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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 36 Recap

Li Junjie, dressed as a doctor, went to the underground garage alone and was found by Calais. Calais was ready, but the police arrived and Calais took the opportunity to escape. Lin Jing reported to Uncle Qin that Maya might be holding the chip and asked for leave.

Amanda increased the manpower to protect Mou Chuan. Agu apologized to Ruan Taiyuan, saying that he was found by Li Junjie when he went to the hospital, which led to the failure of the abduction of Mou Chuan. Calais couldn’t understand that Ruan Taiyuan kept him from moving Zhou Zixuan because her father was Mou Chuan, and he also refused to move Shi Yunhao, because he had Ma Qiming behind him, and he refused to move Li Junjie, saying that he could lead out his father Li Guoxin. Calais thought it was completely tied up.

Ruan Taiyuan said that there was a Tony who was a young man at the time, in order to help him cause himself to be wanted. Ruan Taiyuan said that there is one last card, which is to inform the captain that he is going to see Ma Qiming. Only in this way can we negotiate.

Li Junjie returned to Mo Shi to copy, Chen Jingwen said that she had entered the technical team, Li Junjie encouraged her to work hard. Zhou Zixuan looked very worried, because she found that Shi Yunhao was injured in Rao, and the monitor in the elevator captured this video. Li Junjie had no scruples, and directly confronted Shi Yunhao, asking him if he was injured by Hassan. Shi Yunhao didn’t admit it, saying that he went to Rao to protect Zhou Zixuan, and that he was injured because of a dispute with the people in the bar.

Zhou Zixuan couldn’t understand why Shi Yunhao concealed it, and Li Junjie made her believe in Shi Yunhao. Li Junjie was worried that Shi Yunhao could not hold it alone, and persuaded him to ask the three of them to act together. Li Junjie guessed that Shi Yunhao should get the chip, and the chip was given to Maya the first time. Shi Yunhao was overwhelmed by this incident.

Li Junjie first went to Maya, Zhou Zixuan arranged for Mo Shi’s people to support Li Junjie. Shi Yunhao rushed to Maya’s house and called her to ask her if there was any progress in the chip. Maya replied that she had found some content. Suddenly, Maya felt that something was happening at home. She went upstairs to check, but she didn’t expect to meet Hassan. Hassan wants to kill Maya, because everyone who gets the chip must die. Li Junjie arrived in time and fought Hassan. Hassan also said that he stabbed Maya. Fortunately, Shi Yunhao also arrived and took Maya to the hospital.

Shi Yunhao’s actions made Li Junjie feel that he had something to hide from himself. Shi Yunhao returned home and asked Ma Qiming to tell him the truth. He knew that Mu Chuan and him had known each other a long time ago. Ma Qiming asked him to surrender the controller and stay away from this matter.

Shi Yunhao asked Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan to drink, and wanted to tell them the truth. He didn’t expect someone to follow Shi Yunhao. Shi Yunhao was upset because Ma Qiming was involved in this matter. Ma Qiming looked at the photos of Shi Yunhao when he was a child, and Uncle Qin told him not to think too much. Ruan Taiyuan asked the person who followed Shi Yunhao to withdraw, and she was going to see Ma Qiming.

Ruan Taiyuan negotiated with Ma Qiming and believed that he had no fear of commercial success throughout his life, but perhaps his only weakness was Shi Yunhao. Li Junjie and Zhou Zixuan rendezvous with Shi Yunhao. Shi Yunhao kept drinking alcohol to paralyze himself. He asked them to come out because he wanted to tell them all about the things that had been holding back for a long time.

Shi Yunhao knew that everyone was suspicious of himself. He confessed that he was from Mou Chuan because he wanted to return Li Junjie’s innocence and also wanted to protect Zhou Zixuan. He questioned himself, thought he was incompetent, and almost killed Maya. He confessed that the funder of vx3 is Ma Qiming, and he will do his best to help them find the truth, no matter how they look at him in the future.

Ruan Taiyuan expressed that he wanted what he wanted, and Ma Qiming was not worried. No one could threaten him. Calais asked Ruan Taiyuan if he really wanted to attack Shi Yunhao. Ruan Taiyuan said that he was just scaring him, unless Ma Qiming got vx3, he would really go to war with him. Ma Qiming didn’t know how to have a good father-son relationship with Shi Yunhao.

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