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Court Lady 骊歌行 Episode 49 Recap

Fu Rou didn’t want to be entangled with King Zhou, so she left and planned to go home to visit her parents. On the way back, she was stopped by Lu Yingying. Lu Yingying hoped that Fu Rou would help him pass the letter to King Liang, and expressed that she was willing to live and die with King Liang. Fu Rou advised Lu Yingying don’t go, saying that even if Lu Yingying surrendered, King Liang’s crime would not be alleviated. Fu Rou planned to take Lu Yingying back to Fu’s house for a few days, but after returning home, she learned that Fu Yin had returned.

Fu Rou’s second aunt said that Fu Tao picked up an abandoned baby and took the abandoned baby as a righteous son. Abandoned baby and Fu Yin sent them back and left. When Fu Yin saw Fu Rou’s return, he couldn’t help crying aggrievedly. After crying for a while, Fu Yin found that the person who followed Fu Rou was actually Lu Yingying. , Fu Rou saw that the two of them looked wrong, and asked if they knew each other. The three of them sat down, and after some inquiries, Lu Yingying learned of Fu Yin’s identity and the reason for entering Lu Mansion.

She couldn’t help but blame Fu Yin, saying that she had ruined Lu Qi and ruined her for revenge. He also said that if the hatred changes from generation to generation, when Shan’er grows up, he will kill Fu Yin to avenge Lu Qi, or kill Lu Qi to avenge Fu Yin. After learning the truth, Fu Rou blamed herself. She knelt in front of the third sister’s spirit and said that she hadn’t taken care of Fu Yin.

Fu Shui cured Concubine Yan, entered the Imperial Medical Office and became the imperial physician. The emperor gave the surname to Yan, and replaced the imperial physician He. Later, he will treat Concubine Yan’s pulse. Concubine Yan gained power in the palace, and the maids under Yan concubine became arrogant. The maids under Yan concubine passed through the imperial garden with the jewelry bestowed by the emperor.

The concubine Zhen concubine’s phoenix tree accidentally rubbed against them and the jewelry fell on the ground. The concubine’s maid had to teach Wutong. Zhen concubine couldn’t see it. She stepped forward to support Wutong. She taught the two court ladies a few words, and then asked Wutong to slap the palace lady. Li Baolin suddenly appeared to persuade the concubine Zhen to make Yan Yan’s court lady. After leaving, Zhen Fei gave Li Baolin a face and let them go.

King Han was imprisoned by the emperor, Ma Haihu took the opportunity to join the government in making trouble in King Han’s pawnshop, and wanted to use means to destroy King Han’s pawnshop. When the two sides were at a stalemate, Ma Hainiu, who had previously been favored by Queen Han, came forward to help King Han’s pawnshop.

The shopkeeper, Ma Haihu saw Ma Haihu come out to disrupt the situation, and hurriedly pulled her aside to question, but Ma Haihu accused Ma Haihu of taking advantage of the fire, and said that Ma Haihu deceived people after he was promoted. Mahai Niu slapped.

Lian Yan’er went to find him after learning that Ma Haihu was promoted. She didn’t want to work in Lu Guo Gong’s office anymore. She wanted to marry Ma Haihu and live a good life. Ma Haihu was overjoyed. Lian Yaner asked Ma Haihu to bring a personal bond tomorrow. When the token came, he married him, and Ma Haihu left happily. Yan Zifang walked out from the side and said that someone wanted to see Lian Yan’er.

Yan Zifang took Lian Yan’er to see Fu Shui. Because of the information from Lian Yan’er, their plan failed. Fu Shui also caught Sheng Chumu’s subordinates who followed Lian Yan’er all the way. In order to make the next plan go smoothly, Fu Shui She killed Lian Yan’er cruelly, and before she died, Lian Yan’er told Yan Zifang not to tell Ma Haihu about this, because she didn’t want Ma Haihu to be sad. Yan Zifang was very dissatisfied with the practice of covering water.

The emperor went to visit the princess, and said that thanks to the princess, the harem could be peaceful, but the princess said that he always had some omissions. Speaking of the western concubine who was sent to the cold palace, they all ate horrible cold meals. The princess knew that the emperor liked face. Concubine, but she persuaded the emperor not to be too partial. The emperor taught Yan Fei’s servants and warned them not to embarrass the nobles in the palace by following Yan Fei’s name.

Fu Rou was entrusted by Lu Yingying to see King Liang in the jail. She told King Liang that Lu Yingying had not betrayed him, but had been deceived, but King Liang refused to believe that Fu and Lu Yingying belonged to a group of people. To deceive herself, if Lu Yingying really did not betray her, go to jail with him and go to hell together. Fu Rou said that Lu Yingying had already surrendered and was now being held in the place where the family members of criminal officials were imprisoned.

She did all this to save her. The heart of King Liang wanted to let King Liang know that there was not only betrayal in the world, King Liang still refused to believe it, saying that unless he saw Lu Yingying suffer with his own eyes, he would never believe it. Before long, the emperor ordered King Liang to die. Not only did King Liang fail to resist, he also drank the poisoned wine after writing an apology. The emperor summoned Lu Yingying after reading the apology. The emperor said that half of King Liang’s apology was included. It is accusing Lu Yingying.

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