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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 34 Recap

When Shi Yunhao saw Li Junjie and asked him the reason, he knew that he came to Sizhang Island for Mou Chuan. Li Junjie joked, saying that although he came, he is now detained in area b and not with Mu Chuan. Shi Yunhao also wanted to come in to help Li Junjie, worried that he would be unsafe in prison. Li Junjie deliberately assaulted Shi Yunhao and was re-detained by the police in Area A, so he could be with Mu Chuan.

Lin Jing came to Shi Yunhao’s office and deliberately inquired about Zhou Zixuan’s whereabouts. Shi Yunhao was upset and reminded her not to worry about anything. Zhou Zixuan came to Rao alone and contacted Mark.

Someone specifically took Li Junjie away from Mu Chuan, just to deal with him, reminding his master to have a limit of patience. Zhou Zixuan asked Mark to hand over the chip backup to herself, which would also help Meng Liang fulfill his wish and free Mark from danger. Mark said that there is something to do today, let her wait for news tomorrow.

The prison police opened the doors of various districts, and those people had already done a good job against Mu Chuan. Li Junjie couldn’t bear it and attacked the prison police to help Mou Chuan. But when Li Junjie came to the scene, Mou Chuan had already been shot several times, and several others were shot dead by the police who rushed to the scene. Amanda also came to the scene and hurriedly called for an ambulance.

Mark was drunk alone and saw Hassan, thinking she was today’s buyer, and asked her to take cash. Hassan gave him a look, Mark was terrified, and he took out the gun but found that there was no magazine. Hassan killed Mark.

Mou Chuan entered the hospital and was dying. Amanda asked him to tell who was behind the scenes. Mou Chuan said it was not that simple, and asked about Li Junjie’s situation. Amanda had to let Li Junjie come to see him.

When Shi Yunhao found information about Zhou Zixuan’s stay in Rao, he didn’t expect Lin Jing to peek at his itinerary and tell the matter a long time ago. Shi Yunhao rushed to the Mark Club and found that he was dead. He also saw Hassan and chased him. When Shi Yunhao asked Hassan to hand over the chip to himself, the two had a fight, and Shi Yunhao grabbed the chip and was slightly injured.

Zhou Zixuan rushed to the Mark Hotel and found that Mark had been killed. She hurriedly asked Chen Jingwen. Chen Jingwen said that she told Shi Yunhao because he was too fierce. Zhou Zixuan doubted Shi Yunhao, because he was the only one who knew he was going to Rao. Zhou Zixuan called Shi Yunhao. Shi Yunhao did not tell the truth, saying that he went to Rao to protect her, and told the news of Li Junjie’s injury, which distracted Zhou Zixuan.

Amanda told Li Junjie not to act rashly in the future, and she would send someone to protect Mou Chuan. Agu saw Amanda leaving the hospital and let Calais and Nguyen Taiyuan into the hospital. Ruan Taiyuan went directly to Mu Chuan’s ward. Mu Chuan said that no matter how Ruan Taiyuan dealt with him today, he would not be surprised. Ruan Taiyuan asked Mu Chuan to tell the whereabouts of vx3, but Mu Chuan was stubborn and didn’t say it. Ma Qiming also came to the hospital, Calais hurriedly informed, but Ruan Taiyuan did not want to leave.

Zhou Zixuan was on her way to the hospital. She was dissatisfied that Amanda didn’t tell herself immediately that she thought the relationship between the two was mutual. Ruan Taiyuan, Mu Chuan, and Ma Qiming were reunited in the hospital and drank small wines with interest. Ruan Taiyuan said that he would kill both of them. Both Ma Qiming and Ruan Taiyuan wanted to get vx3, and threatened Mou Chuan at the same time, asking him to hand it over to save him.

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