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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 3 Recap

Sun Guangming furiously rescued Osmanthus from the sea of ​​flames. Osmanthus woke up in a daze. He couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of the piglet. The villagers returned the piglet to her. When Osmanthus saw the burnt home, he couldn’t make a sound of tears. Grandma hugged her and asked for warmth.

The fire engine rushed to put out the fire in time. Osmanthus remembered that Xu Youyi had cursed her family to catch fire when she had just arrived. She was so angry that she chased Xu Youyi, and Sun Guangming hurriedly stopped her. Feng Jinbao suggested Osmanthus to live in Liu Fugui’s house. Osmanthus naturally couldn’t ask for help. She hugged the piglet and went to seek refuge in Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui could not avoid her. Osmanthus had to take a bath in his house. Liu Fugui was forced to accept it.

Zhang Zihao sent an assistant to investigate the information of Yue Lan and Sun Guangming. It was found that Yue Lan had also studied in Xihai No. 2 Middle School, and she was the schoolmaster Yue Xiaolan. They were both classmates. Zhang Zihao was ecstatic, and immediately When Yue Lan met, she tried to get close to her, and Yue Lan didn’t buy it at all.

The sweet-scented osmanthus house was burned, and Xu only had no place to live. She wanted to live in the barn with Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming was determined not to do it. It was inconvenient for men and women to live in the same room. Sun Guangming went to the morning exercise and pulled out a cabbage tree from the vegetable plot on the roadside. He bet five yuan next to him. Sun Guangming returned to the barn and started live broadcast of breakfast. Xu Youyi only got up when she learned that cabbage is Sun Guangming persuaded her to eat it at ease because she was worried about pesticide residues.

Xu Youyi discovered that Zhang Zihao wrote on Weibo that vegetables in Houshigou Village were poisonous. Netizens all followed posts to support Zhang Zihao. Xu Youyou hurried to report the matter to Sun Guangming, worrying about the worse impact. Zhao Yuxi broadcasted on the village loudspeaker. In the tone of his second uncle Zhao Yushan, he called the villagers to gather under the big locust tree at the entrance of the village. Li Jianan came to the broadcasting room to stop it when he heard the news, but it was too late.

Sun Guangming brought Li Jian’an, Xu Youwei and others to the entrance of the village. Zhao Yushan publicly announced that the vegetables in the village were okay. I hope you don’t believe the rumors. Li Jian’an conveyed Sun Guangming’s decision and wanted to conduct self-examination in the village first. Zhao Yushan was strong. Protest and hurriedly disband the villagers. Zhao Yushan questioned why Sun Guangming refused to live in the old house of the Zhao family and would rather live in the barn opposite his house. Zhao Yushan invited Sun Guangming to sit at home when he had time.

Li Jianan heard something in Zhao Yushan’s words and reminded Sun Guangming to be careful. Sun Guangming brought Xu Youyi to visit Zhao Yushan’s house. Zhao Yushan insisted that Zhang Zihao planted and framed Houshigou Village, and asked Zhao Xinlong to come out to testify. Zhao Xinlong froze, and Sun Guangming insisted on letting the villagers self-check first. Zhao Yushan disagreed. The two insisted on each other’s words.

Zhao Yushan sent Zhao Yuxi to connect the barn with water and electricity. That night, the barn called, and the water tank was filled with water. Xu Youyou thought that Zhao Yushan was a good person, but Sun Guangming disagreed. Xu Youyi and Feng Jinbao discussed how to retaliate against Zhang Zihao. Xu Youyou went to the vegetable plot to broadcast live. Feng Jinbao called the villagers together to condemn Zhang Zihao’s nonsense on the Internet.

Osmanthus did not want to live with the village committee, so she stayed at Liu Fugui’s house. Liu Fugui had to come to Sun Guangming for help. Sun Guangming persuaded Osmanthus to leave. Osmanthus admitted that she wanted to live with Liu Fugui. Sun Guangming taught Osmanthus to make a tofu feast to please Liu. Rich and honorable, Osmanthus learns very seriously. Zhang Zihao saw the video of a villager in Houshigou Village, gritted his teeth with anger, and sent an assistant to issue a statement online to fight back.

Osmanthus made a tofu banquet, begging Liu Fugui to take her in, and wanted to stay as a nanny for Liu Fugui. Liu Fugui was full of praise for her craftsmanship and promised to try it for three days. Feng Jinbao sent a message on behalf of Zhao Yushan, asking Sun Guangming to attend the family banquet tonight. Li Jianan rushed to ask Sun Guangming to eat roasted whole lamb at Li Jianping’s house. Sun Guangming didn’t know how to choose.

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