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My Treasure 生活家 Episode 16 Recap

After choosing a restaurant, Qiu Dongna took Cheng Fanyang and ate a satisfying buffet meal through the discount coupons obtained online. Although Cheng Fanyang had long known that Qiu Dongna’s family was not rich, she did not expect that ordinary people could still lead a happy life. Even if it was a buffet of thirty-nine yuan per person, the dishes were more abundant than she had imagined.

Just after lunch, Qiu Dongna ordered a birthday cake and took Cheng Fanyang to the cinema to watch a movie. Because there was not much money left after buying the movie tickets, Cheng Fanyang was worried that she would not be able to eat dinner, but Qiu Dongna’s performance surprised her. . According to Qiu Dongna’s rhythm, Cheng Fanyang experienced an extremely relaxing and comfortable day, and at the same time transferred his own expenses to Qiu Dongna.

That night, Cheng Fanyang told Gu Fei about Qiu Dongna, and mentioned the account books he had received before, and he had a different understanding of her. Gu Fei was surprised that Cheng Fanyang would be persuaded by Qiu Dongna. He couldn’t help but remember that he could receive onions from the other party on his birthday every year, so he set off for the vegetable market and saw Qiu Dongna buying onions in front of the stall.

Seeing Gu Fei’s appearance, Qiu Dongna said frankly that she wanted to stay in the audit department, but also to prove her strength to Gu Fei and get his approval. However, Qiu Dongna didn’t know that the result she expected was exactly what Gu Fei was worried about, and it also needed Qiu Dongna’s approval. Not long after the incident, Cheng Fanyang informed Qiu Dongna to go to Chengdu on a business trip with him.

Because Qiu Dongna has never been out of the province, she has no experience in flying, and even worries about her expenses during her stay in Chengdu, especially the price of air tickets and hotels are not cheap, so she took the initiative to ask Li Chuning. However, Li Chuning is not bad at all, and can’t provide more constructive opinions. On the contrary, Dong Ge reminded her to go to the Finance Department to apply for a reserve fund, which can naturally solve the problem of tight funds.

Although the newcomers did not use this permission, Qiu Dongna managed to receive four thousand dollars. Qiu Xiaoxia took her to the mall to buy suitcases, and after talking about it for a long time, she finally left with satisfaction. When the mother and daughter were eating out in a restaurant, they discussed the need for food and clothing for a business trip. Originally, Qiu Xiaoxia had to fine Wang Shicheng’s 1,000 yuan to Qiu Dongna as an emergency, but when she learned that Qiu Dongna had applied for a reserve fund, she was relieved to withdraw money.

Qiu Xiaoxia had never taken a plane, so she could only draw up a boarding information map based on the train station in her memory and her imagination, but she heard Qiu Dongna in the mist, completely different from the content searched on the Internet. When the customers at the next table heard their chats, they suddenly felt very funny and couldn’t help but ridicule, but Qiu Xiaoxia was scolded.

The next morning, Qiu Dongna hurried to the airport to check in according to Qiu Xiaoxia’s instructions. She didn’t expect to get lost in the huge airport. Even though there were a lot of twists and turns, she was lucky to get on the plane in time. Since Qiu Dongna couldn’t see Cheng Fanyang, she took the initiative to send her a message, and then learned that the other party was in business class.

After getting off the plane and leaving by car, Qiu Dongna hadn’t recovered from the state of airsickness. Cheng Fanyang mistakenly thought that she was sick because of unacceptable water and soil, and planned to order the driver to be taken to the hospital first. However, Qiu Dongna, to reassure Cheng Fanyang, bit her scalp to cheer her up, and immediately followed her to the project team and got to know all the members of the team.

At first, the team members all heard about Qiu Dongna’s behavior of “accepting bribes,” but after a long time together, seeing Qiu Dongna working hard and insightful, they all dispelled many misunderstandings and gained a good impression. Qiu Dongna could not accompany Gu Fei’s birthday, so she sent him a box of onions quickly. When the live broadcast was on in the evening, Gu Fei continued to enter the live broadcast room as Cong Cong. Seeing the hotel environment in the video, he was slightly relieved.

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