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The Smell of Warmth 温暖的味道 Episode 1 Recap

Sun Guangming is the deputy editor of Xihai Business Daily and the chief food review blogger. He broadcasts his three meals a day online every day, attracting many fans, but he never shows up, and fans are curious about his looks. The Bureau of Commerce sent Sun Guangming to Houshigou Village, an organic vegetable demonstration base, to the countryside for one year. He and his fans said goodbye.

Editor-in-chief Zhong called his colleagues into the meeting room early in the morning to prepare a farewell party for Sun Guangming. He did not expect that he had already set off to Houshigou Village, and only delivered a video to the editor-in-chief. Sun Guangming listed the development of paper media one by one. Due to limitations and problems, colleagues are encouraged to keep pace with the times and make transformations, and strive to be online within three months, so as to reverse the downturn as soon as possible. Editor-in-chief Zhong signaled everyone to adjourn the meeting.

Sun Guangming drove to Houshigou Village. He had no time to admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the country road. He couldn’t help but think of the feelings he had died with Yue Lan three years ago. Xu is the only spokesperson invited by Housigou Village. She drove her beloved Golden Retriever and drove on this small road. She drove while making a phone call, and when she was distracted, she put Sun Guangming’s car aside, Sun. Guangming couldn’t dodge and hit the tree directly. Xu Youyou not only didn’t apologize, but also plausibly. Sun Guangming had to ask the traffic police to deal with it.

Li Jian’an broadcasted on the loudspeaker, asking the villagers to meet the first secretary who went to the countryside at the entrance of the village. After the welcome ceremony, everyone would go to Zhao Meifeng’s small supermarket to receive a bag of salt. Zhang Zihao is the president of Haoyuan Company and the grandson of the richest man in the West Sea. He has a full schedule every day. Zhang Zihao declined a 20-minute interview with reporter Yue Lan. When he learned that Sun Guangming was going to Houshi Goucun became the first secretary, so he couldn’t come to the press conference and didn’t take it seriously.

Ma Guangming sent the car to be repaired. He had to walk to Houshigou Village on foot. Xu Youyou offered to take him for a while. Sun Guangming was uneasy about her driving skills and threw her to the co-pilot. Xu Youyou went all the way. During the live broadcast, Sun Guangming dodged desperately, not wanting to enter her camera. Sun Guangming went to the town to report first, and then hurried to Houshigou Village.

Village director Li Jian’an and women director Liu Haitang brought the villagers to the entrance of the village early, and sent the village accountant Feng Jinbao to give everyone a small red flag. Zhao Yuxi and Zhao Meifeng brought the old Zhao’s people to the village entrance. Xu Youyi saw the villagers beating gongs and drums to greet her at the entrance of the village. He mistakenly thought he was welcoming her, and hurriedly got out of the car and grabbed the flowers in Liu Haitang’s hands.

Li Jianan was confused by her. Sun Guangming got off the car and Liu Haitang snatched flowers from Xu Youyi and gave them to Sun Guangming. He warmly welcomed him and introduced him to the village committee members one by one. The director of public security Yimin and the accountant Feng Jinbao welcomed Sun Guangming. Li Jianan explained that the village party secretary. Luo was recuperating in the city,

Just as Li Jianan wanted to take Sun Guangming around the village, Zhao Yuxi suddenly raised a banner to petition Sun Guangming and strongly demanded the removal of the village director Li Jianan. Li Jianan hurried over to stop him. Zhao Yuxi stood unsteadily and fell to the ground. He took the opportunity Lying on the ground and playing tricks, Liu Fugui, his son-in-law, was on the side to instigate the people of the old Zhao family, and Sun Guangming quickly pulled Zhao Yuxi up. Zhao Liying rushed over aggressively, trying to fight Li Jian’an, but accidentally hit Sun Guangming on the head. Sun Guangming was very annoyed and forced Zhao Liying away, and the villagers dispersed.

Feng Jinbao secretly called his wife Zhao Meifeng and asked her to give Sun Guangming a band-aid as soon as possible. Feng Jinbao held flowers to welcome Xu Youyi. Zhao Meifeng quickly took band-aids and put them on Sun Guangming personally. Liu Haitang publicly exposed that Zhao Meifeng and Zhao Liying were best friends and suspected that she was behind the scenes, so Zhao Meifeng hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Feng Jinbao solemnly introduced Xu Youyi to Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming knew that she was the spokesperson invited by Feng Jinbao. Yimin thought that Xu Youyou was Sun Guangming’s secretary, and kept complaining that Feng Jinbao had not made it clear earlier.

The Junzilan Hotel held a press conference for opening. Zhang Zihao delivered an impassioned congratulatory message and announced the next two goals in public. Xihai TV’s “Life Lianliankan” reporter Yue Lan stood up and questioned Zhang Zihao. Zihao explained the positioning of Junzilan Hotel, Zhang Zihao was speechless, and the assistant hurried over to relieve the siege.

Sun Guangming convened a meeting of village committee members. They introduced the situation in the village to Sun Guangming in detail. Zhao Yuxi came uninvited. First, he apologized to Sun Guangming and repeatedly claimed that he was the largest representative of the Zhao family in Houshigou Village, Sun Guangming. Just let him attend the meeting, Liu Haitang let Sun Guangming live in her house, and Zhao Yuxi insisted that Sun Guangming live in Zhao’s old house. The two couldn’t help but argue.

Zhang Zihao sent an assistant to give Yue Lan a hush fee, and Yue Lan returned it to Zhang Zihao in person. Zhang Zihao denied that the money was his. One guest suddenly suffered from abdominal pain, and more guests also experienced diarrhea. Yue Lan reported the matter truthfully. Secretary Lianyi immediately called Sun Guangming. Sun Guangming turned on the TV and watched the live broadcast of Yue Lan’s interview with Zhang Zihao. Zhang Zihao insisted that the organic vegetables in Houshigou Village were poisonous, which led to the collective poisoning of the guests.

Sun Guangming didn’t dare to delay, and immediately took Xu Youwei and others to the hospital to find out the cause of the patient’s poisoning first. Sun Guangming and his party hurried to the hospital. Zhang Zihao is issuing a public statement that the organic vegetables in Houshigou Village are the culprit of this diarrhea incident. Sun Guangming recognized Yue Lan at a glance, and was stunned for a moment, and then asked The reporters promised to find out the matter as soon as possible. Feng Jinbao made an excuse to go to the bathroom and hid aside to call Zhao Yuxi. Zhao Yuxi and Lao Zhao’s family were waiting for news.

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