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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 20 Recap

Mao Zedong went on to discuss the second issue. The problem of deserters is very serious, but there is actually no deserter in a company. Only by uniting can it become a qualified revolutionary army. The officers and soldiers have eaten a stove since then, and Regimental Commander Su is very angry. Mao Zedong had to elect the soldiers’ committee. The commander could not beat and scold the soldiers at will. The soldiers were encouraged by what Mao Zedong said at the meeting.

Mao Zedong asked Song Yunqin to do company clerks, and Mao Zedong decided to go up the mountain. Now the enemy is strong and we are weak, but the enemy is not strong in the rural mountainous areas, so he wants to develop the revolution where the enemy is weak. The two teams on the mountain came from bandits, and many comrades worried that their bad habits would remain unchanged.

Chen Muping is here, he was a student of Mao Zedong in the Wuchang peasant movement. Chen Muping sent a reply, and Yuan Wencai persuaded them to find another place, but he refused very simply. Mao Zedong felt that there was still room for return. Chen Muping talked about Yuan Wencai’s birthplace. He has a brother named Wang Zuo. He heard that nearly 1,000 people in the Workers’ and Peasants’ Revolutionary Army were afraid that they would go up the mountain to grab territory. Mao Zedong understood that he decided to send a hundred guns as a meeting ceremony. They were not going to occupy the mountain as king. Chen Muping was overjoyed.

The Workers’ and Peasants’ Revolutionary Army successfully went to Jinggangshan and established the first revolutionary base in Jinggangshan. Li Hanjun and Zhan Dabei found their brother Li Shucheng and wanted to save people. Li Shucheng felt that they were too reckless. They were too hard to protect themselves and wanted to save people, but they both felt that as long as they could save everyone, it would be worth death. Jinggangshan. Qin Ze came here alone to find Mao Zedong and told about their experiences. Zhu De wanted to establish contact between the two armies, and Mao Zedong also meant the same. When it comes to his family, Mao Zedong’s eyes are full of worry.

Li Hanjun and Zhan Dabei came to send Dong Biwu away. They were blacklisted and could only live in the Japanese concession. Unexpectedly, the enemy soon knew their whereabouts, and Li Hanjun was there with the pregnant child. The police wanted to arrest people, although they were concerned about the relationship between Li Hanjun and Li Shucheng, they decided to arrest them. Soon the apartment where Li Hanjun and Zhan Dabei lived was surrounded.

The two of them were still playing chess in the house without knowing this. They were not panicked watching the sudden intrusion of the police. Li Hanjun asked his wife to find Li Shucheng. , Said they went to the headquarters for tea. Li Shucheng was worried and began to save people, but he heard that they had been taken to the empty field. That was not a good place. Li Shucheng hurried to the empty field.

Li Hanjun and Zhan Dabei were taken to the back of the empty field without changing their colors. They did what they were supposed to do, and died without regret. Li Shucheng hurried to save them, but he was still powerless. Li Hanjun and Zhan Da made a tragic and heroic sacrifice. Although Li Hanjun left the Chinese Communist Party, he has been working hard for the revolution.

Shanghai. Bao Huiseng came to see Wang Huiwu and Li Da, and Li Da was very happy to see him. When Bao Huiseng mentioned Li Hanjun, Li Da was very distressed. Li Hanjun arranged for him to teach. He wanted to fight side by side for the founding of the party, but now he is separated from the world. There is blood and sacrifice everywhere, such a day is really desperate. The party organization has gone underground.

Last year Bao Huiseng was sentenced to stay with the party for inspection for two years. In the past few months, there is no place to stay in Tibet with peace of mind. Bao Huiseng felt that he could no longer find the passion of the year, but Li Da felt that it was their choice to embark on this path. Although he is no longer a member of the Communist Party, he firmly believes that the party can survive this difficult time. They can also do what they can. A friend entrusted Bao Huiseng to run a magazine. He wanted to make a draft with Li Da. Li Da understood his situation and asked him to be very careful in contact with the Kuomintang. After Bao Huiseng left, it was a pity to see him in such a depressed state, Li Da and Wang Huiwu.

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