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Young and Beautiful 我的漂亮朋友 Episode 11 Recap

Xing Tianming received a call from Huahua after the class, and Huahua asked him to hurry to rescue Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing was discovered by the educational institution because of the course, and the other party was reluctant. Xing Tianming hurried over. Liu Wenjing bowed her head and said nothing because of embarrassment. Xing Tianming negotiated with the person in charge of the educational institution, and the other party agreed not to care.

Liu Wenjing silently followed Xing Tianming to a restaurant for beef noodles. She did not dare to look at Xing Tianming, feeling that she had lost face in front of the other party. Xing Tianming teased her instead and made her happy. He felt that the hardworking and motivated girl in front of him moved him very much. After hearing Liu Wenjing say how much he wanted to enter the university, Xing Tianming decided to help her. He offered to make up for Liu Wenjing free of charge. Liu Wenjing was overjoyed after hearing it, and her happy expression was beyond words. Because of this increasing entanglement, the two became closer together.

Liu Wenjing set the alarm clock, got up early, endorsed a book while eating breakfast, and then hurriedly packed up and went to work. There was a mistake in the work of Weiwei’s subordinates, and the company’s boss was very upset. With her smart mind, Weiwei turned the crisis into peace and won the appreciation of the partner company and the boss. Weiwei finally solved the professional crisis by virtue of her ability and achieved qualitative professional growth.

Xing Tianming made up for Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing made all the wrong questions. Xing Tianming was so angry that he sprayed her with a water gun and chased her with nowhere to escape, so as to make her remember. Not to be outdone, Liu Wenjing directly poured a pot of water on him. Both of them were soaked, blowing their hair in the bathroom, smiling at each other. Xing Tianming encouraged Liu Wenjing to take the college entrance examination that year. Liu Wenjing agreed in one fell swoop. Xing Tianming took the camera to take a headless photo of Liu Wenjing. The two were playing around like two innocent children.

Weiwei’s subordinates found Weiwei and wanted to be her assistant again, but Weiwei sternly refused. Weiwei didn’t want to forgive a person who had betrayed her, and the assistant manager went away in a humble manner.

Hua Hua was knocked down by a child. She was so angry that she could not teach the child, but was grabbed by the child’s mother. The other party posted the edited video to the Internet, and public opinion fell on the ground and cursed Huahua. Huahua was overwhelmed and crying for help from Liu Wenjing. Liu Wenjing called Qiao Haifeng. After receiving the call, Qiao Haifeng hurriedly left the meeting room regardless of the meeting being held, which made the leader very unhappy.

Huahua hid in Liu Wenjing’s house, Qiao Haifeng went to visit, Huahua grieved to him, and Qiao Haifeng felt very distressed. Huahua told Qiao Haifeng that she had saved the contact information of an aunt. The other party had video evidence that the child who bumped her was rampant in the community. The two decided to start from here, and spent a lot of time innocent.

Xing Tianming offered to take more time to make up lessons for Liu Wenjing, and Liu Wenjing was very moved. After being moved, she was worried, and she was still worried about how to solve the troublesome troubles. Xing Tianming proposed that Huahua’s affairs can only be changed. The most important thing at the moment is to clear up the sadness in Huahua’s heart. He proposed that everyone go camping together on weekends, so that fun will wipe out all the troubles. Huahua took the advice that Liu Wenjing forwarded to Huahua Xing Tianming. Qiao Haifeng was jealous secretly when he saw Huahua’s thoughts.

Qiao Haifeng rushed to the manuscript overnight, and then asked the director to plead, finally calming down the online public opinion. Let’s go camping together, laugh and laugh, and enjoy life.

Xing Tianming’s ex-girlfriend came to him to get back together, Xing Tianming revealed that he has someone he likes, and Liu Wenjing hurriedly arrived at this time.

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