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Dancing in the Storm 风暴舞 Episode 32 Recap

Shi Yunhao was upset and guessed the cause of Jiang Hua’s death. His subordinates said that he believed he was not the murderer. Ling Feng asked Li Junjie for interrogation, thinking that Jiang Hua’s death was related to him. Amanda interrogates Mu Chuan, and Mu Chuan tells them that they should look for the person who killed Jianghua instead of interrogating himself.

During the interrogation, the two spoke differently, and Amanda believed that the two should be put together and questioned face to face. Amanda believes that Ling Feng should not be interrogated with targeted words.

Zhou Zixuan asked Shi Yunhao and suspected that someone was going to see Mu Chuan. She suspected Shi Yunhao, but she never said it out. Chen Jingwen was waiting in Mo Shi, and others told her not to walk around and interfere with her work. Zhou Zixuan apologized to Maya and hoped that she could regain her strength, saying that she had always regarded her as her younger sister. Maya’s mood improved and told Zhou Zixuan that she found that someone had uploaded a video internally. As long as the other party turned on the phone, she could find out who did it. Maya also confessed that she had only given the video to Mou Chuan before.

Zhou Zixuan asked Chen Jingwen to look for clues and asked her to check if someone was switching the power supply at the time. Amanda called Zhou Zixuan and asked her to come to the interrogation room first. Li Junjie and Mou Chuan were arranged together, and they confronted each other face to face. Mou Chuan kept talking to himself, but Li Junjie could not find evidence to refute. Zhou Zixuan appeared, confirmed all Mu Chuan’s actions, and convicted Mu Chuan. After Zhou Zixuan said it, she was always sad. Mou Chuan finally admitted everything and asked Zhou Zixuan to avoid it first. Zhou Zixuan hopes that Li Junjie will return to her as soon as possible, so that she will feel safe.

Chen Jingwen found out about the power supply, but she called and no one answered, so she checked and found Deng Zhicheng sneaky. Deng Zhicheng threatened her, telling her not to mix things with Moses, and don’t say anything, otherwise it will disadvantage her. Chen Jingwen resisted and was knocked to the ground by Deng Zhicheng.

Just when Yunhao appeared, Deng Zhicheng confessed that he had framed Li Junjie and killed Jiang Hua, all for Mu Chuan. When Shi Yunhao asked Deng Zhicheng to surrender, Deng Zhicheng was very excited and took out his gun at Shi Yunhao. The two were arguing, and Shi Yunhao accidentally shot Deng Zhicheng to death.

Maya learned that Deng Zhicheng had been investigating secretly, and Zhou Zixuan asked Shi Yunhao what happened. Shi Yunhao said that he had bought the same clothes with Deng Zhicheng before, and later went to his home to confirm that Deng Zhicheng’s clothes had fibers from Jianghua’s fingers and Jianghua’s blood.

Amanda praised Chen Jingwen and asked her if she was afraid. Chen Jingwen said that she was not afraid of going through strong winds and waves. She was very happy to hear that she could enter the world. Zhou Zixuan apologized to Shi Yunhao, saying that she had doubted him before. Shi Yunhao didn’t mind, saying that no matter what others thought, her heart would not change.

Amanda told Zhou Zixuan that she would take Li Junjie back to the team, and Mu Chuan was sent to Sizhang Island Prison. When Mou Chuan came to Sizhang Island Prison, many people kept staring at him, and Mou Chuan knew that someone would be against him.

Amanda originally wanted to pick up Li Junjie, and Li Junjie wanted to go to Sijang Island, because only Mou Chuan knew the cause of his parents’ death, and wanted to make Mou Chuan safe and worried that someone in the prison would be against him. Amanda told Zhou Zixuan that she must keep Li Junjie’s behavior secret. Zhou Zixuan did not tell Shi Yunhao the truth, only that Li Junjie was transferred to prison.

The people of Moses hope that this storm will end soon.

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