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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 17 Recap

Jiang Wenqing wanted to kill Wen Gu, Hong Luan was knocked down and found that Jiang Wenqing had dragon breath. Wen Gu resisted, taking advantage of Jiang Wenqing’s head to succumb, Wen Gu pulled Hong Luan to break the barrier and fled. Jiang Wenqing was still unable to fully integrate with Penglai Tu, he needed to absorb more life, so he took the lives of the remaining You Clan people, delusional to rule the Three Realms.

Wen Gu fled back to Kaifeng with Hongluan, and when the human race saw it, they shouted to arrest them. Hong Luan was seriously injured and was besieged by the human race. Wen Gu hurt everyone suddenly. Zhanyan and Duanmu arrived in time, Hongluan fainted due to lack of physical strength, Duanmu said that if he wanted to save Hongluan, he would return to the Caolu with them. Later, Duanmu saved Hongluan’s life with the last reversal pill.

Hongluan woke up, after listening to Duanmu and Zhanyan’s explanations, her hostility towards Duanmu was not so strong anymore, and she acquiesced to stay in the Caolu. Hong Luan had a nightmare, vaguely felt that the envoy of heaven was Jiang Wenqing in Shen Yuan, she told Duanmu about it. Even if Wen Gu was not killed by Duanmu Cui, he died because of Duanmu.

Sometimes she wondered if Wen Gu would take a look at herself if there was no Duanmu. Duanmu sincerely apologized to her, Hongluan said that the person she owed was Wen Gu. Duanmu immediately apologized to Wen Gu again. Wen Gu saw her sad look and took the initiative to give her a bunch of flowers. Zhanyan and Hongluan saw from the side, he explained to Duanmu, Hongluan knew his good intentions.

But comparing Zhanyan and Duanmu, Hongluan was even more pitiful, and she didn’t even have time to say goodbye to Wen Gu. Now that Penglai is arbitrarily arresting You Clan in Kaifeng, Shangguan Ce is very worried about Hexue and doesn’t know how she is. Without mana, Duanmu learned to control foreign objects with the help of human spells. Zhanyan told her not to get angry with a fish. Zhanyan persuaded her to take a break, but Duanmu insisted on practicing.

The result is that the fish cannot be caught, nor can the samada be called out. Hongluan gave Duanmu the secret practice techniques she collected. She knew that Duanmu was eager to practice spells to save You Clan. She had forgiven Duanmu. Duanmu couldn’t practice spells, and was a little angry. Zhanyan only felt angry that she was very cute and innocent like a child.

Seeing Duanmu practicing the spell so hard, Hong Luan was very moved. Penglai, Jiang Wenqing’s head ailment reappeared. He didn’t know why, he had already absorbed so much power of You Clan, but why couldn’t he merge with Penglai Tu? He could only continue to absorb the energy of everyone in You Clan. Yang Jian discovered Jiang Wenqing’s true identity and told Duan Mucui and the others about it. Duan Mucui decided to become an enemy of Jiang Wenqing.

They worked together to break the Penglai barrier and rescued all the You Clan people. At Hongluan’s orders, Wen Gu ordered all the members of the You Clan to leave. Jiang Wenqing quickly found the Caolu and knocked down Duanmucui and Zhanyan one by one. Wen Gu and Hong Luanzhe returned to help them, and Wen Gu waited for the opportunity to elicit the breath of dragon from Jiang Wenqing.

Jiang Wenqing has become a demon. With a headache, he injured Duanmu and the others and ran out of the cottage, losing his mind. Madam Jiang brought Cheng Wu and Zhu Ran to her. Jiang Wenqing had long denied them recognition, so she mercilessly killed Cheng Wu and Zhu Ran, and almost strangled Madam Jiang to death. He pretended to think of his wife, and she hugged Jiang Wenqing unsuspectingly, but was sucked away from her life. In the end, Madam Jiang did not look down, and she never expected that she would die in the hands of her favorite man. The sachet in Jiang Wenqing’s pocket fell out, Jiang Wenqing clutched her painful head and left step by step.

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