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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 38 Recap

Li Junjie didn’t know. He told Zhou Zixuan if he was right. He felt that Zhou Zixuan’s character would not give up. At the memorial meeting in Muchuan, Li Junjie has been with Zhou Zixuan, but Zhou Zixuan will be taken away by the police. Zhou Zixuan hopes to give herself another fifteen minutes, and wants to wait for Mu Chuan’s memorial service to begin. Unexpectedly, at the memorial meeting, only Amanda came, and Ma Qiming.

Ma Qiming said to Mou Chuan’s photo that he would definitely fulfill what Mou Chuan said to him. He knew that he and Mou Chuan were both hateful people in the eyes of others, but he would not be afraid and would continue to use his own. The way to do it. What seems sensational is that Ma Qiming has other plans.

It turned out that before Mu Chuan died, Ma Qiming asked Chen Haodong to bring Mu Chuan secrets to himself. Ma Qiming wanted to ask him about the chip, and Mou Chuan told him the truth that he was threatened by Alpha. Ma Qiming sent Shi Yunhao to the orphanage at the time because he didn’t want him to be implicated. Mou Chuan gave Ma Qiming an address so that he could find vx3, saying that Zhou Zixuan was the one he cared about the most, and he would not make such a move if he had no choice but to do so. He reminded Ma Qiming that vx3 cannot be placed in Moses because Moses has been infiltrated.

Li Junjie and Shi Yunhao guessed why Mu Chuan committed suicide. Li Junjie thought of a question, Scorpio would put Zhou Zixuan in danger. Li Junjie and Shi Yunhao came to the police station, hoping that Inspector Wu could keep Zhou Zixuan for a while, although her innocence had been washed away. But Inspector Wu said, no, the Bacheng Police Station cannot detain people at will.

Chen Jingwen made a new discovery. At that time, there was a fake video in the surveillance screen of Muchuan Ward. Li Junjie asked Shi Yunhao to take out the control unit. Shi Yunhao didn’t want to say that he wanted to protect the safety of Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan, because he knew that whoever had the control unit was in danger.

Ma Qiming found vx3 according to the address given by Mu Chuan, and Chen Haodong brought it back. Ma Qiming asked Uncle Qin to put it away, hoping that Chen Haodong would keep the government secret, and he would start work as soon as possible, as long as he found the control device.

Ruan Taiyuan is still looking for the whereabouts of vx3. She knows that Mou Chuan is dead, and she finds Ma Qiming to talk, wanting to declare war with him, hoping that he will hand it over. Ma Qiming didn’t say anything, Ruan Taiyuan threatened him with Shi Yunhao again and left funeral flowers in his house.

Zhou Zixuan was released by the police station, and Li Junjie was responsible for picking her up. After Li Junjie took Zhou Zixuan back to the room, he did various inspections. In order to protect Zhou Zixuan’s safety, he checked whether there were surveillance and pinholes in the room. Zhou Zixuan knew that she said she had enough ability to protect herself and chose to better face the difficulties in the future.

Zhou Zixuan dreamed of marrying Li Junjie, but someone pointed a gun at him at the wedding. After waking up from the dream, Zhou Zixuan was worried about losing Li Junjie again three years ago. Li Junjie hugged Zhou Zixuan and said he would protect her. The two looked at each other on the bed.

When Shi Yunhao drove, he found a car following him, but did not notice that a large truck came and knocked Shi Yunhao’s car over. Calais arranged for people to do all this and killed him. Shi Yunhao was sent to the hospital and into the operating room in a critical condition. After Ma Qiming learned of it, he was particularly anxious and angry.

Chen Jingwen continued to track down the video. It showed that Yun Hao was sometimes hit and the truck driver disappeared. Zhou Zixuan thought it was not easy. Shi Yunhao survived in the operating room, but he was still unconscious and in a coma. Li Junjie was very nervous, Zhou Zixuan comforted him.

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