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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 6 Recap

Zhao Yushan thought that Li Jianan was watching the excitement. Li Jianan repeatedly explained, persuading him to accept reality and support Sun Guangming’s decision. Li Jianan has helped villagers who did not use pesticides to contact the vegetable market and promised to underwrite Zhao Yushan’s organic vegetables. Zhao Yushan reluctantly agreed.

Li Jianan came back to discuss with Sun Guangming. He wanted to keep the vegetables of the villagers who did not use pesticides this season and reduce their losses. Sun Guangming didn’t let go, and there was no room for negotiation. Li Jianan reminded him to think twice about working in rural areas. Zhao Yushan brought the villagers to Sun Guangming’s theory early in the morning, and they were not allowed to destroy the villagers’ vegetables.

Sun Guangming promised that the vegetables in the next season would recover the losses. Zhao Yushan did not buy it, and Sun Guangming was willing to bear all the losses. Feng Jinbao simply calculated it and the loss was as high as five. One hundred thousand, Xu Youyi stood up to fight for Sun Guangming, but he did not expect that Sun Guangming would even agree to bear the loss. Zhao Yushan forced him to pay an IOU on the spot.

Xu Youyi tried his best to stop, Liu Haitang, Yimin, Feng Jinbao, and Li Jianan also advised Zhao Yushan not to do nothing. Li Jianan suggested destroying the vegetables that have been pesticides, and selling them as normal. Zhao Yushan refused to give up. To force Sun Guangming to make a decision now, Sun Guangming immediately wrote an IOU regardless of Xu’s only hindrance and let Feng Jinbao keep it.

Angrily, Sun Guangming took Xu Youyi to find Zhang Zihao to apologize and apologize. The villagers accused Zhao Yushan of ignorance of conscience, and Zhao Yushan was furious. Xu Youyi complained that Sun Guangming should not take this mess to himself, and Sun Guangming also regretted coming to Houshigou Village.

Sun Guangming personally went to the house to apologize to Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao insisted that the villagers confess their mistakes together. Sun Guangming invited Zhang Zihao to the village to supervise the destruction of vegetables, and accepted the villagers’ apology face to face. Zhang Zihao excused that he did not have time. Xu Youyi was right. He ridiculed and sneered, Sun Guangming hurriedly stopped Xu Youyi, stimulating Zhang Zihao with the method of agitation, and Zhang Zihao promised to go to the village to supervise on time. Immediately afterwards, Sun Guangming brought Xu Youyi to find Yue Lan and asked her to live broadcast the whole process of destroying vegetables. Yue Lan was full of praise for his approach.

Feng Jinbao found that Zhao Meifeng was acting weird and kept sending messages. Feng Jinbao lied that there was a bottle of shampoo missing in the supermarket. Zhao Meifeng hurried to check. Feng Jinbao took the opportunity to look at her mobile phone and found that Zhao Meifeng had established a group and formulated “for The slogan of “Large locust tree, Shang” is to prevent Zhang Zihao from destroying vegetables.

Sun Guangming made an exquisite breakfast early in the morning, and Xu Youwei gobbled it up. Sun Guangming felt that she was spoiling food. Feng Jinbao suddenly came to inform Sun Guangming and reported Zhao Meifeng’s action plan and team members. Sun Guangming took Xu Youyi to visit from house to house and advised them not to act impulsively, and they fully agreed.

Yue Lan brought the filming team to Houshigou village early in the morning to broadcast live the whole process of destroying vegetables. Zhang Zihao came afterwards. Sun Guangming publicly admitted that some villagers had used pesticides in violation of regulations, which caused the guests of Junzilan liquor to be poisoned and diarrhea. Sun Guangming apologized to Zhang Zihao and confessed to the villagers who did not use pesticides. He hoped that everyone would follow the village motto and be an honest farmer. The villagers responded unanimously.

Sun Guangming solemnly promised to grow strictly in accordance with the standards of organic vegetables from now on, and never use pesticides, so that customers can eat vegetables with confidence. Zhang Zihao is very satisfied with what Sun Guangming and the villagers did, and hopes that everyone will take this as a warning. Sun Guangming handed the walkie-talkie to Zhang Zihao and asked him to issue an order to destroy the vegetables.

Zhang Zihao gave an order and dozens of forklifts drove into the vegetable field and uprooted the green vegetables. The villagers were distressed and they remembered. His face couldn’t bear to look straight, Zhao Xinlong eyes with tears, and he watched the vegetables he had grown so hard so ruined. Zhao Yushan stood far away on the hill and witnessed everything, and he left silently.

Zhao Meifeng came to find Zhang Zihao in a fierce manner. Sun Guangming hurried over to stop him. Zhao Meifeng slapped him severely. Zhao Meifeng went straight to Zhang Zihao and rushed over. Suddenly she tripped under her feet. She could not stand steady and knocked Zhang Zihao down.

On the haystack, Feng Jinbao hurried over to take Zhao Meifeng away, and quietly told her that the action had been cancelled. Feng Jinbao repeatedly explained that Zhao Meifeng was a loyal fan of Zhang Zihao, and he acted recklessly because of his excitement. Zhao Meifeng lied that it was Zhang Zihao’s true love. Fan bite the bullet and shook hands with him, Zhang Zihao was inconvenienced.

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