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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 37 Recap

Under Ma Qiming’s instructions, Uncle Qin rented a room around Shi Yunhao and asked a special person to protect him. He just didn’t know what to do if Shi Yunhao did something drastic again. Zhou Zixuan got the news that Chen Haodong was going to bring a distinguished guest to visit Mo Shi, but he didn’t expect it to be Ma Qiming.

Amanda was not surprised. Ma Qiming spoke, thanking Mo Shi for saving herself, expressing that she values ​​her feelings and wants to focus her next investment on Bacheng. Ma Qiming also prepared refreshments for the people of Moses, and Amanda told them to lay down their work and enjoy the food. Chen Jingwen was very excited because she used to be an employee of Ma Qiming’s company, but she did not expect Ma Qiming to be Shi Yunhao’s father. Ma Qiming took the initiative to say hello to Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan, but they both treated them coldly.

Ma Qiming called Chen Haodong and wanted to see Mu Chuan. Chen Haodong said that because of the last time, the management has become stricter, but he can think of a way. When Shi Yunhao was in a daze, Lin Jing came over and confided in him, saying that he had always used him as an example.

Mou Chuan was injured in the hospital bed and had limited mobility. He recalled the time when Zhou Zixuan was with him before. Mu Chuan wanted to see Shi Yunhao and asked him if the control unit was still in hand, hoping that he could keep his promise and not give the control unit to anyone. Shi Yunhao said that he had told Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan everything. Mou Chuan was disappointed in him, thinking that this would make everyone very dangerous.

Mu Chuan said that 17 years ago, he used a lie to explain another lie. At that time, Mu Chuan was asked to intercept Zhou Zixuan’s parents, only to get the vx3, but he did not expect that the people next to him would not let them go. Just when Yun Hao’s mother came over and strongly took Zhou Zixuan’s parents away, she did not expect to encounter a car accident. Mou Chuan blamed himself. Seeing Zhou Zixuan who was still waiting for his parents at the school gate, he began to reflect that he wanted to leave Scorpio, and he would take Zhou Zixuan as all his life.

Zhou Zixuan and Li Junjie also came to see Mu Chuan. Zhou Zixuan did not forgive Mou Chuan in her heart. She accused Mu Chuan of not cooperating with the police and did not say useful clues. She was very emotional. Mou Chuan expressed sorry for letting Zhou Zixuan disappointed in himself. He hugged Zhou Zixuan and hoped that she would not be sad.

Li Junjie always thought that Ma Qiming came to Moss to demonstrate, but it didn’t seem to be. Mou Chuan once told him that he wants Li Junjie to take Zhou Zixuan to Chonghai or Europe. Don’t spend it here and don’t want her to be in any danger. Mou Chuan prepared a gift for Zhou Zixuan. It was a picture frame of Zhou Zixuan’s mother. Mu Chuan said that this frame is the best memory in his life. He has always regarded Zhou Zixuan as his daughter. Zhou Zixuan hoped that Mu Chuan would agree to tell the truth. Mou Chuan said a lot to her, and then closed his eyes. Zhou Zixuan was sad and could not accept Mu Chuan’s departure. It turned out that Mu Chuan was poisoned in the hospital.

After Amanda learned the news, she couldn’t calm down. Ma Qiming also knew the news of Mu Chuan’s death, and he couldn’t tell. The Bacheng police wanted to arrest Zhou Zixuan, saying that the cake she brought today was given to Mu Chuan, and suspected that she was related to Mou Chuan’s death. Li Junjie watched Zhou Zixuan being taken away by Ling Feng.

Zhou Zixuan said that the cake was inspected before it went in. Ling Feng asked about their relationship. Zhou Zixuan said that Mu Chuan was his adoptive father, and that the person who killed Mou Chuan was another person. Ling Feng said that this was a necessary procedure.

Li Junjie asked Chen Jingwen to check the hospital surveillance, and Shi Yunhao was also taken by Inspector Wu for questioning. Ling Feng said that Zhou Zixuan was the last to see Mu Chuan before his death, and she was very suspicious of her. Amanda said that she can ask a lawyer to give Zhou Zixuan bail so that she can come out as soon as possible and attend the memorial meeting in Mou Chuan.

Chen Jingwen didn’t notice anything at first, but Lin Junjie observed the surveillance footage and discovered that Mou Chuan had committed suicide. Li Junjie went to see Zhou Zixuan and asked her to change her grief. There is also a letter to Zhou Zixuan. Mou Chuan wrote his own thoughts in the letter, saying that it was the greatest regret for not protecting her parents that year. He hoped that her death would bring this matter to an end, and that she would not continue to investigate. This is Mou Chuan’s. Absolutely.

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