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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 14 Recap

Li Nianqing’s younger sister, Li Caixiu, had a quarrel with her brother-in-law, and she couldn’t think about it and cast the lake. When her brother-in-law came, she actually walked out of the lake by herself. Her personality was completely different from before, and she no longer tried to oppose marriage. Li Nianqing and his wife didn’t notice, there were traces of Youzu in her ear. Duan Mucui noticed that something was wrong with Li Caixiu and followed her into the tailor shop. Li Caixiu was busy choosing the suits, but did not pay attention to Duanmucui staring at her.

Duanmucui stepped forward, but Li Caixiu didn’t recognize her. Duanmu touched her hands and found that her hands were cold, different from ordinary people. After Li Caixiu left, the shop owner said that Li Caixiu seemed to be getting married. Duan Mucui knew that he was abnormal, and He Zhanyan came to Li Nianqing’s house and heard them say that Li Caixiu brought back an old man today and said that he wanted to marry him.

Li Nianqing and his wife took advantage of her to go out and drove the old man away. Li Wenxiu came back and cried. Duanmu and Zhanyan went to Li Nianqing’s house and used Zhang Wenfan’s pen to draw Li Wenxiu and tie her up. The bookworm parasitic on Li Wenxiu’s body has never hurt anyone. She just wanted to get married with Zhang Wenxiu but wished. Duan Mucui felt that she was very pitiful and decided to help her.

Later they found Zhang Wenfan, persuaded him to agree to marry Ji Sheng, and learned from Zhang Wenfan that an inexplicable envoy of heaven had come. Zhan Yan accompanied Duan Mucui out to buy things for the two people who were about to get married. They didn’t notice the woman staring at them in the corner, that is, Meihua Meihongluan. Mahogany is dead but not stiff. She seeks Wen Gu after she cultivates a human form, but Wen Gu is dead and Hong Luan only finds his dragon horn.

For the people of the dragon race, if the dragon’s horns are still there, the dragon’s breath will be there, and everything will be saved. That night, Zhang Wenfan and Ji Sheng got married, and the two were married and flew together. After Yuelao was demoted, Jiang Wenqing decided that all future marriages in the mortal world would be determined by him. Under the guise of co-ruling the immortals and the common world, he intervened in the mortal laws.

Although Yang Jian and others were dissatisfied, they still did not dare to disobey him. In Duanmucui’s view, mortals’ joys and sorrows come and go quickly, and Zhanyan said that this is the family. Duanmucui also wants to be Zhanyan’s family, but they need to find Yuelao to make a marriage. Zhan Yan immediately pulled Duanmu to Yuelao Temple, but found that Yuelao Temple had been in dust for a long time, and Duanmucui couldn’t call Yuelao. They also found a strange shrine, Duanmu always felt something was wrong.

Shangguan Ce was promoted to Fu Yin, and he planned to check the previous case. Zhanyan and Duanmu returned to the Kaifeng Mansion and found the shrine again. The strange thing was that the shrine could not be moved, and it seemed to have used the technique of locking the ground. Hong Luan performed the technique to resurrect Wen Gu, and Hong Luan was pleasantly surprised, but the resurrected Wen Gu lost his previous memories.

Duanmucui accompanied Zhanyan to live the lives of ordinary people. The two ate noodles on the street at night. The two had a deep relationship, and they didn’t seem embarrassed. If she hadn’t met Zhanyan, what would she be doing at this moment? Zhanyan mocked her mercilessly, saying that if she hadn’t met herself, she might be begging at this time. Duanmu refused to accept and counted what she knew. She confidently believed that she was an all-rounder. Zhanyan asked her to return to the Caolu to rest early, and he will go to the Caolu to look for her tomorrow morning.

Duanmu had no divine personality and supernatural power, and white hair appeared. She hurriedly pulled it out to avoid being seen by Zhanyan. Shangguan Ce hurriedly said that Zhanyan was framed and insulted Yao Manqing, Miss Yao Jia, and Zhanyan refused to marry Yao Manqing. According to the new law, both Yao Manqing and Zhanyan would die. Duanmu immediately went to see Zhanyan with Shangguance. Hearing what happened last night, Duanmu decided to go out to find out, and Zhanyan was innocent.

Yao Manqing seems to have another secret. She cried with a pot of peony, but the peony was taken away by Master Yao and left behind. Duanmu and Shangguance came out of the prison and saw the pot of peony. Duanmu used a charm to ask something out of the mouth of peony, but found nothing. Duanmu then went to Yao Manqing, and unexpectedly found that she was about to hang herself.

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