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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 5 Recap

That night, Xu Youyou and Sun Guangming were squatting outside the vegetable base. Suddenly they saw a group of people coming to the vegetable field. Sun Guangming asked Xu Youyou to use a cell phone to film evidence of their destruction of pesticides and vegetables, and he went to arrest him. Suddenly Xu’s only phone rang, and the villagers disappeared in fright. Sun Guangming was furious, and Xu’s only apologized.

Sun Guangming called Zhao Yushan and Zhao Xinlong to the vegetable field early in the morning. The vegetable field was in a mess, like a ghost shaved his head. Sun Guangming admitted that he deliberately gave out false news yesterday. To cover up the truth, Sun Guangming believed that this was a way to hide the ears and steal the bell, and that there would still be pesticide residues in the land, and Zhao Yushan was immediately dumbfounded.

Zhao Xinlong had to explain the whole story. The villagers insisted on not using pesticides at the beginning, but the output was low and the market was not good. The villagers tried to use pesticides. He could only open his eyes and shut his eyes. Zhao Yushan was furious and punched and kicked Zhao Xinlong. Sun Guangming hurriedly stopped him, Zhao Yushan begged Sun Guangming to keep the organic vegetables in Houshigou Village, and Sun Guangming was helpless.

Feng Jinbao persuaded Sun Guangming to go to Zhang Zihao for private purposes. Sun Guangming decided not to do it. He immediately decided to hold a meeting of all villagers at two o’clock in the afternoon to discuss the issue of pesticides and vegetables. Feng Jinbao hurriedly broadcasted on the loudspeaker. Zhao Yushan called Liu Fugui, Zhao Yuxi and Feng Jinbao for a small meeting, and asked Zhao Yuxi to quietly inform the old Zhao family that they were not allowed to go to the meeting. Zhao Yushan’s newly recognized goddaughter Xichun served them tea and poured water. Liu Fugui fell in love with her at first sight. Zhao Yushan asked Xichun to call Uncle Liu Fugui, and Liu Fugui complained repeatedly.

Seeing that it was time for the meeting, only a few villagers came, and none of the old Zhao’s came. Sun Guangming asked Li Jian’an to broadcast again. The grandmother was going to a meeting. Zhao Yuxi blocked the door of the house. Regardless, the grandmother went straight to the village committee on crutches. She trembled up the steps and pretended to fall to the ground. Liu Haitang and Sun Guangming hurried over to ask for warmth. .

Grandma asked Liu Haitang to broadcast the news of her fall and injury through the loudspeaker. Zhao Yushan and Lao Zhao’s family came to visit her grandma after hearing the news. Grandma asked Sun Guangming to have a meeting right away, and Zhao Yushan realized the ancestor. The milk is deliberate.

Sun Guangming publicly announced that the use of pesticides in organic vegetables was made public, and he assumed corresponding responsibilities. The villagers protested. Once the incident was announced, the villagers’ pillars of life were completely destroyed. Zhao Yuxi claimed that some villagers did not use pesticides, Sun Guangming Don’t buy it at all. Zhao Xinlong voluntarily assumed all the guilt and promised to go to Zhang Zihao to apologize and beg Sun Guangming to keep the sign of organic vegetables in Houshigou Village.

Sun Guangming considered repeatedly and decided to stop selling vegetables first, and then find a way to end the follow-up questions. Zhao Yushan was the first to stand up and leave, and the villagers also dispersed. Sun Guangming went to climb the mountain early in the morning and thought about a solution. Xu Youwei followed him immediately. Sun Guangming took her to Haiqing Village. He saw the old people in the village gather together to pick tea leaves, and Sun Guangming hurried over. greet.

Sun Guangming recognized Aunt Mei who had sent him tea, and learned that there were few outsiders in the village. Aunt Mei welcomed him often and invited him and Xu Youyi to go home for dinner. Sun Guangming personally cooks and cooks. Aunt Mei casually asked about organic vegetables in Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming briefly explained the reason. Aunt Mei reminded him not to be ignorant of conscience. Sun Guangming promised to handle this matter properly. After a while, Sun Guangming made a large table of dishes. Aunt Mei invited the old people in the village to eat. Sun Guangming learned that there were many old people in the village who lived long and thought that they often drank tea.

Sun Guangming brought Xu Youyi to the grandma for help overnight. The grandma saw blood and pointed out that if the reputation of organic vegetables was broken, it could make up for it. If the hearts of the people were broken, it would be completely hopeless. Sun Guangming benefited a lot. Early the next morning, Sun Guangming announced two decisions to the members of the village committee. First, he apologized to Zhang Zihao, and then publicly destroyed all the vegetables in the village. Liu Haitang felt that this was unfair to the villagers who did not use pesticides, and Li Jianan was worried about Lao Zhao. The family disagreed, and Sun Guangming had already made up his mind to sever his arm.

That night, Li Jianan prepared a large table of seafood. He and Li Jianping exchanged cups and couldn’t help being happy. He wanted to watch the old Zhao’s jokes. Li Jianping complained that he ignored his sister Li Qinghe’s feelings. Liu Haitang persuaded Li Jianan to take the opportunity. Relaxing relations with Zhao Yushan can also secure the position of village director. Li Jianan came to Zhao Yushan for a showdown overnight and persuaded him to accept Sun Guangming’s suggestion.

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