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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 12 Recap

Xing Tianming pulled Liu Wenjing over and introduced her to his ex-girlfriend as his current girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend failed to get back together and left disappointed. Liu Wenjing tried to ask the girl just now what is the relationship with Xing Tianming. Xing Tianming avoided talking, and answered vaguely. Liu Wenjing was full of doubts.

When Hua Hua returned home, she found that her parents had kept the old things that she didn’t use at home, which was incompatible with the renovated new home. She complained loudly, but her mother talked with Xi Mu, Huahua knew that she was powerless, and stopped her chattering. Mother copied the nutrition recipe and gave it to Huahua, and Huahua’s face became cloudy and fine.

Weiwei asked Ye Hui to help her father on a piece of land in Pancheng. Ye Hui said that she was really powerless and talked about how to control money. Weiwei knows that her friend does not involve real estate, so she should not be embarrassed.

Huahua and Liu Wenjing’s online store of red wine sales is worrying, and Huahua is very depressed. In order to increase sales, Liu Wenjing decided to go to the bar to sell alcohol. Huahua worriedly said that such a high-power operation would be too much for her body. Liu Wenjing said in distress that he had mailed back all the money he earned to his sick brother. Huahua Tucao Liu Wenjing is simply the blood transfusion machine at home.

The ex-girlfriend finds Xing Tianming and hopes that he can provide her with some help at work. Xing Tianming didn’t have time to express his attitude, so he received news that Liu Wenjing was arrested in the police station for selling alcohol in a nightclub as a target of anti-vice. Xing Tianming hurriedly picked up Liu Wenjing from the police station. Liu Wenjing was afraid of panic. When he saw Xing Tianming, he threw tears into his arms. Xing Tianming hugged her softly and comforted.

Huahua’s address was exposed by netizens, and her life was disturbed, which was annoying. Qiao Haifeng reminded her whether she had offended anyone recently, perhaps this person was the culprit who exposed Huahua’s address. Huahua held his head, thinking hard.

Liu Wenjing has to open an online shop and also prepare for the college entrance examination. She cannot afford to leave her work and her performance will inevitably be affected. The leader severely criticized her, Liu Wenjing felt ashamed and bowed and apologized. As soon as the leader left, Liu Wenjing’s mother called her and asked her for eight thousand yuan. Liu Wenjing told her mother not to worry, she would definitely find a way. In fact, she didn’t have a clue about where the eight thousand dollars came from.

Liu Wenjing went to find Xing Tianming, and happened to bump into his ex-girlfriend remembering the past with him. The ex-girlfriend also invited Xing Tianming to go to the park for a date previously agreed.

Huahua found Li Zhe’s ex-wife, Yu Xiaopei, and asked whether Li Zhe had disclosed her residential address. In the early stage, he said that Li Zhe had gone abroad with his new girlfriend two months ago, and he would not do such a low cost-effective thing. . Huahua left unhappily with the doubts in her heart.

Huahua returned to Liu Wenjing’s house under the rain. Liu Wenjing saw her feeling upset and cooked her a bowl of noodles to comfort her. Huahua looked at her sincerely good friend, buried her head in her arms, and felt the warmth brought by her friend.

Xing Tianming gave Liu Wenjing the meal card and asked her to do the problem in the office by herself, but went out to accompany her ex-girlfriend. The ex-girlfriend entangled Xing Tianming to buy herself a bubble blowing toy, and then turned in circles in front of Xing Tianming like a child, letting colorful bubbles fly in front of her. Xing Tianming looked at the graceful girl in front of him and recalled the happy past of the two, with unconscious tenderness in his eyes. Liu Wenjing was thinking wildly in the office alone, unable to calm down and work on the problem. She went out to the campus in a ghostly manner, just to see the sensational scene of her ex-girlfriend and Xing Tianming hugging each other, and tears flowed out of her eyes for some reason.

A new intern from Qiao Haifeng’s company happened to be his junior and she strongly requested to follow Qiao Haifeng as an intern, and Qiao Haifeng readily agreed. Huahua ridiculed Xing Tianming for buying red wine from her store anonymously. She was sincerely grateful to him. Xing Tianming felt a little heartbroken. The two friends talked and laughed, and the sun brightened the room.

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