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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 16 Recap

Jiang Kele said that the security guards of the secret garden have been coveting their beauty and discussing their figure, and once threw himself on the ground, so he had to run away when he saw the security guards. Xu Guanghan reluctantly accepted this explanation and took a few glances at them. , Did not continue to question.

After Xu Guanghan went downstairs, the two security guards asked Xu Guanghan for credit. Xu Guanghan was angry, reprimanded the two of them, and taught Rena a few more words. Jiang Coke and Lu Xiao escaped, Lu Xiao talked about the last time he was punished for sneaking away. Jiang Coke remembered that he helped Lu Xiao escape the chase last time and was somewhat complacent. He said that he saved Lu Xiao twice. ,

Lu Xiao rarely thanked Jiang Coke softly, and Jiang Coke was satisfied, and said that Lu Xiao’s actions would be arranged by himself in the future. In the evening, Lu Xiao got up to drink water and saw Xu Nian sitting alone in the living room. He thanked Xu Nian for his help this time. Xu Nian also gave him the tools that Lu Xiao used to destroy the electric box and agreed to keep each other secret. thing.

Guan Qianya waited until late at night in the office and did not wait for Xu Nian, so she had to leave. She just ran into Jiang Coke who had just returned downstairs at home. The two looked at each other, Jiang Coke couldn’t hold back, and said that she and Lu Xiao It was reconciled, Lu Xiao had promised her to go out with her to visit Graceful Auntie, Guan Qianya no longer concealed it, saying that she had agreed with Xu Nian to date in the outside world, but Xu Nian broke the appointment, Jiang Kele remembered The power outage in the Secret Garden told Guan Qianya the whole story.

The next day, Jiang Coke and Lu Xiao agreed to sneak out to visit Graceful Auntie tonight. When practicing dance during the day, Lu Xiao winked Xu Nian secretly, and Xu Nian asked Luo Ke and Su Lie Lajin, Lu Xiao took the opportunity to tell Xu Nian that she was going to go out at night, and asked Xu Nian to help him cover. Xu Nian agreed, saying that he would go out after Lu Xiao came back, and let Lu Xiao also help him cover.

Jiang Kele took Lu Xiao to the nursing home, but Auntie Grace has already entered the intensive care unit. Her daily visit time is only from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. The nurse will not let them in. Jiang Kele insists on entering, but Lu Xiao is unwilling to embarrass him. , I can only say that I will come again next time, but Lu Xiao and the others will rehearse tomorrow, Jiang Coke said it was handed to herself, and she came to think of a solution.

After Lu Xiao went back, he changed Xu Nian to go out on a date with Guan Qianya. Xu Nian looked at the girls playing virtual lovers on the street with some curiosity. Guan Qianya said about his views on the game of virtual lovers. Xu Nian felt that this game could bring people happiness, but Guan Qianya felt that it was because of this game. This made more people unable to get the happiness of the real world. These people would only die alone in the end after playing games.

The two disagreed and quarreled on the street. Guan Qianya was so angry that he left Xu Nian and left. Xu Nian walked on the street alone, searched a lot of Guan Qianya’s information on the computer on the street, and saw Guan Qianya’s boycott of virtual lovers and the debate with Xu Guanghan before. In the evening, both of them tossed and turned. The next day Xu Nian went to call Lu Xiao to rehearse, but Lu Xiao lay on the bed crookedly and said that he had a fever.

Grandma Fushun entered Xu Guanghan’s house again. Although Xu Guanghan changed the door code, Grandma Fushun guessed that he used the birthday of his fiancée Ge Yilan. Grandma Fushun said that if Xu Guanghan was kind, Qi Chuan and Ge Yilan would do it. He didn’t betray him, but Xu Guanghan believed that she was not wrong. Grandma Fushun didn’t want to argue about this topic. She just asked him to save herself a ticket for Lu Xiao’s concert. I heard that this concert was not a projection. Grandma Fushun thought Xu Guanghan. Changed, intending to put Lu Xiao and the four in the sun.

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