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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 13 Recap

Qiao Haifeng was investigating a case of smuggling cultural relics. He privately contacted an insider codenamed French fries. The other party revealed that there is still a tomb robber at large. Qiao Haifeng swiftly recorded the sound secretly. The new intern Mu Luomei also followed Qiao Haifeng. She accidentally said the code name of “French Fries”. Qiao Haifeng thought that she had never told her about this code name, and asked how Mu Luomei learned about it. Mu Luomei choked, did not answer, and ran away quickly.

Huahua was eating noodles happily at Weiwei’s house, and Liu Wenjing sat on the sofa with a preoccupied look. Since the last time she was caught selling red wine in a bar, she has never been to a bar again, and the sales of red wine have been cut off by more than half. Weiwei saw Liu Wenjing frowning and offered to help Liu Wenjing occupy a booth at the carnival she hosted. Liu Wenjing was very grateful to Weiwei who always helped her everywhere, she handed Weiwei a card, and Weiwei’s bag was changed in her hand.

She was always upset, so she wanted to use her own efforts to pack Weiwei’s bag. The money was paid back. Weiwei tried her best to push her away, but she still couldn’t help Liu Wenjing. She agreed to temporarily keep the card on behalf of Liu Wenjing and return her to her when Liu Wenjing needed it. Huahua on the side was always listening to the movement here, with a solemn expression on her face.

The carnival kicked off, and Liu Wenjing was instructed by Weiwei to greet several important guests at the door. At this time, Ye Hui brought his friend over, and Liu Wenjing blocked Ye Hui from letting him in, because Ye Hui did not have an invitation card, and Ye Hui looked at Liu Wenjing with interest and did not explain. Huahua, who rushed over, hurriedly pulled Liu Wenjing over and welcomed Ye Hui into the venue with a smile. She looked at Liu Wenjing with a hatred of iron and steel, and told her that Ye Hui was the biggest investor in this event, even without an invitation card. .

Liu Wenjing, who has a hard-headed mind, still adheres to her own guidelines. Xing Tianming stood at Liu Wenjing’s booth to help her sell red wine. Ye Hui passed by their booth and he bought all the red wine from Liu Wenjing’s booth with a big wave, but the condition was to invite Liu Wenjing to dinner. Liu Wenjing agreed neatly, and she took Ye Hui to a garage barbecue shop, and got Ye Hui drunk after three times, and then asked Ye Hui’s friend to pick up Ye Hui. Ye Hui’s friend felt worthless for Ye Hui, but Ye Hui became more and more interested in Liu Wenjing.

Liu Wenjing’s online shop added eight orders overnight, and she and Huahua were happily jumping around at home. It is a good thing that the online store business is getting better, but the manpower seems to be insufficient. Liu Wenjing thought of her before, Ali, the three of them were so busy, but they still couldn’t cope with more and more orders.

Several people gathered at Liu Wenjing’s house to eat and drink. It was so lively, Huahua complained to Liu Wenjing’s vampire family for Liu Wenjing. Qiao Haifeng wanted Xing Tianming to trade stocks for her, and Weiwei would also put the principal in Xing Tianming’s place. Xing Tianming was late, and the gift to Liu Wenjing turned out to be a new exercise book. Everyone ridiculed him. The hut was full of laughter.

Everyone spent the New Year in their respective homes. Huahua took Liu Wenjing to her home for New Year’s Eve dinner and confessed a secret with Liu Wenjing. In fact, Weiwei’s bag was exchanged for Huahua. Liu Wenjing was shocked after listening, but chose to forgive Weiwei. Hua Hua asked Liu Wenjing to tell herself the card number of the card she gave Weiwei, and she would repay the money in the future. Liu Wenjing agreed.

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, Liu Wenjing was cooking at home by herself. Huahua called and told her that she would go home later and invited the professor. Liu Wenjing hurriedly began to prepare to welcome the guests.

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