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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 14 Recap

Liu Wenjing, Huahua, and Xing Tianming gathered for dinner. Xing Tianming was full of praise for Liu Wenjing’s craftsmanship. Liu Wenjing was very interested and took a bottle of Canadian red wine to celebrate the New Year with everyone.

Wang Shanji drove a tricycle and pulled the refrigerator color TV to Liu Wenjing’s house to propose a marriage. Liu Wenjing’s father looked at the household appliances in the yard, and he was happy from ear to ear. Liu Wenjing’s younger brother stopped the pheasant and asked what to do if his sister disagreed, but Liu Wenjing’s father did not consider Liu Wenjing’s wishes, so he accepted the marriage for Liu Wenjing.

Liu Wenjing was discussing business with the manager in Red Square. Her father called her and said that her house was washed away by water and asked her to send money back quickly, and Liu Wenjing had to go back herself. Liu Wenjing was worried about the situation at home and repeatedly agreed. Liu Wenjing’s father wanted his daughter to come back to marry the son of the village committee director. Mom and younger brother were a little hesitant. The younger brother wanted to call his sister to inform him, but the father stopped him.

Qiao Haifeng wanted to go to Luoyang on a business trip to investigate the case of cultural relics smuggling. Mu Luomei applied to go with him and told Qiao Haifeng what he had found. According to Mu Luomei’s investigation, the case of cultural relics smuggling has something to do with a big boss named Lin in Shanghai. The leader of Qiao Haifeng did not agree with Qiao Haifeng to do this interview, and asked him to write an experiential report on blind dates. Qiao Haifeng had to agree with a loss of face.

Liu Wenjing told Huahua that she had to go back to her hometown. Huahua immediately said that she would go back with Liu Wenjing. She wanted to experience the tranquil and beautiful scenery of the countryside. Huahua asked Xing Tianming to go with her to Liu Wenjing’s hometown. She had a crush on Xing Tianming and wanted to test the suitability of the two.

The three of them bumped all the way to Liu Wenjing’s hometown on the train. Because they only bought one ticket, Liu Wenjing and Xing Tianming had to stand. Xing Tianming helped Liu Wenjing take a photo. When Liu Wenjing looked at the photo, the car body swayed a bit and she fell into Xing Tianming’s arms. The two smiled shyly at each other. After finally returning home, her mother and younger brother enthusiastically went out to greet her, and Liu Wenjing returned to her long-lost hometown, feeling warm and heart-warming.

Weiwei arranged accommodation for the president of Shinco who participated in the Global Luxury Summit, and Ye Hui played a big role in it.

Huahua couldn’t stand the remoteness and harsh conditions of the wilderness village, and wanted to take Xing Tianming back to Shanghai together. Xing Tianming patiently calmed Huahua’s emotions. Several people were sitting at the table in Liu Wenjing’s house, eating country game, which had a special flavor. After the meal, Liu Wenjing’s mother pulled Liu Wenjing and wanted her to marry Wang Shanji, the son of the village committee director. Liu Wenjing disagreed. Liu Wenjing’s idea is to take root in Shanghai and wait for her mother to earn enough money to perform surgery on her mother in the future.

Qiao Haifeng insisted on investigating the case of cultural relic smuggling. Mu Luomei supported him very much and was willing to help him personally. Qiao Haifeng had to spare time to participate in the blind date show, because this is a mandatory requirement of the leadership. Qiao Haifeng drank some wine and told Mu Luomei emotionally that he liked a girl, but that girl didn’t like herself. Mu Luomei looked at Qiao Haifeng’s eyes and told him firmly that if she had a boy she liked, she would be unyielding until that boy saw her in his eyes. Qiao Haifeng looked at her and smiled.

Huahua feels that Xing Tianming also likes herself, and Liu Wenjing agrees. Xing Tianming gave his mobile phone to Liu Wenjing’s younger brother, and asked him to take good care of his sister. The younger brother agreed.

Liu Wenjing took Xing Tianming and the others out and ran into Wang Shanji. Liu Wenjing lied to him that Xing Tianming was a boxing champion, and Wang Shanji was scared away.

Liu Wenjing’s father instructed Liu Wenjing to make soy sauce, but Liu Wenjing was blocked by Wang Shanji on the road.

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