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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 14 Recap

Li Da felt that he might as well be a non-party supporter, but his beliefs would not change, and Wang Huiwu supported him. Li Da chose to leave the party, but did not leave the revolution. He has always been committed to propagating Marxism. The situation in Hubei is not optimistic. Chen Duxiu suggested that comrades in Hubei first keep a low profile. When Dong Biwu talked about the Hubei Kuomintang, it was very difficult to form a party headquarters.

Mao Zedong said that this is also the case in Hunan. Many people in the Kuomintang are full of suspicion about the Communist Party. It is really difficult to promote cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, but Sun Yat-sen has determined to reorganize it. Dong Biwu hoped to transfer Bao Huiseng and Chen Tanqiu back to Wuhan. Chen Duxiu said that Bao Huiseng’s wife was pregnant and still had problems to deal with. He has decided to transfer him back to Wuhan. As for Chen Tanqiu, Chen Duxiu needs to think again.

Mao Zedong returned to Changsha, hugged the crying child, and Yang Kaihui hurriedly gave him a bowl of noodles. Mao Zedong was sent back to rebuild the KMT organization, and the KMT Central Committee also sent an old party member. Although the work had to be started from scratch, Mao Zedong was always optimistic. Yang Kaihui said that everything was fine at home, but Zhao Hengti tried his best to seal up the self-study university. Speaking of Li Da’s departure from the party, Mao Zedong also knew his temper.

Beijing. Zhang Guotao came to see Yang Zilie, she was busy with magazine publishing. After finishing their work, the two went out. Zhang Guotao wanted to stay in Beijing to be responsible for the preparation of the Railway Federation. He took out a necklace bought in Shanghai and gave it to Yang Zilie, and proposed to get married. Although Zhang Guotao had decided to marry him, and the other party was a good lady, it was impossible for Zhang Guotao to marry an eldest lady who had never met before. They were new-style youths and their marriage should be decided by themselves. Yang Zilie smiled and Zhang Guotao put a necklace on her.

Mao Zedong returned to Shanghai again, Chen Duxiu did not plan to attend the Nationalist Party Congress, in order to show that the party’s independence is not convenient for attending. Mao Zedong and Chen Duxiu reported on the work situation in Changsha, and the development situation in various places was good. Beijing Fang Zhang Guotao had the highest number of votes for participation, but it was a bit interesting. The first National Congress of the Kuomintang was held in Guangzhou. During this period, the news of Lenin’s death spread to Guangzhou. The congress was adjourned for three days to show condolences. After the meeting, Wang Jinmei was about to leave, and Mao Zedong asked about Deng Enming’s situation.

Zhang Shenfu came to visit Chen Duxiu, and the students studying in France in the past two years have returned to China one after another. When Zhang Shenfu talked about the Enlightenment Society, they abolished their own names and used code names, and Deng Yingchao and Zhou Enlai also confirmed their romantic relationship. The Kuomintang is preparing for the Whampoa Military Academy. Chen Duxiu thinks that Zhang Shen’s residence is a good choice for Guangzhou. Zhang Shenfu talked about Li Dazhao’s family affairs. His youngest daughter died. It was his favorite child, the middle-aged bereavement. The grief in his heart can be imagined.

Workers informed the police, Hankou was destroyed by the military and police, many Communists were arrested, and Liu Bochui was also arrested. Zhang Guotao’s participation in the conference was supported by the majority of people. The negative sentiment in recent years has been wiped out. After the conference, Zhang Guotao returned to Beijing and decided to do a big job. Yang Zilie was worried about Wuhan, but Zhang Guotao said that Beijing is Beijing and Wuhan is Wuhan. He didn’t check it so quickly. But Yang Zilie and others were very worried, and advised him to be more careful. It was always right to be careful. Zhang Guotao didn’t take it to heart.

Suddenly remembered something, he hurriedly processed some documents. Soon, the military and police were tasked to arrest Zhang Guotao. When the sky was overwhelming, Li Dazhao received news that the inspection office was arresting people and asked him to run away. Zhang Guotao denied the charges after being arrested. Many people are on the wanted list. Chen Duxiu and Mao Zedong were talking about Wuhan and they learned that Zhang Guotao and Yang Zilie were arrested. The other three arrested did not know the situation.

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