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Ugly Beauty 皮囊之下 Episode 13 Recap

In order to prevent Xiao Mu from being exposed to public view, it is difficult to explain, so Yao Menggui preemptively introduced Xiao Mu’s identity in front of the camera, shocking everyone present. After the incident, Yao Menggui brought Xiao Mu to the lounge, but Chen Mo didn’t expect Chen Mo to call frequently.

Yao Menggui was very dissatisfied that Xiao Mu and Chen Mo got along closely, so he hung up the call, but Xiao Mu’s private number received a call from Chen Mo. Seeing this situation, Yao Menggui was shocked, especially when she learned that Xiao Mu had told Chen Mo about everything, and she was furious, and then took out a file, which contained many photos, each of which was a candid photo of Chen Mo and the paparazzi. The picture of bananas getting along.

Through these photos, it is not difficult to determine Chen Mo’s true identity and intentions lurking around him. Xiao Mu took the initiative to find Chen Mo, because his paparazzi identity was exposed, and the relationship between the two was completely broken. Although Chen Mo explained that he changed his mind later and treated this relationship sincerely, it is difficult to be forgiven by Xiao Mu again, especially when he was deceived by the person he once trusted the most.

Xiao Mu vented his sadness by eating, and did not expect that her appearance would push Yao Menggui to the forefront, but Yao Menggui did not care, but comforted Xiao Mu not to care about these negative comments, which would be completely eliminated within a few months. Since Yao Menggui had already returned to China, Xiao Mu felt that he had lost the meaning of staying in the city, so he decided to follow Xiao Yuanshan back to his hometown. Yao Menggui couldn’t persuade Xiao Mu, so he simply gave her a sum of money and exhorted something uneasy.

When Banana saw Chen Mo staying in the living room desperately, he couldn’t help but stepped forward and cared. It turned out that Chen Mo took out a USB flash drive, which contained all the photos and materials he had taken since he became a paparazzi. Originally, Chen Mo wanted to take the initiative to explain to Xiao Mu, but it was a pity that it was still a step too late.

In the next few days, Chen Mo was almost decadent and bored himself at home all day, until he answered Xiao Yuanshan’s call and learned that Xiao Mu was leaving. Before Xiao Mu got on the bus, he ignored everyone’s obstacles and ran directly outside the bus station, begging Xiao Mu not to leave, let alone to give up his dream of becoming a star.

Even though Chen Mo’s words made Xiao Mu’s mood ups and downs, he still couldn’t hold him back, seeing him leave in the car. Banana hates Chen Mo and persuades him to find a way out quickly. After all, the debts related to Yangyang have been paid off, and the job has been quit, so he can’t live in broken love for a lifetime.

The Red Sun Hotel finally reopened due to the busy work of the Xiao family’s father and daughter. Unfortunately, Xiao Yuanshan was too honest and kind. In the past few years, many people hadn’t paid for the meal on credit, so Xiao Mu couldn’t stand it. He always asked the guests to pay. money. Neighbor Jiang Aunt wants to introduce her nephew to Xiao Mu, but her unobtrusive eight-wife temperament really irritates Xiao Yuanshan. Xiao Mu is afraid that Aunt Jiang will be talking about Yao Menggui’s influence, so she promised to have a date with her nephew.

However, Aunt Jiang’s nephew was ordinary and more confident, and his mind was full of fat-gut thoughts. Xiao Mu was disgusted with him but did not show it, so he could only just say a few words casually. I thought that after this meeting was over, Xiao Mu ushered in a peaceful life, but discovered that Chen Mo was always helping her in secret. When Xiao Mu found out, he was even entangled by Aunt Jiang’s nephew. Fortunately, at a critical moment, Chen Mo rushed to drive him away. Seeing Chen Mo appear in front of him, Xiao Mu still had that cold attitude, even resisting his kiss very much, and then left angrily.

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