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Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard 乌鸦小姐与蜥蜴先生 Episode 33 Recap

Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan repaired the ancestral house together. Xu Chengran came and told Gu Chuan about the current situation of the company. Su Manlin came back to help. Gu Chuan had to look at the next plan. Gu Chuan promised to return after finishing the work at hand. the company. Xu Chengran brought the will that Jiang Xiaoning had signed before to Gu Chuan. Jiang Xiaoning realized what Gu Chuan meant, so he couldn’t help complaining about Gu Chuan’s thoughts. He only hoped to go into the future with Gu Chuan.

Gu Chuan finally returned to the company, and the atmosphere of the company became elevated. Su Manlin greeted Gu Chuan calmly, and the two continued to work together to modify the plan. Su Manlin is very grateful for the opportunity to make up for what she has done. About to leave abroad, Jiang Xiaoning and Su Manlin have an appointment together. Su Manlin recalled the silly things she had done and regretted it. Jiang Xiaoning blessed Su Manlin to find her true love.

Su Manlin felt Jiang Xiaoning’s sincerity. Perhaps she began to understand why Gu Chuan liked Jiang Xiaoning. . Su Manlin has become a lot more suddenly now. Before leaving, Su Manlin raised her glass to sincerely wish Jiang Xiaoning and Gu Chuan a bright future.

Gu Chuan and his colleagues held a celebratory party. Gu Chuan felt a little discomfort in his heart, but he insisted until Jiang Xiaoning arrived. Everyone toasted. Gu Chuan insisted on picking up wine glasses and toasting to everyone. Gu Chuan took Jiang Xiaoning away after drinking, ready to help him make up lessons. Colleagues were fed instantly by this bite of dog food. Mengjia said sourly that she already knew about the relationship between the two, but Wang Kai’s secretive behavior made Mengjia very dissatisfied. Under Mengjia’s pressure, Wang Kai finally confessed loudly.

With Jiang Xiaoning’s insistence, Gu Chuan agreed to abolish the signature of the will. After that, Gu Chuan tried his best to help Jiang Xiaoning review. On the other hand, Tang Xu called back the manager he was cooperating with at the time. Tang Xu told the manager to help him cash out the money transferred from Xu Guoxiang. The manager was a little worried, but Tang Xu promised to share it, and he had Xu Guoxiang’s handle. This thing would definitely happen. .

The next day, Xu Guoxiang asked about the whereabouts of Tang Xu’s transfer. Tang Xu explained that he was only more careful. When Tang Xu left, Assistant Liu and Xu Guoxiang couldn’t help but doubt Tang Xu’s recent actions. Xu Guoxiang arranged for Assistant Liu to go and watch Tang Xu closely.

Zhao Yan came to Xu Chengran’s office. Now, Zhao Yan saw what happened to Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning. She felt that she should cherish every day with Xu Chengran. Zhao Yan finally promised to make her relationship with Xu Chengran public. Xu Chengran was overjoyed and stood in front of her. In the face of the entire company, holding Zhao Yan’s hand and leaving.

Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning bought the bouquet together. Looking at Gu Chuan’s back, Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help thinking about the future of the two. The two people’s hearts had never been so close, but they had to keep a distance at all times. Thinking of this, Jiang Xiaoning couldn’t help but look in a trance.

The manager helped Tang Xu divide the money. The manager felt that he would leave for a while, but Tang Xu felt that he was upright and there was no need to hide. In the dim bar, Assistant Liu hid in a corner and looked at the two.

The way Jiang Xiaoning was very active in helping Gu Chuan clean up made Gu Chuan a little surprised. Who knew the next second, Gu Chuan’s heart problem occurred again. Jiang Xiaoning felt as if he was helping Gu Chuan to go to the charging room, but Gu Chuan’s charging was interrupted all the time. Jiang Xiaoning watched the heart rate display on Gu Chuan’s watch stay at zero. Jiang Xiaoning shed tears in a hurry, his heart rate stayed for a while, and then suddenly Instead, Gu Chuan opened his eyes abruptly, and Jiang Xiaoning wiped away the tears. Gu Chuan recalled that the doctor had said to himself that if the heart was overloaded, it would automatically switch to safe mode. This was equivalent to reminding Gu Chuan that life was running out.

Tang Xu saw Xu Guoxiang, and after Assistant Liu’s report, Xu Guoxiang accountable to Tang Xu. Tang Xu felt that he should get the money, but Xu Guoxiang viciously warned Tang Xu to spit out the money, otherwise he would not let Tang Xu and Tang Zhengcheng go. . Tang Xu said that he had Xu Guoxiang’s handle, but Xu Guoxiang didn’t care at all. He just ordered Tang Xu to spit out the money within three days.

Jiang Xiaoning tried to contact the doctor’s assistant, Ms. Haruko, and got Haruko’s contact information the next day. He learned that Haruko was on a business trip in Shanghai. Jiang Xiaoning hurried to meet, pretending to take her grandma to check her body to cheat her to ask for leave. When Jiang Xiaoning and Haruko met, Jiang Xiaoning asked Gu Chuan to change his heart, but Haruko bluntly said that Gu Chuan has used a mechanical heart for ten years now. If he changes his heart rashly, the survival rate is extremely low.

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