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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 13 Recap

Everyone wanted to avenge Lin Xiangqian, but Zhang Guotao believed that the loss should be reduced to maintain contact, and he decided to resume work immediately. All the responsibilities should be borne by him. Zhang Guotao will draft a resumption order to persuade the workers to return to work with the pain. The victims need to be buried, and their families need to be comforted. Only by accumulating strength in grief and anger can one day avenge the victims. Wu Peifu raised a butcher knife to the workers, causing the February 7th Massacre. The workers were forced to return to work two days later.

Shi Yang was brutally killed. Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi and others were heartbroken. They heard that in the enemy’s court, Shi Yang righteously condemned the warlord’s behavior, and he was worthy of his beliefs until his death. Mao Zejian added water and was very sad to hear what they said. Now the situation is grim. Mao Zedong told everyone that we should not take excessive actions at present, and suggested that Anyuan turn to defense in the next step and start work in a legal manner.

Zhang Guotao went to the Soviet Union to report on the general strike and returned to Shanghai from Moscow in March. Li Dazhao was also on the list of the Beiyang government and stayed in Shanghai temporarily. Sun Yat-sen established a base camp in Guangzhou, and the relocation of central government agencies to Guangzhou was once again on the agenda. Zhang Guotao, Cai Hesen, and Li Dazhao talked about the report. The Communist International did not give specific instructions for this strike, but re-emphasized the importance of cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. Many workers have lost their trust because of the suspension of the strike.

Soon after the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China moved to Guangzhou, the Second National Congress was also held in Guangzhou. Compared with the First National Congress and the Second National Congress, it has begun to take shape. All the Communist Party members joined the KMT to start cooperation within the party, which resulted in intense discussions. The meeting was divided into two factions, and Ma Lin was very dissatisfied with Zhang Guotao’s opposition.

Mao Zedong has never spoken, expressing his support for the Kuomintang-Communist cooperation concept, but he must not only see the Kuomintang, but also the peasants. It is difficult for the National Revolution to succeed without the participation of peasants. Xiang Jingyu, the only female representative participating this time, also proposed to place more emphasis on the role of women in the revolution. Mao Zedong, Cai Hesen, and Xiang Jingyu were like-minded friends from the Xinmin Society, and Xiang Jingyu lamented that Xiao Zisheng was drifting away from them.

Li Dazhao returned to Beijing after finishing the three major events. Li Hanjun’s conditions in Beijing were not good. He donated all the money to the families of the workers who died. Li Hanjun proposed to quit the party for a reason, and his punishment has been revoked under Ma Lin’s proposal. Li Hanjun lamented that he was an upright person. Li Dazhao said that the organization still hopes that Li Hanjun will reconsider his application for quitting the party. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China left Guangzhou and moved back to Shanghai, and Mao Zedong was also transferred to Shanghai to work. Li Da came to Shanghai and brought a letter from Yang Kaihui. He came to Chen Duxiu and said that he wanted to talk about something. Mao Zedong could see that he was suffocating, and quickly persuaded him to talk peacefully.

Li Da went upstairs to see Chen Duxiu, saying that Wang Huiwu was pregnant with a child and it was inconvenient to come. Chen Duxiu had something to go out, but Li Da insisted on discussing it now. It was the issue of cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. The two quarreled again and even called each other’s name directly. Chen Duxiu was angry and wanted to expel Li Da, but Li Da said that he would leave and he would never join the Kuomintang. Mao Zedong persuaded Li Da not to move, but went in and tidied up the teapot that was broken by Chen Duxiu. Zhang Guotao was upset about the KMT cooperation. Chen Duxiu recommended him to lead the preparatory work of the Federation of Trade Unions. Zhang Guotao immediately felt that Chen Duxiu still trusted him.

Li Da returned to Changsha soon, and Wang Huiwu knew that he and Chen Duxiu had quarreled again when he saw him absent-mindedly. Wang Huiwu patiently solved Li Da. How difficult it was for them to build the party at the beginning, how could they be willing to leave so easily, not to mention Chen Duxiu has always valued Li Da. Wang Huiwu persuaded Li Da to write a letter to Chen Duxiu, saying that leaving the party was just a moment of anger, but Li Da had already seriously wanted to come over. Maybe it was not a bad thing for him. It would be better to be a non-party supporter.

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