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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 25 Recap

The Mid-Autumn Festival was supposed to be a day of laughter and laughter, but the appearance of Yin Pingchuan made the atmosphere at the dinner table particularly solemn. Wang Shicheng believes that Yin Pingchuan, as a man, is not a qualified husband and father if he loses his due responsibilities. However, Yin Pingchuan reprimands Wang Shicheng and his brothers as scumbags with previous convictions and should be kept in jail for a lifetime. in.

Fat Ding was furious when he heard the words, raised the wine bottle and rushed over. Qiu Dongna wanted to stop it, but at a critical moment, Gu Fei protected Qiu Dongna in the chaotic scene and blocked him the wine bottle. Afterwards, Yin Pingchuan begged Qiu Dongna to donate bone marrow to save his little daughter. It was from this moment that Qiu Dongna was completely disappointed and finally understood Yin Pingchuan’s true purpose.

Yin Yuanyuan’s bad news has been heard in Shanghai Tianyou Hospital. As his father, Yin Tianping was desperate at this time. He also understood some truth from it. That is, he owed Qiu Dongna too much to get his retribution today. Although Qiu Dongna hated him very much, she felt compassionate at the thought of a life slipping away under her nose.

Gu Fei and Yan Yan met, and when they went to work the next day, it seemed that they were not in good spirits. Qiu Dongna couldn’t help but cared in the past, but he was ruthlessly rejected. Cheng Fanyang wanted to entrust Qiu Dongna to help find a house, but Qiu Dongna saw that she had a new rift with Bai You, so when she returned home, she told Qiu Xiaoxia about it, but she couldn’t figure out why Cheng Fanyang would divorce Chen Jinfeng.

Although Qiu Dongna’s crowdfunding has not yet made progress, her premature and appropriate thoughts have convinced Gu Fei. Gu Fei believed in the miracle Qiu Dongna said, so she repaired the broken doll and put it on her table. At the same time, she remembered Qiu Dongna who pretended to be a gold-worshiping woman a year ago to attract the attention of the intermediary and successfully took a photo of the private villa.

In order to live up to Wang Shicheng’s trust, Qiu Dongna seized the time to fight for all resources, even Li Chuning did not let it go. However, Li Chuning was still holding a grudge, and wanted to use four yuan to send her away, but did not expect Qiu Dongna to take this opportunity to send it to the circle of friends to promote it, which made Li Chuning especially embarrassed.

Even though the plan is well done, there is only a lot of thunder and rain. Everyone is a student just out of society. They are so busy that they have no time or spare money to pay attention to these things. One week passed quickly, and Qiu Dongna only collected a few thousand yuan. Just as she was scratching her heart and trying to find another way, she suddenly received the message that the goal was achieved. A huge sum of 100,000 yuan was actually from Baishichu’s account. Turn here.

Facing this long-lost first love boyfriend, Qiu Dongna was in a complicated mood. At the beginning, she agreed to Bai Shichu’s romantic confession. Just like her current mood, she started to fall in love in a confused manner, and finally chose to break up in the life level. Qiu Dongna sent a message to Bai Shichu, but did not get any reply. Bai Shichu had already returned home at this time, and even deliberately mentioned her deceased mother at the dinner table, taking the opportunity to mock her stepmother.

Bai Youxin asked his son to work in his own company, but Bai Shichu refused because he decided to go to Hua Shixing for an interview. After dinner, Bai Youxin proposed to give the newly bought car to his son first, and promised to buy another one for Cheng Fanyang. Cheng Fanyang had no objection, and took out the car keys without saying anything. He didn’t know that Bai Shichu was still chatting with his friends. Through the content, it can be concluded that he was returning to China this time to destroy his father’s marriage.

Compared with the contradictions encountered by Cheng Fanyang, Bai Shichu’s sudden return to China was a desperate situation for the Qiu family. He was willing to invest money in a barbecue restaurant to solve the difficulties of Qiu Xiaoxia and Wang Shicheng. Although this matter has a solution for the time being, there are still many embarrassing moments when Qiu Dongna faces her first love boyfriend again.

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