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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 34 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning learned from Haruko that Gu Chuan’s heart has now reached a safe mode. Gu Chuan can’t feel the joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, and only one year is left. Jiang Xiaoning bid farewell to Haruko helplessly, and couldn’t help coming to the river alone to soothe his emotions. Gu Chuan sent a message to ask about her grandma’s medical examination, which broke Jiang Xiaoning’s last line of defense, and Jiang Xiaoning burst into tears.

Tang Xu and Tang Zhengcheng ate together. Tang Xu asked Tang Zhengcheng how it felt to take other people’s money. Tang Zhengcheng felt that his son was probing himself, but he still told his true feelings. Tang Xu thought it was an irrelevant thing. Tang Zhengcheng sensed that Tang Xu was hiding a secret. Although Tang Xu denied it, Tang Zhengcheng prepared to find out by himself. Tang Zhengcheng came to Xu Guoxiang’s company, Xu Guoxiang smiled, but Tang Zhengcheng asked Xu Guoxiang about the promise he made between the two ten years ago, how Xu Guoxiang treated Tang Xu and how Tang Xu was wronged, Tang Zhengcheng’s heart was clear.

Chu. Hearing Tang Zhengcheng’s words, Xu Guoxiang’s smile disappeared quickly. Back then, Xu Guoxiang let Tang Zhengzhong take the blame, and Xu Guoxiang took care of his wife and children. Hearing Tang Zhengcheng mentioning the past, Xu Guoxiang took out the record of Tang Xu’s transfer of money. Tang Zhengcheng realized that his son was being used by others. Seeing that Tang Zhengcheng’s emotions were out of control, Assistant Liu forced him out of the company…

As soon as Jiang Xiaoning arrived at Gu Chuan’s house, he hugged Gu Chuan tightly. Gu Chuan made a table of dishes for Jiang Xiaoning. Seeing Gu Chuan’s expressionless face in front of him, Jiang Xiaoning’s heart was full of distress. Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning to the bookstore where the two met. Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning to recreate the appearance of the encounter.

Jiang Xiaoning’s eyes couldn’t help but flush. Of course, Gu Chuan also knew Jiang Xiaoning’s thoughts, but his heart rate was not rising Remind yourself that the feeling of such a heartbeat may no longer be there. Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning to reproduce the memories of the year over and over again, trying to lift the security mode, but Jiang Xiaoning was unwilling to watch Gu Chuan try this way. It turned out that Jiang Xiaoning had already met Haruko…

Tang Zhengcheng called Tang Xu back and asked why Tang Xu had embezzled public funds, but Tang Xu said that the money was laundered by Xu Guoxiang in the name of Tang Xu to open a company. Tang Zhengcheng bluntly said that everything is retribution. On the other hand, Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan confessed that Gu Chuan could not bear the fact that he could not continue to love Jiang Xiaoning. Jiang Xiaoning wanted to encourage Gu Chuan to continue for a while, and perhaps new hope would emerge.

The press conference held by Xu Chengran started as scheduled, with Xu Guoxiang and Zhao Yan sitting in the audience. Xu Chengran announced the charity plan he prepared in front of everyone. The directors in the audience heard a little panic. Xu Chengran said that he wanted to donate 4% of the group for charity, but the directors remembered what Xu Chengran had promised. The figure was 0.5%. Xu Guoxiang reminded Xu Chengran that he had made a slip of the tongue, but Xu Chengran had a firm face and insisted on 5%.

Jiang Xiaoning and Cheng Dong were patrolling the construction site, and suddenly they flew down two steel pipes at high altitude. Jiang Xiaoning pushed Cheng Dong away and was hit by the steel pipe. Gu Chuan hurried to the hospital. Seeing Jiang Xiaoning’s injury, Gu Chuan couldn’t feel distressed at all. Gu Chuan couldn’t bear to look like a vegetative, so he called Haruko to ask how to exit the safe mode. Haruko said that Gu Chuan could choose to restore the settings, but this only had a one-month life span. Although he took a huge risk, Gu Chuan decided to follow suit.

Xu Chengran’s decision really angered the sensible. Xu Chengran threw out the company’s previous year’s charity accounts, all of which were false accounts. If the directors agreed, Xu Chengran would continue to serve. If there are objections, Xu Chengran He left immediately. Standing outside the door, Zhao Yan looked at Xu Chengran’s very willful appearance and felt very handsome.

Gu Chuan gave Jiang Xiaoning a review as usual. When thinking about the graduation exam, Jiang Xiaoning’s heart began to become nervous. Gu Chuan began to comfort Jiang Xiaoning and answered with a wish in exchange. Jiang Xiaoning was instantly motivated, and Gu Chuan asked Jiang Xiaoning to stay at his home so that he could send it to the examination room tomorrow.

The next day, Jiang Xiaoning woke up, Gu Chuan had prepared a hearty breakfast, Jiang Xiaoning had a good meal, and then Gu Chuan personally sent Jiang Xiaoning to the examination room and watched Jiang Xiaoning leave. The phone rang suddenly and Gu Chuan and Haruko came to the charging room. Haruko couldn’t help but continue to persuade, but was interrupted by Gu Chuan. Gu Chuan insisted on returning to the normal mode.

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