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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 35 Recap

Gu Chuan signed the consent form. Under Haruko’s operation, Gu Chuan lay back in the charging room, and voiced Gu Chuan to lift the safety mode. Jiang Xiaoning walked out of the examination room and saw Gu Chuan. Jiang Xiaoning passed the exam very smoothly. Seeing Gu Chuan’s smile, Jiang Xiaoning was very happy. The two took their grandmother and aunt to the ancestral house. When they saw the familiar road, the grandmother was very happy. Everyone came to the ancestral house. Aunt was very pleased with Xiao Ning’s growth. Grandma excitedly took her aunt to visit, but she fainted in her aunt’s arms. When everyone came to the hospital, Jiang Xiaoning shed tears in a hurry. Gu Chuan hugged Jiang Xiaoning tightly and gave encouragement.

Tang Zhengcheng looked at the documents on the table. Those were all the evidence he had left in order to help Xu Guoxiang. Tang Zhengzhong hesitated to dial Jiang Xiaoning’s phone, but he hung up quickly, but Jiang Xiaoning called back. Tang Zhengcheng knew that Jiang Xiaoning’s grandmother was hospitalized. Grandma was finally out of danger. Tang Zhengcheng came to visit grandma with a gift. Aunt was very upset. When grandma saw that Tang Zhengcheng had mistakenly identified her as his son Jiang Guangda, Tang Zhengcheng followed the words of his grandma and continued.

Who knows that grandma mentioned it During the misunderstanding of corruption that year, Tang Zhengcheng lowered himself guiltily and listened to his grandma silently. Grandma never believed that his son Jiang Guangda would commit corruption, so she talked to Tang Zhengcheng about his thoughts. Tang Zhengcheng and his aunt’s eyes were red. Then, grandma embraced Tang Zhengcheng excitedly, and the aunt came to calm her grandma’s emotions and asked Jiang Xiaoning to take Tang Zhengcheng away.

After walking out of the ward, Jiang Xiaoning asked about Tang Zhengcheng’s intention to call. Tang Zhengcheng hurriedly fooled around and left. Jiang Xiaoning wants to speed up the restoration of the ancestral house and let her grandma live back to her hometown. With Gu Chuan’s help, the project was much faster, and the two worked together to write and plan together day and night. Jiang Xiaoning wanted to restore the burnt-down furniture and bring it back to his ancestral house to make his home more emotional. Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning’s hand and fully supported it.

After going through the hospital, Tang Zhengcheng often thought alone, and finally made a decision to invite Jiang Xiaoning to the house. In the presence of Jiang Xiaoning, Tang Zhengcheng took out the folder. Tang Zhengcheng took the initiative to mention the things that happened in the past, and said that Jiang Guangda was wronged. When there was a problem with the accounts that year, Tang Zhengzhong had to conceal his partners. Xu Guoxiang, as his immediate boss, guided Tang Zhengzhong to embezzle public funds.

As the project manager, Jiang Guangda must not be able to hide things from him, and Xu Guoxiang hinted to Assistant Liu to handle the matter. When the car accident happened, Xu Guoxiang pushed everything to Jiang Guangda. After learning the truth, Jiang Xiaoning was full of disbelief. After Xu Guoxiang handed all the evidence to Jiang Xiaoning, Jiang Xiaoning believed that all these things came from Xu Guoxiang’s hands. Not only the Jiang family was victimized, but even Gu Chuan was implicated. Xu Guoxiang was so guilty that he even knelt in front of Jiang Xiaoning and asked Jiang Xiaoning to forgive…

Jiang Xiaoning quickly came to Gu Chuan’s house and handed all the evidence to Gu Chuan’s hands. The guilty Jiang Xiaoning apologized to Gu Chuan. At this moment, Jiang Xiaoning was at a loss. Gu Chuan distressedly placed Jiang Xiaoning on the bed, and he began to sort out those things. Criminal evidence. When Jiang Xiaoning woke up, Gu Chuan had already sorted out all the evidence. Gu Chuan also called Xu Chengran, hoping to let Xu Chengran know the truth before calling the police.

After reading the data in Gu Chuan’s computer, Xu Chengran was shocked and couldn’t close his mouth. He never thought that his father was the culprit, Xu Chengran. His tone was full of guilt. Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan resolutely called the police. Xu Chengran could not stop them, but they still asked Gu Chuan and others to give themselves some time to persuade their father to surrender.

Xu Chengran came to Xu’s house and saw Xu Guoxiang’s back. Xu Chengran directly asked Xu Guoxiang about the truth behind it, including corruption and car accidents. Xu Chengran accused Xu Guoxiang of all his faults, but Xu Guoxiang justified himself by raising his family. Seeing his father’s unrepentant appearance, Xu Chengran already had a decision in his heart.

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