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No Boundary Season 2 玉昭令第二季 Episode 13 Recap

Yang Jian was very angry when Duan Mucui said that she wanted to live with Zhanyan in the mortal world. Duanmucui explained to him that Yang Jian found that Duanmucui’s divine power had disappeared, and asked the reason, Duanmucui would follow what happened in Shen Yuan. Madam Jiang was thinking about how Jiang Wenqing was in Shen Yuan, and Shangguan Ce pulled Zhanyan back to see Madam Jiang. After hearing the evil things Jiang Wenqing did in Shen Yuanzhong, Yang Jian said that she did the right thing.

Although he was a descendant of his foster father, he did such evil after all. Yang Jian was going to return to Penglai to find a way to find her divine power, and before leaving, he gave her a talisman to protect her spirit. After Yang Jian left, Duanmucui’s face was full of sadness. She lied to her elder brother. What she lost was not divine power, but divine status. I am afraid she would never go back to Penglai.

Shangguance finally couldn’t help asking about Jiang Wenqing’s whereabouts, and he faltered, and Shangguance stopped asking. After the adoption of his foster father and Zhanyan, Shangguance felt the heavy and arduous responsibility on his shoulders, and Zhanyan said that he would help him. That night, Zhanyan accompanied Shangguance to work overnight. Shangguance had nothing to do, but Zhanyan fell asleep and couldn’t wake up.

Shangguance called Duan Mucui, and she checked her pulse and found that Zhanyan was only spending too much effort in Shen Yuan, and it was not a big deal. Since they were not married, it would be inconvenient for Duan Mucui to accompany Zhanyan here. She wanted to bring Zhanyan back to the Caolu, and suddenly realized that she had no power. She had no choice but to talk to Shangguance that she returned to Caolu to make medicinal soup for Zhanyan, but accidentally lit the Caolu. If Shangguance arrived in time, the Caolu would be ashes.

As the anger dissipated, the immortals in Penglai started a vegetarian meal with corpse positions again, and Yang Jian returned and said they had a meal. Yue Lao asked if Duanmu didn’t want to be a god, and wanted to elope with Zhanyan. Yang Jian refused to admit it, and said that Duan Mucui would not abandon her own brother for the sake of the brat. The Caolu can no longer live in, and Shangguan Ce arranges Duanmucui to live in Li Nianqing’s house.

But every family has hard-to-read scriptures. Li Nianqing and his wife quarreled and clamored with a knife. Duanmu stopped them and accidentally threw the knife into the tree. The next day, Li Nianqing and his wife tried to pull out the knife together, but they couldn’t pull it out at all. Duanmu had to help them pull out the knife, almost fell, and Zhanyan appeared behind her back and hugged her. Not long after Zhanyan woke up, he came to pick up Duanmu after finishing the Caolu.

The city of Qifeng has returned to its former prosperity, and Zhanyan accompanies her to eat in the streets. But they didn’t know that Jiang Wenqing at this time turned Penglai Tu into his own, used Penglai Tu’s ability to escape from the Xuantian Umbrella, opened the gate of Shen Yuan, and returned to this world. Duanmu was awakened from the dream, as if with a premonition, he felt that both the foster father and Jiang Wenqing were not dead, and they were still in Shen Yuan. Zhanyan comforted her not to think too much.

The immortals in Penglai prayed for the blessings of Heaven, Jiang Wenqing showed up, but the Thunder of Heaven smashed at him, and everyone was puzzled. Jiang Wenqing absorbed the power of the dragon clan, but it caused thunder robbery, but because of the Penglai Tu body, everyone did not realize that he was not a god. Jiang Wenqing proclaimed himself the Way of Heaven and wanted to correct the Three Realms, so that Yang Jian would call him his envoy in the future.

The first thing Jiang Wenqing did was to destroy the marriage between men and women in the mortal world, to raise the secluded family, six roots, and let Zhang Wenxi be taken back from the mortal world. Zhang Wenxi released the bookworm Ji Sheng, and was punished by Jiang Wenqing, mercilessly. Take away the godhead.

Yue Lao felt unfair, and Jiang Wenqing took away his supernatural power regardless of right or wrong. Jiang Wenqing’s magical power was so powerful that everyone was silent, and he dared not have any objections to the way of heaven in Jiang Wenqing’s mouth. The selfish Jiang Wenqing used the pretext of monitoring mortals and gods, and asked all temples dedicated to gods in the mortal world to place his statues.

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