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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 18 Recap

Zhanyan and Duanmu walked out, Shangguance also rushed here, they also saw Madam Jiang who was vomiting blood on the ground, and hurriedly went to pick up the dying Madam Jiang. Before his death, Mrs. Jiang was still trying to excuse Jiang Wenqing, saying that he had just lost his mind because of obsession. He had always wanted to make everything better, but had gone the wrong way.

In the end, Madam Jiang died of hatred holding the sachet, Jiang Wenqing returned to Penglai, already crazy, and the moment his sanity returned, he suddenly realized that he had killed his wife. But after a while, his sanity became confused again. In the face of the general who came to condolences, he mercilessly killed the general, and then began to kill in Penglai. Lei Shen tried his last breath to tell Yang Jian that the envoy of heaven had become a demon, and Jiang Wenqing killed him before he released everyone.

Yang Jian discovered that Jiang Wenqing could absorb the immortal power of the immortal clan. Jiang Wenqing was extremely proud. The life and death of all things in the world were within his thoughts. The immortals of Penglai would rather die than succumb. Jiang Wenqing let the Penglai immortal stone hit the world at will. Suddenly, Kaifeng City was in distress, as horrible as purgatory, Duan Mucui desperately blocked the rocks, but it was only a drop in the bucket.

At the same time, all the immortals of Penglai, under the command of Yang Jian, temporarily controlled Jiang Wenqing. Yang Jian said that only the three clans of the same mind can make the way of heaven annihilate Jiang Wenqing. The world was turned upside down by Jiang Wenqing. A child named Erwa lost his parents and fainted. Duanmu had to use magic power to save him. Zhan Yan was heartbroken. Doing so would speed up Duanmu’s five decay process, but Duanmu insisted on saving.

After a while, Duanmu’s hair became whiter and he vomited blood and fell into Zhanyan’s arms. Duanmu blamed herself very much. She couldn’t even save a child. The second baby desperately asked for help, but she couldn’t save them. Xiaotian wanted to save Yang Jian, but he couldn’t do anything, so he had to go down to find Duanmu for help. Duanmu decides to return to Penglai to regain his spirituality, and Zhanyan decides to be with her.

Wen Gu and Hongluan also followed up to Penglai and defeated Jiang Wenqing with them. When they saw the immortals locked in the thunder chain, Yang Jian said that they had given up the power of the soul to make Jiang Wenqing fall asleep, and he must be wounded with a huge fault to regain the godhead. Zhan Yan understood that Jiang Wenqing could still run out of Shen Yuan, and a giant fault shouldn’t hurt him, so it’s better to save the immortals first, and then everyone will work out a solution together.

Yang Jian felt that what he said also made sense, so he asked him to insert the giant fault into the thunder chain to rescue everyone. Hongluan helped them hold Jiang Wenqing, Yang Jian and the others fled back to unsealing. Jiang Wenqing gathered the power of heaven and earth, and the world was like hell. Yang Jian and the others sealed the unsealing with immortal power, and Hong Luan and Wen Gu drove back before being sealed before the unsealing. They discussed how to deal with Jiang Wenqing, and Yang Jian remembered that the power of his mind could punish all evil.

The three clans are of one heart, and their profit cuts money. They reached a consensus and decided to gather the strength of the three clans to deal with Jiang Wenqing. Before going to the battlefield, Zhanyan and Duanmu put on their armors, and they agreed that if they could come back alive, they would have a good life and have two children. Hong Luan was also worried that she would die tomorrow. She said the last words to Wen Gu, and her heart was full of dissatisfaction with Wen Gu.

The next day, Hongluan represented You Clan in a battle, and Yang Jianzhongxian stayed in Kaifeng. Yang Jian urged them to turn the power of the mind into a magic weapon to deal with Jiang Wenqing when the minds of the three clans converge. They must seize the only opportunity to restrain Jiang Wenqing. The three confronted Jiang Wenqing on the stage of conferring the gods, and Jiang Wenqing beckoned to kill him.

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