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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 15 Recap

Guan Qianya was very surprised when she saw Xu Nian who suddenly appeared in front of her. Xu Nian said that she missed her too much and couldn’t help but come to look for her. Guan Qianya saw that Xu Nian was soaked in her body, so she took the company’s t-shirt. He changed it. After Xu Nian finished changing his clothes, Guan Qianya took him in his car, preparing to take him to dinner. In the car, Xu Nian said that she felt the existence of rain for the first time today.

Guan Qianya said the world. There are more things that Xu Nian should experience on the site. Guan Qianya asked Xu Nian if he was not afraid of the outside world. Xu Nian was actually a little scared, but he wanted to see Guan Qianya more than he was afraid. Guan Qianya and Xu Nian ate in an outside restaurant for the first time, but the waiter saw the scene of the two dating. After the two had eaten, Guan Qianya persuaded Xu Nian to live in the real world.

Guan Qianya sent Xu Nian to the secret road exit and said that she would not go to the secret garden to find Xu Nian again, but she would be in the office every night. After Xu Nian, if Xu Nian missed her, he would come to see herself. The two agreed to meet again tomorrow night.

Jiang Coke put on her glasses and called out the virtual Lu Xiao. She talked about the contradiction between herself and the real Lu Xiao. After listening to Jiang Coke’s narration, the virtual Lu Xiao said that Jiang Coke was doing the right thing and should not give up because of a setback. Jiang Kele thought for a while and decided to persuade Lu Xiao again. The virtual Lu Xiao also said that if she was wronged by the real Lu Xiao, she would come to him to vent her anger.

Early the next morning, Jiang Coke took his mother’s birthday cake and went to find Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao was a little puzzled, and asked why it was his birthday instead of the anniversary of death. Jiang Coke said that she and her father felt too sad to celebrate the death. So I chose Jiang Coke’s mother’s birthday.

The reason Jiang Coke wanted to persuade Lu Xiao to see Auntie Grace was because her mother also died of illness. She didn’t want Lu Xiao to leave regrets. Lu Xiao thanked Jiang Coke for doing it for him. Everything, but he hoped that Jiang Coke would not tell others about Aunt Elegant’s illness and hospitalization, and let him decide on other things, and Jiang Coke agreed.

Qi Chuan was very angry about Guan Qianya and Xu Nian, and wrote a song with a video of Xu Nian dancing with Guan Qianya. He planned to play Xu Nian by himself. The assistant was worried that there would be legal issues, but Qi Chuan was very disdainful. While talking bad about Xu Guanghan, Xu Guanghan and Lei Na suddenly came to see the concert venue and learned that Qi Chuan was going to host a world tour, so they ridiculed him, saying that this was Qi Chuan’s farewell concert and that Qi Chuan had left his company. After that, there were no new songs.

How could she afford a concert? She deliberately asked Reina to sell Qi Chuan’s previous songs to Qi Chuan at ten times the market price. Qi Chuan was not to be outdone and lied to Xu Guanghan to sing it. Tickets for the meeting are all sold out.

At night, Guan Qianya was still working overtime in the office and waiting for Xu Nian to come out. Unexpectedly, the secret garden suddenly went out of power. Lu Xiao put on Jiang Coke’s helmet and ran out of the secret garden. At that time, I just met Jiang Coke who had just bought a new electric car. Jiang Coke drove on Lu Xiao and ran away.

She guessed that Xu Guanghan should have known about the power outage in the Secret Garden, so she sent Lu Xiao back. Here Xu Guanghan returned to the secret garden. The electricity in the secret garden had been restored. He immediately wanted to see who ran away. He asked Xu Nian to call Luo Ke and Su Lie, and to call Lu Xiao himself. Xu Guanghan opened the door, and Lu Xiao sat right in the room.

The four gathered in front of Xu Guanghan. Xu Guanghan asked Xu Nian who had run out. Xu Nian just came across Lu Xiao who came back from the secret road, but he still wanted to Lu Xiao lied. When Xu Guanghan asked Reina to search for the helmet, Jiang Coke came back carrying the helmet and said that he had just ran out to buy candles. Xu Guanghan asked Jiang Coke why he ignored the security guards.

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