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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 19 Recap

Zhang Guotao quarreled with several people, and Zhou Enlai believed that they should bear the responsibility of the uprising and could not rely on anyone. The two sides should not quarrel and yell at each other. Are these the meaning of the Communist International or Zhang Guotao? Zhou Enlai proposed to hold an uprising as planned, and all members agreed, but Zhang Guotao could not stop it.

On August 21, 1921, the Nanchang Uprising began, and six days later, the CPC Central Committee held an emergency meeting in Hankou. At the meeting, the representatives spoke one after another, and Mao Zedong believed that it was necessary to develop his own military force. The meeting elected a new Provisional Central Bureau, which is a watershed on the road of revolution.

Chen Qihang, Lin Fan, and Liu Shuangxi’s video. Seeing Chen Qihang’s video these days, Lin Fan felt that there was a lot of stamina. During this period, many people sacrificed, but many people resolutely joined the Communist Party at this time. Mao Zedong sat and almost fell asleep. Although he was tired, his heart was transparent and comfortable.

Now the vigorous riot is about to break out. Mao Zedong will set off for Anyuan tomorrow. Yang Kaihui helps him pack his luggage. The warlords and the Kuomintang have taken precautions, and Changsha is on guard. Also very strict, Mao Zedong promised that he would come back safely. Yang Kaihui showed Mao Zedong the paintings painted by Mao Anying, and Mao Zedong decided to put them away. When he thinks about them, he can show them. This is the first time Mao Zedong has put down his pen to participate in the battle.

Yang Kaihui is really worried. Although the two are going to separate, their hearts are together, and they are all working hard for the same goal. Mao Zedong said that he would go to Itakura to pick up Yang Kaihui and the others, and return to Changsha together. Yang Kaihui said that she would do her best to take care of her mother and children and complete her organizational work. On the eve of leaving, Yang Kaihui instructed Mao Zedong to write to every place he went to take care of his body.

Chen Tanqiu came home very late, and Xu Quanzhi said that the old couple Xu played cards all night to cover him. Xu Quanzhi found that the handwriting could be revealed after adding rice water. Chen Tanqiu pressed it carefully. He was going to repair the water tomorrow. Mao Zedong was in charge of the autumn harvest riots, and Chen Tanqiu was also going to help. Xu Quanzhi asked him to come back with peace of mind no matter what, she was pregnant again, Chen Tanqiu was very happy, and said that regardless of the nickname of boys or girls, they should be called Pingping.

Changsha. Wang Huiwu coaxed the child to sleep, and suddenly there was a knock on the door, and it was Li Da who came back at the risk. Seeing that the three children were already asleep, Li Da was relieved. Recently, Changsha has been full of ups and downs, and the situation is getting worse day by day. I heard that household inspections have begun.

As long as they are in contact with the Communist Party, they will be shot on the spot. Li Da feels that he still needs to find a safe place. Wang Huiwu took out the letter from Li Hanjun to Li Da a few days ago. Li Hanjun heard that Changsha was in a mess and suggested that they go to Wuhan. He is now the director of the Wuhan Education Department and can recommend Li Da to teach at Sun Yat-sen University.

Mao Zedong launched the autumn harvest riot, which was the first time that the Communist Party’s banner was played. However, due to various reasons, the Workers’ and Peasants’ Revolutionary Army suffered successive setbacks. The Workers’ and Peasants’ Revolutionary Army wanted the deserters to rectify the law on the spot, and Mao Zedong hurriedly rushed to stop them, blocking them and asking them to put down their guns. A deserter saw Mao Zedong crying and begging him to let him go. Mao Zedong would not allow them to kill, but he wanted to ask them why they had to escape if they decided to join the riot. It turns out that the recent losing streak has made everyone feel hopeless.

Mao Zedong said that the revolution cannot be successful in one or two days. If they don’t agree, they can leave, but people must stay behind if they leave the gun. Mao Zedong said that they are a revolutionary team, not a warlord who grabs strong men. What they want is people who believe in their beliefs. Otherwise, no matter how many people there are, it will be just a mess. Several people put down their guns one after another and left, and many people understood Mao Zedong’s words and wanted to stay and follow him to the end!

Shanghai. He Shuheng and Zhai Qiubai found a house to carry out revolutionary work in Shanghai. Speaking of the news of the Nanchang Uprising and the Autumn Harvest Riot, the situation on the Autumn Harvest Riot is a bit complicated. Mao Zedong gave up the attack on Changsha and the Central Committee had different opinions. Mao Zedong suggested that the revolutionary army should be downsized. The team suffered heavy losses and there was no need to be named a division. Commander Su disagreed. Mao Zedong proposed a solution and explained that small scale is not a bad thing. As long as we unite as one, we will have a comeback.

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