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Love Crossed 完美的他 Episode 14 Recap

Guan Qianya saw that Xu Nian was really tempted by herself, so she wanted to take Xu Nian away and take him to the real world. The two walked to the secret road exit, but Xu Nian hesitated. He felt that this incident was too sudden and he was afraid. After I went out, I couldn’t do anything and couldn’t adapt to anything.

Guan Qianya encouraged Xu Nian and convinced Xu Nian to trust her, but Xu Nian still had difficulty making up her mind. Let Guan Qianya give herself some more time, and then turned around. Back to the secret garden. After Xu Nian left, Jiang Coke also came out dejectedly. She wanted to take Lu Xiao to see Auntie Grace, but Lu Xiao drove her out.

After Jiang Coke left, Lu Xiao looked at his photos in a daze. That day, he ran to look for Aunt Elegant while the secret garden was out of power. He glanced at Aunt Elegant from a distance. He didn’t come forward to bother him. After reading it, he planned to leave. As soon as he left, he was blocked by the security of the secret garden.

Xu Nian remembered how Lu Xiao was punished by Xu Guanghan after sneaking out, and Xu Guanghan trusted him so much that he wanted him to take the lead. He also said that if someone sneaked away next time, Xu Nian would also be punished. Xu Nian hesitated for a long time, and remembered Guan Qianya’s encouragement to him last night. He still mustered up the courage to leave the secret garden from the secret road and went to the outside world. Xu Nian was very curious about the outside world. He passed by a flower seller.

The good-hearted grandmother also gave Xu Nian a flower. After the grandmother closed the stall, it suddenly rained. Xu Nian, who has been living in the secret garden, felt the existence of rain for the first time. He did not hide from the rain, but In the rain, Xu Nian went to Guan Qianya with a flower in the evening, and Guan Qianya was stunned when she saw Xu Nian who suddenly appeared.

Jiang Kele and Guan Qianya started to reflect on themselves after their failure last night. Jiang Kele felt that they were too virgin last night. They shouldn’t be nosy. Guan Qianya and Guan Qianya were ready to go to work after breakfast, but Jiang Kele said that she had asked for leave. Now Guan Qianya remembered that today is the birthday of Jiang Kele’s mother, and Jiang Kele’s father, who has not been home for a long time, will also go home and pay homage.

Jiang Coke hadn’t seen his father for a long time. He was very excited to see his father coming back. Jiang Coke’s father brought a lot of gifts to Jiang Coke and prepared a set of jewelry for Jiang Coke. But Jiang Coke found out that his father was cheated. Jiang Coke told his father later. Stop buying things for yourself, buy more things for yourself.

Jiang Coke and his father took a hot air balloon to pay homage to Jiang Coke’s mother as usual. Because Jiang Coke’s father told Jiang Coke that the sky is the closest place to his mother. If they have anything they want to say, they write them on paper and fold them into pieces. Throw the paper airplane out so that Jiang Coke’s mother can see it.

Manager Cui found Guan Qianya, and reported the company’s situation to Guan Qianya, saying that the company was really going to be unable to survive. If Guan Qianya really had any shocking news, please explode it quickly. Guan Qianya went to Mr. Zhang to sell the company. Mr. Zhang gave Guan Qianya a check, but he asked Guan Qianya to leave the company.

Mr. Guan asked Mr. Zhang to give himself some more time, but Mr. Zhang said that Mr. Guan Qianya was not a qualified manager. A qualified manager should put the company’s interests first. He believes that the company’s current situation is completely caused by Guan Qianya, but was founded by Guan Qianya, and she has spent a lot of effort on the company. , She can’t directly take the money and leave.

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