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Time Flies and You Are Here (2021) 雁归西窗月

Time Flies and You Are Here (2021)
Other Title: 雁归西窗月, Swallows Returning to the West Window, Ngaan Gwai Sai Cheung Yut, 雁歸西窗月 , Yan Gui Xi Chuang Yue

Genres: drama, Historical, Romance
Sun Kai Kai
Wu Tong
 Tencent Video
Release Date:
 May 20, 2021
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  • Joseph Zeng as Zhao Xiao Qian
  • Liang Jie as Xie Jiang Er
  • Wang Xi Wen
  • Liu Luo Xi as Su Wei
  • Neno Ren
  • Huang Meng

Their destinies were tied together due to a contract marriage. She’s an ordinary girl who believes that woman have a right to an education too. He is a prince who needs to live up to his reputation of being lazy and unskilled. Xie Xiaoman unintentionally offended Zhao Xiaoqian, the famous Julu Prince of the Wu Jiang manor.

Because of a set up, the two enter into a contract marriage leaving Xiaoman no choice but to marry into the royal family. Expected to remain as an insignificant prince his entire life, can Zhao Xiaoqian become a general with the courage and capability to protect his country? Despite coming from ordinary beginnings, Xie Xiaoman is also determined to find her path. From clashing endlessly to gradually opening up to each other, Zhao Xiaoqian and Xie Xiaoman overcome many obstacles together as they learn to love and support each other as husband and wife.

The TV series “Goose Return to the West Window and Moon” is directed by Sun Kaikai, starring Zeng Shunxi and Liang Jie, and starring Fan Zhixin, Liu Luoxi, Li Jiulin, Li Xinze and others in ancient costume romance. An ordinary woman, Xie Xiaoman, offended Zhao Xiaoqian, the famous Julu county king of Wujiang Mansion, and was forced to marry into the prefecture mansion because of a contractual marriage contract with Zhao Xiaoqian because of the establishment of a bureau by someone else. A contract made the lives of the two intertwined. From the beginning of the confession to the acquaintance of each other, Zhao Xiaoqian and Xie Xiaoman went through ups and downs together, broke through numerous obstacles, and finally reaped a romantic love.

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