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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 16 Recap

Zhanyan asked Duanmu for a kiss, and Duanmu responded. Duanmu sent him away from the Caolu, and Zhanyan asked her to rest early, and he would come to welcome him tomorrow. That night, Duanmu had yellow decals on the mirror, and he was dressed in happy clothes. His black hair was mixed with white hair, but he still couldn’t hide the beauty of his appearance.

The next day, Zhanyan brought the welcoming team to the Caolu, Xiao Qinghua hurriedly ran to tell Zhanyan that Duanmu disappeared. Zhanyan ran into the Caolu, Duanmu was no longer there, she only left a letter. Duanmu knew that time was running out, she couldn’t drag Zhanyan. Duan Mucui stood by the lake, closing his eyes to throw the love silk into the water, and Zhan Yan appeared in time to catch the love silk. No matter what Duanmu says, Zhanyan has a deep love for her and will never give up on her.

Yuelao was demoted to the world and saw Duanmu and Zhanyan. He smiled and said that the marriage of the two of them was bound to be witnessed by him. On the day of marriage, the bottles and jars behind him were very lively and looked like a flower girl. Zhan Yan and Duanmu are married, even though Duanmu has white sideburns, but the appearance is still beautiful. With the blessings of the crowd, they walked through the crowd and worshipped in front of Mrs. Jiang and got married.

The so-called fate was exhausted, and it would not affect the feelings between the two in the least. In the wedding night in the bridal chamber, the two of them drank the wine and agreed to go together for life and death. They would both be husbands and wives. Yang Jian arrested You Clan in accordance with Jiang Wenqing’s request, and sent a new code to Qifeng Mansion, and imposed a curfew in Qifeng City.

Jiang Wenqing not only wanted to kill the You Clan, but also banned gambling. Once caught, he would be arrested and chopped off his hands quickly. Such severe punishment is really against the original intent of enlightenment. Duanmu wanted to contact Yang Jian to ask clearly, but he couldn’t get in touch. Hongluan took Wen Gu back to the hospital. She had a tragic end in exchange for her life. She didn’t know how long she could stay with Wen Gu.

Part of the You clan hid in the Wen Gu Medical Center and ran into Wen Gu and Hong Luan. Duanmu and Zhanyan saw Thunder God catching You Clan on the street, so they deliberately rescued two You Clan people, and learned that the You Clan’s hiding place was in Wengu Medical Center. The two went to the hospital to see Wen Gu who had been resurrected from the dead, but Wen Gu no longer knew them. Hongluan is also hostile to Duanmu, thinking that Duanmu killed Wen Gu in the first place.

Yang Jian happened to bring people to search, and he caught a glimpse of the figure inside. He asked his hands to search elsewhere. He said that he had already used his spiritual sense to search here. After Hongluan and Wen Gu let Duanmu and Zhanyan leave, she couldn’t stop crying. Wen Gu felt a little distressed. He was like a child now, with only Hongluan in his eyes. Yang Jian told Zhanyan and Duanmucui that the arrest of Youzu and the promulgation of the new code were all orders from the foster father.

Zhanyan and Duanmu began to guess whether Penglai’s envoy of heaven would be Jiang Wenqing. Hongluan and Wen Gu wanted to open the seal, but at this moment the Penglai fairy appeared and blocked the city gate, claiming that nothing was important to leave and open the seal. They had to go to Duanmu and Zhanyan for help, and Duanmu agreed.

That night, Duanmu and Zhanyan prepared a happy event team, Hong Luan and Wen Gu mixed among them, but before they were close to the city gate, they were stopped by Yang Jian who descended from the sky. Hongluan thought that Duanmucui betrayed him, but Yang Jian said that he was ordered by the envoy, and this matter has nothing to do with Duanmu.

Jiang Wenqing used divine power to open up a place to imprison the You clan, under the guise of enlightenment, to imprison the You clan like an animal. He learned that Wen Gu was still alive, and he wanted to kill Wen Gu. Jiang Wenqing’s supernatural power is strong, Hong Luan wants to protect Wen Gu, but there is nothing he can do.

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