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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 17 Recap

Qiu Dongna was trembling at work in Chengdu, fearing to make mistakes again, and almost reported everything and asked humbly. However, Cheng Fanyang didn’t like Qiu Dongna’s current state, so she reminded her to be herself again, because the group needs efficient employees instead of flattering all day long. Because Qiu Dongna couldn’t think of what she did wrong, Cheng Fanyang stopped criticizing her, instead sending her to the Housing Construction Committee to obtain an audited real estate project purchase contract.

Now that Wang Shicheng has been fired from the hotel and completely restored to the state of an unemployed vagrant, plus the ten-day detention time has just arrived, Qiu Xiaoxia ran to pick him up and bought a new coat by the way. At this time, Gu Fei suddenly appeared. Qiu Xiaoxia complained about him. It was not until he heard that Gu Fei had helped Wang Shicheng find a good job. Then she put down her grudge and took the two of them to prepare a banquet.

On the way home, Qiu Xiaoxia comforted Wang Shicheng not to be discouraged. Even if she loses her current job, she will have a place to go in the future. As a result, at the evening banquet, Gu Fei took advantage of Wang Shicheng’s barbecue. He took a bag of cash from the living room as a start-up capital for Wang Shicheng.

At the beginning, Wang Shicheng learned the skills of chefs in prison, and even the skill of cooking barbecue was much better than others. He originally wanted to find a job in a restaurant after he was released from prison. Unfortunately, all of them refused because of criminal records. Seeing Gu Fei directly put out 200,000, Wang Shicheng originally wanted to decline, but with the dual support of Qiu Xiaoxia and Gu Fei, he finally decided to open a restaurant to make some money, at least to protect the life of his “daughter-in-law” in the future. And return the kindness of brothers.

The three of them drank and ate, but they did not appear to violate the peace. Qiu Xiaoxia’s accidental “big boss” Gu Fei was also very down-to-earth, chatting about the normalcy of the common people. After three rounds of drinking, Qiu Xiaoxia was so drunk, just as Qiu Dongna finished checking the house purchase contract, she took the initiative to make a video call to her mother. When she saw her eyes blurred, she couldn’t speak clearly.

Fortunately, there is still a more sober Gu Fei at home, so Gu Fei directly took the phone to video with Qiu Dongna, and a little embarrassed that he had come to the reception banquet. Since Wang Shicheng was completely drunk, Gu Fei had to let him stay in Qiu’s house for the night, but in Qiu Dongna’s room, he accidentally broke the doll on the table and simply brought it home to repair it.

The next morning, Wang Shicheng woke up naked from the bed and saw Qiu Xiaoxia lying next to him. She was so scared that he fell barefoot to the ground, thinking that something indescribable had happened to the two of them last night. Seeing Qiu Xiaoxia wake up, Wang Shicheng hurriedly confessed, admitting that he had liked it, and even promised to be responsible to the end.

Qiu Xiaoxia knew that there was nothing wrong, so she couldn’t help but teased her. Even though Wang Shicheng proposed to start a family, she did not consider remarrying. She just wanted to raise Qiu Dongna and watch her daughter work and start a family. Wang Shicheng confessed that he was rejected and still refused to give up. Instead, he suggested that Qiu Xiaoxia reconsider. After all, sooner or later, the child must have his own family.

At the same time, Qiu Dongna encountered intractable problems during the audit, but she was afraid that it would cause trouble to others, so she researched solutions on her own and worked overtime all night for this. The next day, when Cheng Fanyang saw Qiu Dongna working with dark circles under her eyes, she couldn’t help but feel softened. He was just about to teach her, but when he saw Bai Shichu’s message, he learned that he was going to return to China.

Cheng Fanyang told Qiu Dongna to go to rest first, and she went outside to call Bai Youxin to confirm the situation, and at the same time blamed him for not telling her in advance, obviously treating herself as an outsider. Seeing Cheng Fanyang and Bai Youxin quarreling, Qiu Dongna was a little at a loss, still wanting to explain a few words for Bai Shichu. However, as soon as the voice fell, Cheng Fanyang was furious, and angrily accused Qiu Dongna for not being qualified to take care of her family affairs. Qiu Dongna quickly apologized when she saw this, but afterwards, she was busy with work and did not dare to make any mistakes.

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