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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 15 Recap

Soon after, Zhang Guotao and his wife were rescued from prison. Bao Huiseng is about to leave Shanghai. Mao Zedong is not in good health recently, because he is too busy to work, but the organization has approved his application to take Yang Kaihui over. Guangzhou. Zhou Fohai came to see Dai Jitao and waited a long time before seeing him. Dai Jitao once wrote to him asking him to be the secretary of the Central Propaganda Department, but the Whampoa Military Academy is about to open, and Zhou Fohai is on the list of talents in the Communist Party.

However, where to go depends on what Zhou Fohai meant. Dai Jitao said that as a secretary, you can earn 200 yuan a month, which is far lower than that at the Huangpu Military Academy. Dai Jitao asked Bao Huiseng about his inexplicable temper. Zhou Fohai said that he is still serious in doing things. Dai Jitao did not approve of the CCP’s cooperation, and was somewhat hostile to the CCP. Zhou Fohai quickly stated that the article he wrote was purely to earn manuscript fees. In the past two years in Japan, Zhou Fohai’s life was very difficult and he needed this position very much. Dai Jitao advised him to make less political remarks in the future.

After Wang Jinmei came back, he hurriedly started a meeting. During the period, he kept coughing. The ultimate goal of the KMT and the Communist Party was different, but at least it was the same at this stage. Guangzhou. Zhou Fohai came home drunk, and Yang Shuhui hurriedly helped him in. In the past, although their life in Japan was a bit harder, the family of three could always be together. Although Zhou Fohai can make a lot of money now, he still drinks outside every day.

Zhou Fohai knew that Yang Shuhui had always wanted to go back to Shanghai, and now he has a good future and is naturally happy. Yang Shuhui worried that Dai Jitao clearly opposed the Communist Party and let Zhou Fohai have an idea. Zhou Fohai knew that the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party would split sooner or later, so he decided to withdraw from the Communist Party.

Dong Biwu came to Chen Tanqiu and brought two good news. Chen Tanqiu often stayed up late to write an article. This article is to expose the right wing of the Kuomintang and remind comrades to keep a clear head in such a complicated political environment. Xu Quanzhi asked him to take a break to teach, and Dong Biwu did not forget to urge the two of them to get married as soon as possible. Mao Zedong, Deng Zhongxia, Xiang Jingyu and others talked about the contradiction between Ye Chujia and them.

Recently, rightists have stirred up troubles everywhere. Mao Zedong took leave to Chen Duxiu and brought his wife and children back to his hometown of Shaoshan to start the peasant movement. Chen Qihang met a loyal fan who knew the life of Chairman Mao very well, and he also learned about the Big Four. At this time, a major event happened that plunged CCP cooperation into turmoil.

Sun Yat-sen, the forerunner of the revolutionary movement, died in Beijing. Wang Jinmei was in poor health and came to see him off and planned to organize a memorial service. Liu Renjing refused to attend the meeting because of disagreements with some people. Li Dazhao suggested that he return to Shanghai as soon as possible to participate in the work. Shaoshan, Hunan. He Shuheng brought the newspaper, and Mao Zedong learned the news of Sun Yat-sen’s death. Since the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the Rightists’ suspicion on the Communist Party has never ceased. Sun Yat-sen suppressed it before, but now the Communists are afraid they will be even more excluded.

Qingdao, Shandong. Wang Jinmei, who was originally in Qingzhou, hurried back when he heard that something went wrong. Although he was in poor health, he insisted on taking part in the strike, otherwise he couldn’t rest assured.

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