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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 26 Recap

Yin Yuanyuan’s bad news has been heard in Shanghai Tianyou Hospital. As his father, Yin Tianping was desperate at this time. He also understood some truth from it. That is, he owed Qiu Dongna too much to get his retribution today. Although Qiu Dongna hated him very much, she felt compassionate at the thought of a life slipping away under her nose.

Gu Fei and Yan Yan met, and when they went to work the next day, it seemed that they were not in good spirits. Qiu Dongna couldn’t help but cared in the past, but he was ruthlessly rejected. Cheng Fanyang wanted to entrust Qiu Dongna to help find a house, but Qiu Dongna saw that she had a new rift with Bai You, so when she returned home, she told Qiu Xiaoxia about it, but she couldn’t figure out why Cheng Fanyang would divorce Chen Jinfeng.

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