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Qing Luo 清落 Episode 2 Recap

Yu Qingluo and Ye Xiudu had a quarrel when they met. Yu Qingluo mistakenly thought that Ye Xiudu was Ye Pianzhou who had harmed countless young girls. Unexpectedly, as soon as Nan Nan woke up, he saw the two hugging each other. Nan Nan accepted Ye Xiu as an apprentice, and gave Ye Xiu all his antidote. Ye Xiudu stopped Yu Qingluo, threatened by Jin Liuli’s Fulong Inn, and asked Yu Qingluo to participate in the Medical Immortal Conference. Yu Qingluo put forward three conditions, and Ye Xiu agreed alone.

The next day, Yu Qingluo looked at the ghost doctor who was pretending to be in front of him, feeling very uneasy. Ye Xiudu naturally knew that it was not a ghost doctor, and Yu Qingluo in front of him was closer to the image of a ghost doctor. The game officially started. There were four stages of seeing, hearing, and asking. Miss Xiangling accepted your inquiries. After Yuqing had her pulse, she thought that she would have to wait for the night to see her true colors. In the evening, Ye Xiudu couldn’t help but start to explore Yu Qingluo’s identity.

Yu Qing was not angry, but decided to poison Ye Xiudu. Who knew that Ye Xiudu was changed to understand the medicine, and only Yu Qingluo was proud. When the two had a conversation, Xiangling walked out of the room unconsciously and came to the woods. Ye Xiudu and Yu Qingluo followed. It turned out that Xiangling was actually trying to eat people. The poisonous fire bee rushed to Xiangling. It was also entangled with Yu Qingluo, Yu Qingluo quickly asked Ye Xiu for help, and Ye Xiudu rescued Yu Qingluo. Xiangling grabbed the other person and fainted when he was about to mouth.

After the incident last night, Yu Qingluo realized that maybe Ye Xiudu was not the apprentice of the Deng, and Ye Xiudu also recognized that Yu Qingluo was the ghost doctor, and she must let Yu Qingluo come to diagnose his younger brother Ye Haoran. At the beginning of the second round of the competition, everyone walked up to the forest. Yu Qingluo judged that Xiangling was suffering from nocturnal distraction, but Ye Xiudu seemed to be very curious about the condition. Yu Qingluo thought he would use the poisonous fire bee to lead the way to find the snow lotus.

The fake ghost doctor took Xiangling’s blood in the jar and wanted to find a way to make medicine. The poisonous fire bee attracted everyone to the cliff. Yuqingluo lured Ye Xiudu to go down the cliff to get it. Ye Xiudu took the picture of Yunshan and Snow Lotus painted by Yuqingluo, and prepared to tie a rope on his body and go down the cliff to get it. Soul Refining and the mysterious deputy master saw Ye Xiudu pretending to be Ye Pianzhou. This time the general ordered all the contestants to be killed, leaving Ye Haoran unable to be healed.

Yu Qingluo and Nan Nan waited on the cliff for Ye Xiu Duo, but Ye Xiu Duo did not appear for a long time, and Yu Qingluo could only go down to look for Ye Xiu Duo’s whereabouts. The soul-refining poison dart shot many contestants to death in one shot. On the other side, Yu Qingluo came to the bottom of the valley and saw Ye Xiudu, who accidentally fell into the bat cave and accidentally dislocated his right hand. Yu Qingluo acted as Ye Xiudu to fix his bones and shouted in pain. Yuqingluo and Ye Xiudu accidentally bumped into the formation in the mountains and forests.

It must be the formation of the best snow lotus. Yuqing fell and broke the formation. Sure enough, they saw the snow lotus, waited to get the snow lotus, refine the soul and others. Catch up, Yu Qingluo waved and sprinkled poisonous powder, stopping the pursuers. But before the two of them took two more steps, Ye Xiudu was hurt because of helping Yu Qingluo. Master Yu Shi brought the gang to come, and this resolved the crisis. Nan Nan waited anxiously on the spot. When she saw Yu Qingluo coming, she couldn’t help but hugged Yu Qingluo and shouted to her mother. Everyone was shocked. .

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