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Big waves wash the sand 大浪淘沙 Episode 12 Recap

Liu Shaoqi hurried back to Changsha to report on the strike on the Guangdong-Hanzhou Railway. Mao Zedong said that the organization planned to send him to Anyuan. The command of the Anyuan strike was in the Ming Dynasty and Li Nengzhi was in the dark. The situation in Anyuan is very complicated. Mao Zedong told Liu Shaoqi to let Li Neng go to the second line and to maintain social security.

The Anyuan strike was to improve the conditions of the workers, but most people in the society didn’t understand it well, so the slogan of the struggle was particularly critical, and it was to be sad and moving. After Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi agreed, they set the slogan as “I used to be a cow and a horse, but now I am a man.” The Anyuan strike lasted for five days, and there was no bloodshed. The workers were well-ordered and received sympathy from the society, and the coal mine finally agreed to the workers. The thirteen conditions put forward.

Li Da came to Changsha with his family, served as the president of Hunan Self-study University, and lived in Mao Zedong’s home. Li Da admired Mao Zedong very much. He could do the hard things he said and did. Mao Zedong said that one person’s power is limited, and he must unite those who share the same goals and even have differences.

Li Da understood that Mao Zedong was talking about cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, but he couldn’t help it. No one said anything he couldn’t figure out. Mao Zedong and Li Da were still chatting, Yang Kaihui and Wang Huiwu were teasing their hearts. Her nickname was Dianer, which Li Da came up with. Li Da talked about his situation in Shanghai, and Mao Zedong said that what he needs most for his self-study university is talents like him.

After Chen Duxiu came to the meeting from the Soviet Union to discuss the preparations for the establishment of the Beijing-Han Railway Federation, everything was ready for the meeting. Chen Duxiu brought Zhai Qiubai to Li Dazhao’s house. Chen Duxiu only knew they knew each other when he was in Moscow. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao said that these comrades who had returned from studying in the Soviet Union had greatly improved their knowledge and wanted to send more people to study.

Zhengzhou, Henan. When Bao Huiseng got the news, Wu Peifu explicitly ordered them to be monitored and precautions, and meetings were forbidden. They had sent representatives to negotiate with Wu Peifu, but Wu Peifu directly banned them. The comrades bought the red silk back with enthusiasm. Several people put up with the disappointment for a while, and Li Hanjun put forward the inscription “The earth is red.” Zhang Guotao convened representatives from all over the country to discuss tomorrow’s affairs. Everyone went to the meeting and left the inscription by Li Hanjun alone.

The next day, the workers yelled the slogans of sacred labor and long live the workers. They inevitably encountered the police stopping them. The workers rushed in, ignoring the police. At the beginning of the inaugural meeting of the Beijing-Han Railway Federation, the police sent many people to forcefully suppress it, asking them to disband themselves within five minutes. The gun was loaded, and Zhang Guotao believed that there was no need to persist, and announced the establishment of the Federation of Trade Unions before temporarily adjourning the meeting.

After Zhang Guotao announced the formal establishment of the Beijing-Han Railway Federation, he announced a temporary adjournment, and the following arrangements will be notified to everyone as soon as possible. When they were about to disband, the police asked them to put down their things before leaving. Li Hanjun and Lin Xiangqian were still insisting, and Zhang Guotao hurriedly stepped forward to persuade them. Even if they left, everyone still shouted slogans firmly.

Bao Huiseng proposed to change the preparatory committee to a strike committee and wait for a unified strike. It is no longer appropriate for the Federation of Trade Unions to stay in Zhengzhou. He decided to move to Jiang’an and send a general strike to counterattack immediately. After the Beijing-Han Railway strike officially began, the 1,200-kilometer railway line was paralyzed, causing extreme panic among the imperialist reactionary warlords. Six people were arrested in Zhengzhou and one person was tortured to death. The situation in Jiang’an is not optimistic.

The military and police surrounded the workers’ residential area and shot. Lin Xiangqian was also arrested. Li Hanjun was also on the arrest list. Li Dazhao asked him to leave Wuhan as soon as possible. Lin Xiangqian swore to the death without issuing an order to resume work, and was finally hacked to death, and his brother was shot and killed. Hearing this news, everyone was heartbroken, and everyone discussed whether to resume work.

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