally made a snow lotus pill. He opened the door and saw Nan Nan lying in Ye Xiu’s arms alone. Ye Xiu proudly opened his eyes and looked at Yu Qingluo, so embarrassed that Yu Qingluo hurryed. Run away.

Yu Qingluo and Ye Xiu were sitting together for breakfast, but Mo Xian rushed over to report that Nan Nan was missing.

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