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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 18 Recap

Bai Youxin wanted to mediate the relationship between his wife and son, so he took the initiative to fly to Chengdu to find Cheng Fanyang to make peace. He didn’t know that his behavior had hurt Cheng Fanyang. Just as Cheng Fanyang made a breakthrough in telling everyone to leave work on time, he seemed calm on the surface, but before leaving the office, he deliberately spread his hair and rubbed lipstick.

Originally thinking that the couple would spend the night in Chengdu to ease their conflicts, Bai Youxin once again tactfully refused, even asking her to let her work as much as possible and go home more with Bai Shichu. Cheng Fanyang knew Bai Youxin’s true intentions, and her face instantly became cold. She couldn’t accept Bai Youxin to please others for herself, so she left the hotel directly.

Today, Qiu Dongna is still working in Chengdu and could not get in touch with Qiu Xiaoxia in time. Little did she know that at this time Qiu Xiaoxia had discussed renting a shop with Wang Shicheng and others, and met the landlord through the agent Xiaoge. Qiu Xiaoxia wanted to lower the shop rent with one hundred thousand. In the end, the two parties settled the price of one hundred and twenty thousand, but the landlord asked to pay six and one and one hundred and eighty thousand on the spot.

Wang Shicheng was suspicious of the landlord. However, Qiu Xiaoxia was greedy for a cheap store, so she used the set of Jianghu Yiqi and prepaid a large amount of unprovoked rent. However, in the evening, Wang Shicheng brought Lei Li and Fat Ding over to hand over the store as agreed. As a result, he did not see the landlord to show up, and he didn’t even have the contact information of the other party.

After receiving the call, Qiu Xiaoxia immediately followed Wang Shicheng to the intermediary to find Xiao Ge, but was told that Xiao Ge had already resigned, and even the contract had problems. It was the key to renting out the store privately after Xiao Ge’s resignation. Cheated Wang Shicheng’s 180,000 yuan. In the next few days, Qiu Dongna finished her work and was about to return to Shanghai from Chengdu. Qiu Xiaoxia took the initiative to pick up her daughter at the airport, and she actually saw Cheng Fanyang.

Although the two had a relationship on several occasions, they still didn’t say clearly. On the contrary, Cheng Fanyang was a little embarrassed because of the relationship between Qiu Dongna and Qiu Xiaoxia. However, considering that Qiu Xiaoxia had enlightened her kindness, Qiu Dongna was allowed to take Qiu Xiaoxia with him when she participated in the company’s team building.

On the way back, Qiu Xiaoxia took the initiative to confess the truth to her daughter, so angry that Qiu Dongna couldn’t help but complain about her problems in the car. But after calming down, Qiu Dongna still has to find a solution. The only possibility at present is to find someone to borrow money to fill Wang Shicheng’s hole.

Qiu Xiaoxia refused when she heard the words, and she kept silent on the tuition questions in the previous years, until Qiu Dongna kept asking her, simply explaining the cause and effect. It turned out that when Qiu Xiaoxia was seven months pregnant, she found out that her husband Yin Pingchuan had an adulterous relationship with her girlfriend Yuan Hong, so she decided to divorce her and lied to her daughter that her father had died.

Hearing what her mother said, Qiu Dongna remembered the strange man she saw when she was five years old. Although her impression was vague, she didn’t know that he was her biological father Yin Pingchuan until today. Since Qiu Dongna was unable to return the money to Wang Shicheng immediately, she wanted Gu Fei’s help but couldn’t speak up. She simply took advantage of the evening to investigate and draft a business plan, and then Wang Shicheng and Qiu Xiaoxia were brought in to discuss and find someone to raise money. Split shares.

Wang Shicheng had no knowledge of the plan, and Qiu Xiaoxia trusted her daughter, so the two entrusted Qiu Dongna to accept it. In the end, Qiu Dongna posted a link to the crowdfunding shop in the circle of friends, calling almost all the contacts in the circle of friends, and by the way set the crowdfunding target as two hundred thousand yuan.

Gu Fei accidentally learned of this from Brother Dong, so he immediately called Wang Shicheng to find out the situation. Wang Shicheng thought he was caring about money, and repeatedly promised that he would definitely return the capital with profit, but he didn’t know that Gu Fei’s real intention was to help them through their sadness.

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