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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 2 Recap

Sun Guangming strongly protested against Zhang Zihao’s untruthful words and deeds. Zhang Zihao was not to be outdone, and wanted to demand high compensation from Houshigou Village. The two of them refused to give in to each other, and they were in contention. Feng Jinbao hid in the bathroom and reported what Zhang Zihao had done to Zhao Yuxi and others, but was caught by Li Jian’an. Feng Jinbao was so scared that he hurriedly hung up the phone.

The staff of the Market Supervision Bureau rushed over and sent all the reporters away. Sun Guangming was sad sitting outside the ward, Xu Youyou came to him and asked him warmly, and reported to him the results of the unannounced visit to the poisoned patient. Sun Guangming found Yue Lan in the lobby of the hospital and asked her to report the matter objectively and impartially, so as not to have a negative impact on the pillar industries of Houshigou Village. Sun Guangming suspects that Zhang Zihao deliberately made things big, and just wanted to take this opportunity to promote the gentleman. At Lan Hotel, Yue Lan did not allow Sun Guangming to interfere with her work, and the two had a fierce dispute when they didn’t agree.

Yue Lan ridiculed Sun Guangming’s cooking. Sun Guangming accused her of not keeping promises. Three years ago, two people made an appointment to register with the Civil Affairs Bureau, but Yue Lan broke the appointment for no reason. The more they talked, the more excited they became, and finally they separated. Xu Youyou hiding aside and seeing clearly, she knew that Sun Guangming and Yue Lan were once a couple.

Sun Guangming didn’t get angry when he mentioned this matter. Xu Youyou kindly persuaded him and asked him to go to the food stall for dinner. Sun Guangming felt that the food was unpalatable, so he personally cooked two dishes. As soon as Li Jian’an returned to the village, he came to Zhao Yuxi and blocked all the people from the old Zhao family there.

Feng Jinbao hurried to find Sun Guangming and learned that Li Jian’an had already returned to the village. He hurriedly called Zhao Yuxi and told them to disband as soon as possible. He didn’t expect Li Jian’an to be there. He snatched the phone. He never thought Feng Jinbao was Zhao. The home is placed under the undercover of the village committee. Sun Guangming called Feng Jinbao and asked him the real reason why Zhao Yuxi and others impeached Li Jian’an. Feng Jinbao briefly introduced the two political forces in Houshigou Village.

The Zhao family has occupied Houshigou Village since the Song Dynasty. They made a fortune based on organic vegetables. Zhao Yushan’s son Zhao Xinlong is the chief technician of the base. Villagers of mixed surnames led by Li Jian’an make a living in the pancake industry. The Zhao family would like to recommend Zhao Xinlong as That’s why the village party secretary publicly impeached Li Jian’an. After inspection by the authoritative department, it was found that the diarrhea guests had eaten vegetable salad with pesticide residues. Zhang Zihao publicly announced the suspension of the vegetable purchase and sale contract with Houshigou Village.

Zhao Xinlong was taking care of his seriously ill mother in the hospital. He was distraught when he saw Zhang Zihao’s public statement on TV. His mother suddenly deteriorated and fell into a coma. Zhao Xinlong and Zhao Yushan hurried in to visit, but they were already unable to recover. Their mother died and Zhao Xinlong was heartbroken. Yue Lan wanted to interview him, but Zhao Xinlong forced her away.

After the municipal party committee leaders researched and decided, they sent someone to replace Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming came to the municipal party committee secretary Yu to plead. He was replaced on the first day he took office. He was not reconciled. Secretary Yu reminded him to have self-knowledge, concentrate on managing the newspaper, and write Writing food review articles, he has no experience in dealing with emergencies. Sun Guangming quoted the classics and moved out that Su Dongpo was both a gourmet and a good official. He vowed to be a good official. Secretary Yu talked with him for too long and missed lunch time.

Sun Guangming used limited ingredients to cook two dishes himself. Secretary Yu was full of praise for his craftsmanship. Sun Guangming promised once again that he could be the first secretary and he could use his personal connections to sell organic vegetables in Houshigou Village. Secretary Yu finally promised to give him a chance if Sun Guangming properly handled the pesticide and vegetables this time. In the event, he was allowed to stay in Houshigou Village.

Sun Guangming called and informed Xu Youwei and asked her to call the members of the village committee one by one so that they could return to the village for a meeting as soon as possible. When Sun Guangming saw other big hotels hanging up a banner saying “There are no vegetables in Houshigou Village”, he was very uncomfortable. Sun Guangming quickly returned to the village to hold an emergency meeting to discuss with everyone how to solve the problem of pesticide residues in organic vegetables. Xu Youyi suspected that this was a conspiracy. Someone deliberately mixed vegetables with pesticides into organic vegetables in Houshigou Village. The main ambassador behind the scenes is Zhang Zihao.

Both Zhao Yuxi and Feng Jinbao felt that Xu Yu’s analysis made sense. Sun Guangming did not allow them to make subjective judgments. Li Jianan believed that Zhao Xinlong’s failure to attend the meeting would be worth nothing, because he was the chief technician of the vegetable base. Li Jianan wanted to solve Sun Guangming’s accommodation problem first. , Liu Haitang and Zhao Yuxi couldn’t dispute over this matter. Sun Guangming decided to live in an idle barn in the village. Li Jianan advised Sun Guangming not to be too hasty, and to take things slowly in the village.

Li Jianan arranged for Xu Youyi to live in Liu Fugui’s house. Liu Fugui was the richest man in the village. He was the son-in-law of the Zhao family. His wife died early. His home was built in a place near the mountains and rivers. Liu Fugui warmly welcomed Xu Youyi and Feng Jinbao reminded him. Xu is the only one who is careful with the bachelor Liu Fugui. Xu Youyi didn’t want to live with Liu Fugui. Feng Jinbao made an idea to let her live in Osmanthus Widow’s house.

Sun Guangming sent Xu Youyi over. Osmanthus took Sun Guangming and vomited. She became the poorest person in the village in order to treat her husband. Just raising a black pig, Osmanthus begged Sun Guangming to help her get out of poverty as soon as possible. Xu Youyou thinks Osmanthus’s house is too shabby, Sun Guangming persuades her to live for a few days first, and Xu Youyou had to do it.

Sun Guangming was packing her luggage and suddenly heard the news that Osmanthus’s home was on fire. He hurriedly took Xu Youyi to fight the fire. The fire was getting bigger and bigger. Sun Guangming called on the villagers to fight the fire together. Zhao Yuxi did not see Osmanthus and suspected that she was braving the fire. The house was looking for a pig, and Sun Guangming didn’t say anything but put on a wet quilt and rushed into the fire to save people.

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