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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 33 Recap

Li Junjie believes that Mu Chuan is in danger in Sizhang Island Prison, and the Scorpio people will deal with him. Meng Liang once said that Mu Chuan and Ruan Taiyuan are in a competitive relationship. There must be a strong person behind them. If Mu Chuan is in danger, then vx3 cannot be found, so he has to help Mu Chuan. After all, he is also Zhou Zixuan’s. The adoptive father deserves a fair trial. Zhou Zixuan knew that Meng Liang’s apprentice Mark had the backup data of the chip at the time and planned to find him in the past. Li Junjie asked her to pay attention to safety and kissed her.

Mou Chuan was eating in Sizhang Island Prison. A man came over to talk to him and told him to bow his head. Using the analogy of a lion and a wolf, as long as he handed over what his master wanted, he would consider letting him go. Mou Chuan disagrees, saying that he will not be threatened by anyone.

Chen Jingwen helped Zhou Zixuan make an appointment with a personal doctor, hoping that he could tell the whereabouts of Mark so that he could find the chip. The private doctor did not want to tell them that he thought Meng Liang had been obsessed with the chip all his life, and finally died unclear. Zhou Zixuan retorted, saying that Meng Liang did not sacrifice in vain. His video overwhelmed Mu Chuan. As long as he found the chip, he could overwhelm more people. The private doctor still didn’t want to say, Chen Jingwen was very angry and said that he was not bloody. The private doctor dismissed Chen Jingwen and said that Mark was in Rao, but Zhou Zixuan could not let Chen Jingwen participate.

Chen Jingwen found out that Mark had many clubs and sold a few, but there was still a lawsuit that was not sold. Zhou Zixuan asked Chen Jingwen to contact him online, saying that he wanted to buy a club, to attract Mark to come out.

Mu Chuan was suddenly beaten in prison by a group of people. Fortunately, Li Junjie arrived and rescued Mou Chuan. During the meal, Li Junjie wanted to approach Mou Chuan, hoping that he could cooperate with him so as to protect him. Mou Chuan was silent, thinking that Li Junjie should protect Zhou Zixuan. Someone called Mou Chuan and reminded him to hand over vx3 quickly, otherwise he would really kill him. Mou Chuan didn’t want to speak, saying that he had forgotten.

Shi Yunhao asked Ma Qiming if he arranged for Mu Chuan to go to the Sizhangdao Prison. Ma Qiming denied that people with his status would not be one with garbage. Li Junjie told Mu Chuan that he left three years ago to protect Zhou Zixuan. Mou Chuan said that he asked Calais to do it, because Zhou Zixuan wanted to enter the Moss. She wanted her to be a clerical job, but she chose an agent. As a father, he didn’t want Zhou Zixuan to grow up, and he also met Li Junjie. At the time of Chen Gang’s death, Li Junjie led Zhou Zixuan to conduct a secret investigation, which would put Zhou Zixuan in danger.

Mu Chuan confessed that he wanted to kill Ma Qiming when he set up a bureau to protect Zhou Zixuan. However, in order to protect Li Junjie, Zhou Zixuan desperately made herself a father very frustrated. Mu Chuan said that it was Zhou Zixuan that he wanted to protect, even if she did not trust herself. He hopes that one day, he can let go of everything and entrust Zhou Zixuan to a reliable person. Li Junjie said that he was here because of Zhou Zixuan. Mou Chuan could see that Li Junjie had matured and recognized him as Zhou Zixuan’s father.

Shi Yunhao wanted to help Li Junjie investigate. He didn’t know the real reason why Li Junjie went to Sizhang Island. In order to distract him, Amanda asked him to teach Chen Jingwen to be her master. Shi Yunhao wanted to know where Zhou Zixuan was, and Chen Jingwen couldn’t help telling that she was in Rao. Li Junjie was framed and beaten in prison and was taken out by the police and locked up in a separate room.

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