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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 15 Recap

Yao Manqing was about to hang himself and was hit by Duanmucui. She saved Yao Manqing’s life. Yao Manqing explained that it was her father who forced her to lie and blame Zhanyan, and his father would not let her go out to meet outsiders. Yao Manqing already has his own heart, and the person she likes is Liu Xiangwan. Seeing this, Duanmucui took out the peony plant, Liu Xiangwan’s last trace of spiritual knowledge and Yao Manqing’s truth about the matter, the combination of the You and Human races is against the heavens.

Liu Xiangwan wanted to elope with Yao Manqing, but was killed by the people sent by the heavens. , There is only a ray of spiritual knowledge left. Yao Manqing decided to show her innocence, and then left with Liu Xiangwan. Uncle Yao Guo found her daughter dead and became crazy, always thinking that her daughter was still with him, and Zhan Yan had also come out of prison. Duanmucui felt that something must be wrong with Penglai when the human law was interfered.

Angrily, Duanmu threw the gavel to the shrine, but was almost overwhelmed by the force of the shrine. Yang Jian had already driven You Clan from Kaifeng in accordance with Jiang Wenqing’s request. He felt that doing so might arouse the You Clan’s dissatisfaction. Jiang Wenqing didn’t care, and gave Yang Jian a code to restrain the prisoner’s behavior. Duanmu cut off his white hair, and Zhanyan brought her soup. He saw the white hair on the table, but he didn’t ask much.

Zhan Yan knew that Duanmu must be hiding something from him after he lost his godhead. Jiang Wenqing couldn’t help laughing smugly when seeing Duanmucui’s appearance in the mortal world. After Yang Jian left, Jiang Wenqing suffered a migraine, and he hurriedly took out the sachet prepared for him by his wife. There were more and more white hair on Duanmu, and she couldn’t connect the talisman rope. She might not have much time.

Zhanyan couldn’t help asking if Duanmu had any discomfort recently. Duanmu didn’t tell the truth. At a moment when Zhanyan didn’t know, Duanmu wanted to sew clothes for him, and told Zhang Long to take the medicine prepared for Zhanyan. The wife learns to cook and cooks a table of dishes for Zhanyan. Duanmu sent a self-defense umbrella to Duanmu, which can be used to shelter from wind and rain. When encountering danger, it can turn good luck.

Zhanyan claimed that he had martial arts to defend himself against the enemy, but Duanmu insisted on giving it to him. As she spoke, she got up and taught him the spell, but her body became weaker and even her hair was white. The spell was exhausting her energy, and she was almost unsustainable. Zhanyan didn’t know what was wrong with her, Yang Jian appeared and said that his fate with Duanmu was over.

Earlier, Yang Jian discovered that Duanmu had white hair and his body became weaker, and he knew that Duanmu had lost his godhood. Duanmu still stubbornly refused to admit it, but Yang Jian understood that once he lost his godhead, Duanmu would definitely go through the five decays of the immortal, until his internal organs were exhausted and died. Yang Jian persuaded her to go back to Penglai with herself, but Duanmu insisted on staying with Zhanyan.

She begged Yang Jian not to tell Zhan Yan about the five decay of the immortal, Yang Jian agreed, and then injected some mana into the talisman rope. Yang Jian told Duanmu not to use magic power easily. Once she couldn’t even use the Universe Bag, it meant that she was running out of time. Later, Yang Jian told Zhanyan of Duanmu’s situation, and Zhanyan sat on Duanmu’s bed and cried.

Yang Jian said that if Duanmu’s godhead cannot be regained, no one can do anything. Zhan Yan asked Shangguan Ce and the others to help prepare for the marriage, but Duan Mucui was not hiding the matter. Zhanyan took Duanmu to the cloth house to pick up the wedding dress. The proprietress did not receive the money for the wedding dress, so she treated it as a gift for them to get married. That night, Zhanyan begged Duanmu for a kiss, and Duanmu agreed with one bite.

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