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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 15 Recap

Wang Shanji and Liu Wenjing’s father were in harmony with each other. Liu Wenjing asked Liu Wenjing to buy soy sauce under the pretext of Wang Shanji, and Wang Shanji had planned to stop Liu Wenjing on the way to buy soy sauce and brought two helpers. Wang Shanji pulled Liu Wenjing away from her, and forced Liu Wenjing to marry him. Liu Wenjing couldn’t get away. At this moment, Xing Tianming rushed out and drove away Wang Shanji, and asked Liu Wenjing to return to Shanghai with him the next day. Liu Wenjing agreed.

Xing Tianming’s father was hospitalized with cerebral hemorrhage. Xing Tianming and Liu Wenjing rushed to the hospital to visit. Xing Tianming was still worried about his father’s indifference and disappointment towards him, but Liu Wenjing told him that Xing Tianming had always been his father’s hope. Xing Tianming couldn’t accept the facts and ran into the corridor to seek calm.

Wang Shanji’s father asked Liu Wenjing’s father to ask Liu Wenjing to help Wang Shanji find a job in Shanghai, and Liu Wenjing’s father agreed.

Xing Tianming hid in the corridor and cried silently. Liu Wenjing handed him a bottle of water. At this difficult time, with a girl he likes by his side, Xing Tianming suddenly felt that he was not so lonely. Professor Luan was lying on the bed old and weak, even breathing so lightly, Xing Tianming was afraid that he would never have the opportunity to talk to his father again.

He recalled that when he was a child, the teacher asked the class to make a greeting card for his father on Father’s Day. He carefully made the greeting card, but he had no chance to give it to him. The father and son always missed it. Fear and worry caused Xing Tianming to fall asleep, and suddenly woke up when he heard the sound of someone making the bed.

It turned out to be Liu Wenjing. She put aside her preparations for the college entrance examination to take care of Professor Luan. She told Xing Tianming that his gift Professor Luan had been kept well, and he had always loved Xing Tianming deeply. These words of Liu Wenjing deeply moved Xing Tianming, and he expected his father to get better to repair the misunderstood father-son relationship.

Weiwei gathered for afternoon tea. Ye Hui was late. They discussed Liu Wenjing’s hard work and genius, and they all expressed admiration for Liu Wenjing. Ye Hui listened with interest, Weiwei asked him if he liked Liu Wenjing, and Ye Hui answered in the affirmative without concealment.

Everyone came to congratulate Liu Wenjing when she was admitted to the university. Ye Hui came to congratulate him with a big fanfare. He also thanked Xing Tianming as Liu Wenjing’s quasi-boyfriend. Xing Tianming looked depressed, but he stretched out his hand and shook it barely.

Huahua and Weiwei complained bitterly about Liu Wenjing in the bathroom. One of them likes Ye Hui and the other likes Liu Wenjing, but now they both like Liu Wenjing. Obviously their own conditions are much better than Liu Wenjing, but people who like them can’t see themselves. The two frustrated girls have a jealous feeling towards Liu Wenjing at this moment.

Huahua sent Liu Wenjing to college, and many people took photos with Huahua because Huahua’s Weibo was very successful. Huahua asked her fans to help her promote the wine shop, but the fans suggested that she go to check the order. Huahua said that it was illegal to buy the order, but in fact she was a little moved.

As soon as Huahua’s shop was promoted, it was rectified. The joy of Huahua was poured down by a basin of cold water, and the whole person was in a trance.

The tomb robbers that Qiao Haifeng tracked have found their whereabouts, and Huahua spoiled her sorrow with wine, and Ali wanted to do it alone. These many things made Liu Wenjing feel anxious.

Xing Tianming and Liu Wenjing came to the hospital to visit Professor Luan at the same place. The two smiled at each other, and their hearts were warm.

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