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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 13 Recap

Fan Yunxi hurriedly discouraged the father and daughter quarreling. Xu’s father was so angry that he didn’t say a word, but he made Xu Qingyou sadder. He also made sure that his guess was not wrong, and Xu’s father did not deny it. Xu Qingyou told his father firmly and affirmatively. She would not marry Fan Yunxi, and then left in sorrow. Xu’s father also apologized to Fan Yunxi. She didn’t expect that it was originally a match between the two, but the result was so unsatisfactory.

In order to test the relationship between Xu Qingyou and Mo Lingze, Lin Siyu and Wang Ji made an appointment with both of them. They also bought a transparent tent filled with colorful lights to create a romantic place. However, they were both late Didn’t come too late. Seeing that it was raining outside, Wang Ji and Lin Siyu got in. Wang Ji also gave Lin Siyu his coat intimately. They both talked about interesting things and felt strange in their hearts.

Xu Qingyou walked forward desperately under the heavy rain. Mo Lingze suddenly appeared holding an umbrella. No matter what Xu Qingyou was for, he didn’t want Xu Qingyou to suppress his bravery, hoping Xu Qingyou could release his feelings. Mo Lingze took Xu Qingyou to the public phone booth and told Xu Qingyou that this was his secret base.

No matter what he thought, he would shut himself up here and talk about it. Xu Qingyou also went in and called the 18-year-old herself, telling her grievances and dissatisfaction over the years, hoping that the 18-year-old would not grow up. When Xu Qingyou came out of the phone booth, Mo Lingze hugged her into his arms, his eyes were distressed.

Fan Yunxi was in a bad mood and ran to the bar to drink. The proprietress did not persuade him, but gave him more wine, just hoping that Fan Yunxi could let him go after today.

Xu Qingyou told Mo Lingze that she was afraid of the darkness, loneliness, and accidents in her life. Mo Lingze said that she had been waiting for Xu Qingyou’s decision, but now he didn’t want to wait anymore. There will be activities in the hotel bar tomorrow. Qingyou decided to come to the bar, if he didn’t plan to be with him, he didn’t have to come.

Xu Qingyou took the coin to toss. This was the method Mo Lingze taught before. If there was something undecidable, he would throw a coin. Finally Xu Qingyou got dressed and got up and went to the bar. And Mo Lingze was playing the guitar and singing on the bar, but he kept looking at the VIP reserved seats in front of him, always watching when the door opened, but after waiting for a long time he did not see Xu Qingyou coming. . Mo Lingze was full of confidence, but was disappointed in the end.

In fact, Xu Qingyou did go early in the morning, but at the time the band was rehearsing, Lin Siyu appeared in time to express that he was unique in Mo Lingze, regardless of Mo Ling She didn’t mind how many women Ze Shengsheng appeared, because in the end Mo Lingze’s heart was with her.

Mo Lingze sent a message to ask why Xu Qingyou did not come. Xu Qingyou did not answer. The next day Xu Qingyou went to work and was dragged by Mo Lingze for questioning. Xu Qingyou still did not answer and said that he had no feeling for Mo Lingze at all. will not go.

But in fact, Xu Qingyou was very sad. After get off work, he went to drink with Fang Qi and drank too much by herself. Fang Qi persuaded Xu Qingyou to forget Mo Lingze. Mo Lingze just relied on her good looks, as if all The women in the world let him choose. Xu Qingyou looked at Mo Lingze’s picture and felt that the face was indeed perfect, and couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed.

Xu Qingyou drank too much and didn’t forget to send Fang Qi back. Fang Qi didn’t worry about going back with him, but Xu Qingyou refused. The drunk Xu Qingyou smiled in the car and asked the driver if he knew what love was. Mo Lingze has been busy playing games to release his inner emotions. Unexpectedly, the phone is ringing all the time, and the proprietress brought the phone to him before rushing to look for Xu Qingyou.

At this time, Xu Qingyou made trouble with the driver and then came to the amusement park. The amusement park security was really helpless. Seeing Mo Lingze coming over was like finding a life-saving straw. Mo Lingze also knew that Xu Qingyou was drunk. After that, I was able to toss and lied that he would turn around without knowing her. The security guard stubbornly pulled Mo Lingze to let him deal with it, and then took the opportunity to slip away.

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