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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 20 Recap

The funding for the barbecue restaurant has been properly settled, and the renovation progress is being followed up. Qiu Dongna thinks Qiu Xiaoxia is too anxious and there is no need to hold the opening these days, but Qiu Xiaoxia wants to make it right before the anniversary of the extraordinary office, so that her daughter Participate in activities with peace of mind. Qiu Dongna suddenly realized Qiu Xiaoxia’s roses frozen in the refrigerator, so she took the initiative to ask her opinion about Wang Shicheng, and wanted to match her marriage with Wang Shicheng.

With the unremitting efforts of everyone, Wang Shicheng’s barbecue restaurant finally opened. Qiu Dongna and Gu Fei went to help, and invited many colleagues and friends to come to try and customers almost surrounded the door. After the shop closed, Qiu Dongna calculated today’s profit, and found that she made more than two thousand yuan, which was completely unexpected.

Taking advantage of everyone’s happiness, Qiu Dongna simply added more attention, looking forward to the establishment of a restaurant chain in the future, even when going out, there are three luxury cars to follow. Although Qiu Dongna is too exaggerated, she thinks that as long as she believes in miracles, her dreams may come true, so she deliberately put the charcoal symbol of money in the back kitchen and used a white lie to make Wang Shicheng and the others angry.

As the extraordinary firm celebrates its anniversary, Cheng Fanyang originally promised to accompany Bai Youxin on a trip to Japan, but he could not contact anyone at a critical moment. In fact, Baishichu shut down the machine deliberately. Bai Youxin didn’t know this, and he chose a good bottle of fine wine for Cheng Fanyang. Bai Shichu pretended to be filial in front of his father, but he was thinking about the next plan in his heart.

Cheng Fanyang was in a bad mood because he couldn’t get through Baiyou’s new mobile phone for a long time. Qiu Dongna was arranged to Li Chuning’s hotel room, so she brought a barbecue specially and took the opportunity to taunt her investment. That night, the extraordinary firm had a dinner in a suburban star hotel. Qiu Dongna did not prepare a dress. She looked out of place in a casual dress.

Gu Fei arranged a lottery, but he and Chen Jinfeng were drawn, and the two donated prizes to continue the draw. The luck actually fell directly on Qiu Dongna’s head. Qiu Dongna originally wanted to imitate them and give up the prizes, but as soon as the voice fell, the colleagues on the scene were shocked. After all, her behavior was equivalent to a hundred responses, and no one dared to receive the next prize.

Fortunately, at a critical moment, Gu Fei helped Qiu Dongna in time. He paid for another five mobile phones, followed by Chen Jinfeng and Cheng Fanyang. Although the embarrassment was resolved, Qiu Dongna was embarrassed to stay, and went straight back to the hotel room to talk to Qiu Xiaoxia, and it happened to be heard by Gu Fei next door.

Knowing Qiu Dongna’s thoughts, Gu Fei reminded her that she should strive for something she likes, although she may not get it, but if she gives up, there is no chance of success. At the same time, Cheng Fanyang was in a daze in the corridor, and Chen Jinfeng actively invited her to a nearby bar.

The next morning, Qiu Dongna hurriedly packed up her luggage and boarded the minibus, but her colleagues had already left early, as if they had negotiated in advance. Until Gu Fei appeared, Qiu Dongna felt a little comfort, but it was inevitable that she would be isolated. At this time, Qiu Dongna received a strange phone call, who claimed to be her father.

At first, Qiu Dongna dealt with it as a fraudulent call, but when she heard Yin Pingchuan’s name, she was stunned. Gu Fei noticed Qiu Dongna’s strangeness, and couldn’t help but care about inquiries. Qiu Dongna confessed the cause and effect and didn’t know how to face it. Yin Pingchuan knew that his daughter was back today, so he waited at the door of the office.

Facing the sudden visit of her biological father, Qiu Dongna was a little overwhelmed. Gu Fei took the initiative to help her break the deadlock and introduced herself to Yin Pingchuan first. Yin Pingchuan quickly took out two boxes of tea from the car and gave them to Gu Fei, as a thank you to the office for taking care of Qiu Dongna. Gu Fei refused Yin Pingchuan’s invitation to dinner, and found an excuse to take Qiu Dongna away, but Qiu Dongna still got in Yin Pingchuan’s car.

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